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Koholint Island Map

Whew! Okay here's the deal: From the start of the game, I mean the VERY start, I assigned the Right Trigger(RT) of my XBOX360 Controller to take a snapshot of the screen while playing. And for every new screen I scrolled over to I took another snapshot and another. Then I pulled up two windows in Paint and opened the map in one an the snapshot in the other. I then took the Cutting(Marquee Tool) Tool and cut out the overhead snapshot(leaving out the HUD) and pasted it onto the map. After that, it was just one HUMONGOUS puzzle I had to assemble using the Snapshots!

So do the math, the Map is 16 by 16 gridded squares. 16 x 16 = 256(Snapshots)
Each overhead shot is 160 by 128 pixels. That means the overall map is 2560 by 2048 pixels or 5,242,880 individual pixels taking 3MB of memory while in JPEG format.

Well to make the picture clearer I doubled the size to 5120 by 4096 pixels(that's a whopping 20,971,520 pizels) and that took 7MB while in JPEG format.

So to get to the point, this map is HUGE and you shouldn't get lost, that's for sure! Well that about does it for that game and as for the underground tunnels located all over Koholint Island, that's a completely DIFFERENT Map. I'll do that later but my next project on the list is...


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If this was in PNG form, It'd be easier trying to remove the ground tiles for the collisions, even then, great map!

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I'm not gonna lie. If Koholint island was real, I'd probably move there
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time to break out the perler beads and one BIG peg board.
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Awesome work! Really amazing! But taking 256 snapshots means, there are 256 Links on this map =D Nah, I don't want to complain, the map is amazing, and that's what matters
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Well thank you, took me awhile to make it because I had to beat the game just to see every square. It corresponds with my walkthrough that I was making, take the time to skim it. I'm glad you like it ^_^
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No problem. BTW, can you tell me what the 4 golden beasts are and where do I find them, if you played Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons?
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Here is the way to go, cortesy of GameFAQs ^_^

* This Side-Quest can be finished before you enter the 7th Dungeon.

Go to the tree stump on North Horon and change the season to Summer.
Head left twice to the entrance of the Gnarled Root Dungeon, go down the steps
below and then go down the stairs in the dry river bed below. Inside is Old
Golden Wise Man inside the cave that will give you a Ring if you destroy all 4
Golden Beasts. Here are their locations:

Golden Darknut - Spring
From the tree stump near the abandoned house in Western Coast, change the
season to Spring then head over the Pirate Ship and over to the far east edge
of West Beach. You will find the Golden Darknut there. He takes quite a
beating before he dies.

Golden Octorok - Summer
From the tree stump in Spool Swamp, change the season to Summer. Then head
down all the way to the screen below the vortex to Subrosia. You will find the
Golden Octorok there. Do not think you can knock it down the hole for a quick
kill. You must kill it the old fashion way via sword.

Golden Moblin - Autumn
Change the Season to Autumn using the tree stump one screen right of Lvl 2
Snake's Remains, then go left to find the Golden Moblin. He also takes a lot
of damage before dying.

Golden Lynel - Winter
In the Tarm Ruins Change the Season to Winter via tree stump near the small
pool of water with Armos Statues. Then head right (you must have the Armos
Statues already moved) to find the Golden Lynel. Another tough cookie!

Now once they are all dead head to the Old Man and he will give you a
Magic Ring, which once appraised will become the Red Ring.
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Thanks, that's a great help =D
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You're welcome, glad I could think of the correct resource to use.
Guyople's avatar I've never seen the whole map at once. This blows my mind.
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Well thank you, it took a lot of time and effort to make that map and I am glad you like it!
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so, freckin AWESOOOOME!
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you can get this on the 360?
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Actually, no. I was playing on my Gameboy/Gameboy Advance Emulator(called VBA, got it at Emualator Zone [link]) and a Link's Awakening ROM, got that at Coolrom [link]) So I took a snapshot of each screen. And for the 360 deal, I bought a controller for my Laptop, because it sports a USB, I can hook directly up to my computer and play. Hope that explains it.
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Cool. LA is one of my favorite games ever
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Well that's awesome, I beat that game in every way possible. At first I thought that the numbers(000, death count) was percent complete and died 100 times before realizing it. The next was 004 and finally I beat it with no deaths^_^. I've done a fair bit with glitches(cough... Screen Warp, original only) And got some rather stange outcomes. I even destroyed the cartridge with one, it was THAT bad. Never screw with glitches or else they will screw you!
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NICE!!! I've never beaten a game w/o deaths, but I'm up to shadow temple in deaths so far...knock on wood

I've found level 137 Ryhorn in Pokemon Blue
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I've never finished any game with no deaths, but I am up to shadow temple in oot without deaths (knock on wood)

Tell me about it. I HAVE found level 137 ryhorn in pokemon blue
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These kinds of things keep me entertained for hours <33
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That's not the beginning of it, Watch me if you want more of these maps to keep you looking for Link on the map. You don't have to, but it's nice to have a watcher on DA ^_^
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:eager: Yes, sure, I will looks at you page often, and if I see one that I really like, then I will probably watch you, if not lots of favs. :heart:
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