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[Update 1.2] Redesigning Facebook: News Feed

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Facebook, this year, has gone through many changes: the new Timeline, redesigned Messages, new Help Centre... most of Facebook has been redesigned lately to keep up-to-date. However, while these improvements may be a huge pro for the user, it is a con in fragmentation.

For example, on the News Feed (triggered by the home link) has a navigation sidebar to navigate through most of the site. When you go to your Timeline, though, it disappears, disabling access to most of the site and forces you to go back home. It's annoying. The concept above remedies this obstacle.

A new button, to the left of Facebook logo pops up this navigation sidebar whenever it isn't shown in default on the page (not shown in this part). The rest of the site has also been redesigned for visual eye-candy. ;)

Please post your feedback below. A fave is also appreciated.

Changed the Promote button in Deux Appleseed's posts to Share buttons.

Reduced white-space and made design responsive to user's resolution. (Posts are in chronological order in a left-to-right, top-to-bottom fashion.)
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Wow awesome dude! I wish facebook was like this! :P
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Just LOVE this design! Awesome job! :D
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Thanks! I have made a 2.0 of this concept. It's here: [link]
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This design is great, I wish to use facebook with this design, it's just amazing
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This actually looks really nice! I would prefer this UI to the current facebook one!
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This is a very nice design! I could see myself using this, especially on a tablet.
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Thanks! But this was designed for a computer. You should use one of their tablet apps.
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Oh, I know it's for a computer. I'm just saying that I would love to see this design for a tablet as well. I'm using Windows 7 and would love to see this design for Facebook. However, this would be great for a tablet design, too. ;) Best of both worlds. :D
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I think to make it better suited for a tablet, the buttons would need to be slightly larger.
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A very good point.
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I realy want that this one would be default facebook style.
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No problem - i realy like it. :D
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I think, for News Feed, an ordering for posts and things like that should look like a bit chaotic. Like Google+ gallery. I hope you know what I mean.
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No, I don't, actually. Please explain.
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Great concept! I like how the interface is more modern :)
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I like it but there's too much blank space
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Yeah, I originally designed it for 1024px screens and just extended the canvas to 1920px when finalising. Just like what Facebook does now.
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