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Tata Gala ad

This ad is made for print not the web so the text is a bit hard to read in your screen I'm sure.
This was a really challenging piece and it's a piece that I believe captures the new direction my fine art work is gravitating to, blending soft traditional reading with stark colored geometric shapes that move the eye around the figure. I'm really digging the whole idea, now I just have to perfect the craft. Expect a lot more of this in the future!!
It's its 22"x30"...I think
Done on Rives bfk paper, white.
Watercolor, prismacolor pencil, acrylic, water based oils
Then a layer of gel matte medium.
I'm not crazy about the way this scanned in, the original in person looks much better.
Come to the Tata Gala and you'll see, ha
If you haven't read the last post I made (the call for entries) let me recap..
TATA GALA!!!! visit the site and follow the call for entries guidelines.
And all for a good cause. Pass the word around and get to work on your Tata piece!!!

Follow Tata Gala on Twitter: [link]
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i really enjoy the colors and graphic design , typos are great ! well done
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great work, i love hand made graphic art
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Looks like Tracy Hines. Very awesome.
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love this one erik- it does indeed look amazing in person though :)
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Appreciate chu!
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i think i see vulnerability in her face,
great piece of art
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Great work! I can't wait to go.
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Excellent work! I saw this in Juxtapos magazine, and I was compelled to look for this piece online, I absolutely love how everything is composed, the colors, the eyes especially, the styling is quite impressive and unique!

I appreciate your efforts!
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this is nice.
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I hope there will be posters of this available soon! :O
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yep, its going to be on the site soon. the tata site
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Just saw this over here [link] and knew it was yours immediately. Looking good.
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oh thats awesome, thanks for sharing the link
And i think that's interesting that you read that as mine right away, that makes me very happy
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very inspiring work :salute:
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This is amazing. I've really wanted to start working on stuff like this, but I'm not ready yet. I still need to re-learn the basics of drawing and stuff. But overall, I love the colors and the font! It's beautiful!
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If you don't mind me asking. What part of this did you do in acrylic? This is really beautiful :)
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everything but the face
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Saw this in Juxtapoz tonight... awesome work
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