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Babs Seed Vector

I give you the 4th Cutie Mark Crusader, BAB SEED!

I wanted to start a vector of Bab Seed as soon as the episode was over. It isn't the best as her right eye and mane pattern gave me a little trouble, but it's still a nice vector.

:iconbabseedplz: You got a problem with that?

Made in Photoshop- 2 hours

Feel free to use this in any art you make but please credit me.

See yeah guys and please comment, favorite, llama, and donate points. It all helps.
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© 2012 - 2021 theirishbronyx
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I used your vector: here
Babs Seed is voiced by Brynna Drummond, the daughter of Brian Drummond, who voices Mr. Carrot Cake, as well as Seabreeze (the leader of the Breezies) and Filthy Rich (Diamond Tiara's father).

Brynna Drummond and Claire Corlette (the voice of Sweetie Belle)'s fathers both voice characters on MLP.  Ian James Corlette was in A Leap of Faith as Silver Shill.  
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May I use this in a video I have planned?
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Sure, make sure to credit back.
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It's the same video, I didn't realize you made both.
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Can I use this pic for something? :)

I'll give you credit. :aww:
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yes of course. Link me back what you make.
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Simply amazing, you did an awesome job.
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Thanks! I try my best
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I just love the Boston-esque accent. :iconbabseedplz: :love:
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I once thought she was a colt!
was wrong.
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She does act tom-coltest most of the time and is sort of a badass.
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1. oh so that's why...
2. no, she's could be even MORE BADASS THAN DASHIE.(no offense,Rainbow.^^;)
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Me:Hey, I'm just saying...But still, you're the best,Dash.*comforts her on the back*
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So f***ing adorable!
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I agree to what-ever my DA friend ~darkoverlords just said. =D
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Babs Seed is now my favorite filly. Love her voice. =D
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and dark side awesomeness
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she is not dark XD
YoshiArt24's avatar
no. she has two sides.
her bullied dark side
and her light, friendly side.
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