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Welcome to #TheInvisibleEquines


Hello all and welcome to TheInvisibleEquines Here we aim to help those who put their heart and soul into their work get noticed! Everyone deserves to have their art noticed no matter who they are or how 'dA popular' they are. Only those who on average receive under 20 comments per deviation!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
If you're a equine artist of any context (i.e traditional, digital) then simply give the "join the group" button a press and bam you're in.:}

.submission rules at a glance
of course anyone is free to submit anything from their gallery into ours, but their are some rules, sorry guys!

- please don't submit WIPs and linearts.
- Don't submit anything thats stolen or heavily referenced from someone with out permission
- Each piece of art can only be submitted to one folder
-Other than that, go crazy! xD
- Submissions with more than 30 comments will be removed from the gallery to allow less known members a chance.

NOTE!; Try to submit your art into a folder that best suits the nature of it. i.e digital.

.final notes.
- remember to be polite and respect other members/deviants. No one likes ap arty pooper!
- remember the groups purpose. Try and comment on each others work, its great to get a comment from someone once in a while.
- Enjoy yourselves!

Further rules and guidelines; theinvisibleequines.deviantart…




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We're here to help and support the unseen equines!
Founded 10 Years ago
Sep 16, 2011


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Support & Cause

135 Members
105 Watchers
6,958 Pageviews

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Mature Content

Pinkamena pixel art (2020 redraw) (ver 1) by IrisBlue16
Pastel Sky's Pixel Art (reupload) (2018) (nf2u) by IrisBlue16
Horse headshot by GRIM-GIT
Embermane from Star Stable Online by GRIM-GIT
Traditional Horse by justanotherfangirlst
Conrad Illusions. Aka Revenna Holiday by Lycandemon666
Design Trade with WolfieInTheWillow number 2 by Lycandemon666
Lycanverse-Royal Apple Shine by Lycandemon666
Jinx by Mustang601
Trail Riding (New Beginnings Part 1) by justanotherfangirlst
horse by mirova-y
ych by mirova-y
Mixed Media
traveling by lipazzaner
river life by lipazzaner
the water of life by lipazzaner
.:Aodhan: by xRhythmOfLove
Up and Over by PyralDesign
Animated- Elodie Head Turn by PyralDesign
Nettle- Animated by PyralDesign
Mary-Jane's Last Dance in Stained Glass by Morgan-Draws
Photo manipulations
To the Sun 2.0 by Ralicia
Quarantine by Ralicia
Denhal's Toran by wingedbutt
This Smile is Fake by Seele-Studio
Fire and Ice Page 3 by PyralDesign
Stock Photos
YCH OPEN FIXED PRICE - 10$ by mirova-y
YCH OPEN SB-20 by mirova-y
ych CLOSED by mirova-y
Misc Horse Stock - 005 by turtlestash
OC References
LCR Stellar Dream by justanotherfangirlst
Nevaria Reference Sheet by TheShiranja
Matchem Reference Sheet by TheShiranja
Andera by Tesurii
Stable Art
It Only Takes One by PyralDesign
A Visit From Grandpa by PyralDesign
Family Pasture by PyralDesign
Kicking Up Dust by PyralDesign
Window to the Soul by daydream-photography
Nebula by MiiruFae
YCH CLOSED by mirova-y
ych OPEN by mirova-y








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xRhythmOfLove Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I just want to say thank you for making the mixed media folder! That helps a lot, and sorry for the trouble of putting my stuff in the Traditional folder when the back ground is digital! It's just I didn't know where else to put it since the main drawing was traditional.. ^^; Thanks for your time!<33
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Opakie Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! I am new to this group and I am very excited. But I have one problem, I want to submit my manipulations, but I can't. Is there a possibility that you can fix the folder so I can submit my artwork?
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Shehy Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can't submit anything into the right folders^^; I can only submit my art into the featured folder^^; D:
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