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Names Wallpaper Pack

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Show off your devices. Minimally.

Update: Due to popular demand, the MacBook (original white plastic) is now supported.

Designed for:
∙ [Retina] 3.5" iPhone & iPod touch
∙ [Retina] 4" iPhone 5 & iPod touch
∙ [Retina] 15" MacBook Pro
∙ [Retina] New iPad
∙ 3.5" iPhone & iPod touch
∙ 11" & 13" MacBook Air
∙ 13" & 15" MacBook Pro
∙ 13" MacBook
∙ 21" & 27" iMac
∙ iPad
∙ Thunderbolt Display
∙ Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP (3200x2000)
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This would make an awesome mock up piece...hint hint :)
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Would love to see one for the Mac mini and Mac Pro to use with my 30" Cinema Display! Awesome Job!!!
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This is awesome! I love it!!!
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Would love to see one for Mac mini. :)
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Can you offer the pack without text? I would like to use the iPad / iPhone wallpapers as home background but the text is disturbing. :)
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anyway I could get one for the 13" MacBook Pro Retina and one for the Mac Pro?

This is a great set, thanks!!
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any other color planned?
I want the windows wallpaper in light blue color
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is anything planned for ipad mini?
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Can you post the linen wallpaper without text?? Please!
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Hey mate, what about the MacBook? :( The white one
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Due to demand, I will make one shortly.
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iSuck because iHave an iPhone,
nah jus kiddin these are great!
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Love these! I have them on all my apple devices - thank you!
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Love your wallpaper... ;o)
But can you make me one that says: MacBook??
Pretty Please Love Glad
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Very, very well done! :clap:
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