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I think it went super well guys <3
I was nervous at first but after some time i really got into it.
please join me next time and we can draw together!

so i decided to set up my twitch account and do a couple of test streams while playing some games 🎮 with my brother during the night. My mind has been on doing art videos again as of late so i wanted to play with it and i gotta say it was alot of damn fun to do! #twitch
Next time I'm going to be playing around with some art streams! :) come join me and we can draw together later! there is a few videos on the channel already too if anyone is curious and wants to watch them. anyways hope ta see ya there! 🐕 #artstream

Art of February
A short recap video of the stuff I made during February. (Also a few I'll upload soon) anyways enjoy :)
#insanedingo #recapvideo #artvideo #artoffebruary
follow me <3

A video recap of all the art I managed to upload around January :)
not exactly the videos i thought i would be going back to Youtube with but its what i can do for now. anyways i hope you guys still enjoy <3
follow me!
#videorecap #insanedingo #artshowcase #january2018art 

Just a short video recap of all the ink stuff I did for inktober last year. (Even if a few landed a bit afterwards) Taking a look back I feel like I really have improved. I did not have as much time on my hands as last time but it was alot of fun to do and I'm glad I took it on again. Now I'm looking forward to 2018's challenges. :)
 #inktober #inktober2017 #artchallenge #artcompilation #2017recap #ink #insanedingo #inkdrawing
Finally got around to uploading the adventure of Nok comic! :)

I really hope you guys enjoy it!

The Adventures of Nok p1 by TheInsaneDingo
The Adventures of Nok p2 by TheInsaneDingo
The Adventures of Nok p3 by TheInsaneDingo
The Adventures of Nok p4 by TheInsaneDingo
The adventures of Nok p5 by TheInsaneDingo

sorry for the super long wait on this one. ;o.o things happen i guess but here it is in all its glory! look forwards to more art! :)

Hey people! It’s been some time since I last posted onto here. Lord knows it’s been too long.
Anyways one of the last few things I posted about was how I was going to start uploading some videos onto Youtube and how excited I was n stuff. (Probably also something about uploading more art soon.)
    well let's tell you how that whole nonsense had worked out so far. Since the start of around my last quarter maybe around April I began documenting and vlogging my sort of day to day. Most topics consisted of talking about how school is going and how work was going too. I definitely had some good days as well as some bad but that was the point in creating those videos. To sort of pull the vale back and to see what things are like for this artist in particular. Working a shitty job and going to school taking a roller coaster of a class dealing with terrible people. What a story! I personally felt that in some small ways it helped me learn things about myself. Listening back to the videos and picking up on patterns and trying to learn from my mistakes as well as pass on anything I would pick up as well.
    ..The videos were fun to create they were never as satisfying to upload. Within 2 months I created up to around 68 videos and gained about 6 subscribers and lost 3. I kept up uploads pretty consistently maybe sometimes missing a few days because I would get busy with things. On occasion I would get encouraging comments. I thanked people for watching at the end of each video and really did appreciate the views but in all honesty it always felt like I was talking into the void that was Youtube. When I started making the videos I told myself that I knew making vlogs was not for everyone. It was something only certain people enjoyed (I liked some so I felt it had value in making them) Youtube in the long run did not amount to as much as I would had liked. I stressed over the channel sometimes when there was not much give back in the end.
I really missed the satisfaction in creating art. The interactions with other artists, the feedback and the joy that came with simply creating those things and sharing it with people.
    As far as vlogs go, I think they had their time with me. I think I set a goal of doing about 100 of them before quitting on them or moving them to a different spot. I think for the mean time I'm going to complete the remaining videos and upload those. Once that is done with I would like to put my focus on what really matters to me. My artwork and trying to make a career out of it. I gave it some thought and the channel will not go away, it will only simply change its focus. Instead of vlogging the day to day I will start making art related videos. I'll be posting the complete works to all the social media places that I normally do, but if you would like to follow the creation of those things I’ll be making videos on that from now on.
    I hate making promises but all I really want to say is that I want to try and be more active on here. here's hoping that if I can  put enough effort into making almost 70 videos that I can put the same amount of effort into sharing my art as opposed to the struggles I go though. I have to admit that there are plenty of cringe filled moments but I also feel that there were certain moments that I had wished more people had gotten to see. I would like to share one video here for now and then go back to working on my artworks.



I hope you guys enjoy the video and look forward to more here and on the channel.


For those of you who have been wondering where I have been.... I've still been busy working on stuff.

Like I said a while back, It's kinda hard to post these things when I'm doing it as a set. I really don't want to post little by little but trust me when I say its coming along nicely.
That being said if you do want to join me for the process of making that art and my struggle as an artist on the day to day basis you can follow me on YouTube!

