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The Truth About Windows 8

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The truth about Windows 8.
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Windows 8 is faster than Windows 7 and is nicer looking.
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Good work son :p
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Windows 8 is 40% faster than Windows 8. I'm a die hard fan for Windows 7 and would hate to say how slow it seems now compared to Windows 8. That goes with out saying that even in the previews versions have been much faster.

I think this would be artist is very ignorant in his findings about Windows 8 and lacks self respect. What crowd are you trying to reach? You have no facts to prove that Windows 8 is as slow as Windows 7 and if so it would be due to your hardware that must be ancient or you're running it via Virtual Machine.

I could understand why anyone would compliment his work that with all he did was just added a wallpaper and some false caption.
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but its still faster than windows 7 xD
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