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[Update 2.1] Redesigning Facebook: News Feed

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Facebook recently has gone through many changes: the new Timeline, redesigned Messages, new Help Centre, Graph Search... most of Facebook has been redesigned lately to keep up-to-date. However, while these improvements may be a huge pro for the user, it is a con in fragmentation.

For example, on the News Feed (triggered by the home link) has a navigation sidebar to navigate through most of the site. When you go to your Timeline, though, it disappears, disabling access to most of the site and forces you to go back home. It's annoying. The concept above remedies this obstacle.

A new button, to the left of Facebook logo pops up this navigation sidebar whenever it isn't shown in default on the page (not shown in this part). The rest of the site has also been redesigned for visual eye-candy. ;)

Please post your feedback below. A fave is also appreciated.

Changed the top navigation bar to be more like Graph Search Beta.
Moved News Feed's sort button to new post box.

Rebuilt from the ground up.
Inspired by Facebook's new Graph Search design: [link]


London Panorama from [link]
John Appleseed's profile picture from Fotopedia (he looks a lot like Mark Zuckerberg): [link]
Subpixel Rendering of text (you should seriously check it out) from Thomas Maier: [link]
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I want that + button NOW.
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Nice! Looks pretty sleek.
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Since you said (and I see that, too) that you've made it based on Graph Search, does anyone have it currently? I'd like to see how the "new Facebook" really looks like.

Now feedback to you:

Does the button with 3 stripes on top bar toggle left sidebar?
What is the "+" button next to your profile picture? Is it "Find Friends"?
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1. I just got access to Graph Search beta today.
2. The + button is to add a new post/photo/video/check in from anywhere.
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1. Please do some screenshots of it, I want to know if the top bar is updated too, besides search itself.

2. Great! That's one simple feature I've wanted since i joined Twitter :D
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1The top bar is basically the same, except for the extra buttons and the omission of the home link. I'll try to get a screenshot for you soon.
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Forgot to read the description - ignore my first question :D
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