I started a Vlog series. I'm still learning what the best way to do these is but they are pretty harmless to make and I enjoy making them very much. It has become my creative outlet to let out anything that has been on my mind and to give insight towards my work process and the things that I go through to get where I want to go. I hope you all can join me for the ride as we figure out this crazy thing together and that we can come together as fellow artists and help each other out when we need to.

Anyways i made a small note here on the following video for my followers on here about where I have been. I hope you subscribe and join me. If not then that's cool still too. I will be posting more artwork soon when the time comes but currently I have a few things on my plate.

I want the YouTube channel to be a place of positivity and a place where we can have fun sharing our struggles in art and help each other out.
anyways stay tuned for more videos and more art.

Hope you all have a good one for now.
Hey people! I wanted to share a short cartoon a friend of mine made!
check it out! :)

Inspired by classic cartoons and created by HowNOTTo-InLife
Sub to his YouTube and check out his stuff here on Da! :)
Animation is hard work and takes dedication, it deserves to be shared and seen by as many people as possible.
So i really hope you guys have fun and enjoy it! :)

Howdy people! I haven't gotten a chance to share what I've been up to mainly because its kinda hard to share something that is not final. I did want to take the time to properly announce what I'm working on though!

It may be a bit obvious with the graphic i drew above but I'm working on a short 5 page comic! The comic is about the simple things a caveman needs to survive and the crazy things that can happen in prehistoric times.

My goal for this project was to invest some of my time towards building a few portfolio type pieces by developing a story with characters and environments. But unlike the ones I've done in the past I wanted to see these pieces go the full length that they would in any real production and see the characters come to life!

So you could say I'm taking a bit of extra time to develop these things so that I can use them and have something to show. As for where I am with producing the final product I'm about halfway there. I would say I'm still in the pre-production phase.

I currently have the scripting complete I already laid out the comic panels as well. Now I'm working on the final touches of my characters. Which really is one main character with two smaller side characters.

I'm still trying to complete it within my  break time from school with only about a week left to work on it. So I'll definitely be working to get it done on time but with quality in mind. If this all goes as planned i may return and use the character in a small series of short comics. ;)

(preview of what I’m working on)

Anyways i think that's all i wanted to share for right now on that :)Oh! Happy new year btw! :P

The Holidays by TheInsaneDingo

lol...uh very accurate drawing of what I've been up to....

I guess after getting sick and finally being on break from school i got
a little too comfy relaxing playing video games and hanging out with
my brothers n stuff. i think it's time to get back into gear :> I'm feeling
that inspiration!

I have 3 weeks of break from my school and i do have a small project in mind to complete during the break.
so expect to see more on that soon! just wanted to mention that... :v so stay tuned y'all!

~side note! I hope you Da peeps are also having a nice holiday with the your own families/loved ones! <3

A bit of a brain dump but you know lately I’ve been feeling a bit more self conscious about what i post online..i sort of am trying to get more eyes on my work but at the same time it kind of makes me nervous to share some of it.

currently trying to balance work with school with personal projects and practice pieces. i mean i keep busy with alot of things and i know not everything i make is going to be golden. but i do feel this sense that I’m suppose to try to impress people with everything i make.

I’ve been noticing tiny little trends among social media. things like following a person to gain them as a follower or sending them things like a tiny nudge to get them to look at your work. that’s fine and all, do what you gotta do. but far be it from me to assume that people follow me on social media to actually follow the work i do.

i mean if you follow me i gotta assume i did something you like or you like the kind of stuff i do. then i should assume that you’ll enjoy the not so great stuff with the amazing stuff right? that’s a lot to assume about people who i don’t know. but my point is if that is the case then should i really be feeling this way about posting my work online?

not really in my opinion. i think any artist would be scared or nervous about sharing their work regardless of the skill level. I’ve seen some pretty great stuff from some of my friends where i encourage them to post it online “people need to see it!“ and the first instinct is usually to hide it from the world. i naturally feel this way sometimes too.

sometimes I’ll feel unsatisfied with something i made and i feel like…”ugh if i hate it, people online will hate it more then me”. you’d be surprised how many times those pieces get more attention than the ones i work super hard on and hope get alot of views. so to people who sometimes feel the same i say to you: you shouldn’t be afraid because there should be a part of it that you do for yourself.

the work i do and post online are because i feel the need to share the work. i post it online for myself. sometimes i hover over the “post“ button and get anxiety. but i should learn to put those thoughts aside and not worry. get over the fence that is keeping you from what you want to do. i think i can be strong enough to admit that i do what i can to improve but i need all sorts of work if i want to get anywhere in this business. anyone is welcome to join me on my journey of art and learning to be a better artist.

my message to people  and to myself is to share your ups and downs of your own journey. do it for yourself and don’t worry. i do have some people on my social media that are teachers or artists that i admire. people who i aspire to be some day in my own time that make me hella nervous to share online. but i think in the end i gotta ask myself “what do i gain out of not sharing my work?”

anyways feel free to share your own thoughts. i only wrote this because i felt the need to get it out somehow. i gotta say i do feel better for it. <3
I feel a little bit of guilt for not sharing this sooner but a lot of hard work went into it and I really think it deserves to be shared :)

This was a group student animated short done among 7 people and took about 6 months to complete. It wasn’t easy but I think we all left with alot more experience under our belts. I would love to work on more animations in the future! :) let me know what you think and feel free to share and comment if you enjoy it. <3

Get Out Of The Hole! by TheInsaneDingo

Man I’ve taken quite a break from uploading artwork. I think my mind was just in a dark hole somewhere or something. I never stopped drawing though. all i can say now is that I’m feeling great and I’m ready to keep on creating!


Hi there! I know i haven’t really kept people updated on current projects.

Sometimes it feels like I’m just simply shouting into the void that is the internet. I currently have very few followers but i suppose this is for my own personal reference and for those who do care so i do apologize.

Anyways! Down to business! Whats been up? Well a few things currently.

First off I have been working a lot lately on a small animated short with a group at school. THAT is taking up most of my time and is why i only post artwork so often. I have to say though, The project is coming along nicely and I’m happy that the group is all for the project. :)

For those curious to see more about that project I posted so far a few art pieces from the project to my deviant art account. The parts I’ve helped with so far is director, animator, object and environment design and I’ve put together all of the animatics as well. I have to say its a lot of hard work but it will be worth it when we can see the entire thing completed :)

Check out my YouTube channel if you’d like to see some of the animatics!

Speaking of which, i started a YouTube channel! That has been my own personal project and is not 100% art related but dose have some drawing oriented shows on it so far. I’m trying to keep uploads for that whole thing sort of not too far apart. The whole experience with making videos has been super fun but it is time consuming. I’ve also made a few mistakes here and there with them but I’m learning as i make more of them. So far the Youtube thing has been for fun and sort of not directed at any general direction. Maybe it will take off and turn into something or not but I’ll try and keep making videos because i enjoy making them.

Lastly my other current projects are portfolio based! I’ve had the plan to start creating a set of fan art pieces mainly to see if it would help get views. But i kinda put that whole thing on the back burner because Nickelodeon is accepting portfolios and they are reviewing them to see if they can hire interns! I’d love to intern for them! :) hey if it gets me out of where i am now then i don’t care what they have me do!

So my current goal is to take some of my older portfolio pieces and get them to a professional level. Some are so close. I was also going to add to some of the ones i consider ‘sets’ Pretty much characters and objects that belong to the same universe. Maybe add a few turn arounds for a few add color to a lot of them and fix problems with some of them.

Other then that I’ve also started an improvised comic with a friend. I’m hoping this project gets me a few pieces to add to my portfolio as well. I want that internship! It could lead to better things later on. So I’m anxious to work on this stuff.

I’ll keep posting artwork and videos. But updates like these will only go up every so often. Anyways that’s all that’s going on. Its alot…but i make time for each thing. I’m a busy guy :P anyways thanks for reading! Feel free to follow me and my other profiles! I post to alot of things. All the links should be in my description.

Welp till next time everyone!

Hey it's me! um. i guess I'm writing this update because i want to get into the habbit of posting things on a more frequent basis.
i know i don't really have much of a following. sort of a few people here and there and I'm glad for even that. :) i appreciate it.

but i guess i want to write this out for anyone who it concerns. and if no one see's it well it would have been atleast for myself to look back on.
I definitely would not want to become spammy with updates though.

ANYWAYS lets get into it. whats current? whats for later on?? "well god damnit Erick whats the deal huh???"

well whats been going on lately is whats been going on for about 5 years now. lol and that's school. i get so busy sometimes with that and if not that I'm at work wasting my life :D. (gah i hate that place so much..)
anyways it's why i end up seeming like i take long brakes here n there. not to say I'm not producing any artwork or any content. I'm always working on something. i don't always have time to upload it. i do have a small brake coming up and I'll be uploading all the past projects i hadn't gotten to upload.

i have caricatures that i had done. soo many sketches that i would just LOVE to upload simply to show a bit more of variety within my gallery. I'm glad i got into those. they were so naturally fun to do. i also have a bit more character stuff to upload. i knowwwww i do soo menny of those. one trick pony right?...well i hope to get into different styles and branch off into other projects eventually. with due time though.

so that's just some work I've been sitting on that i want to upload. as for whats current. I'm currently working on a group project that I'm the director of. never thought being a director would be so stressful. its stressful in a good way though. er anyways no doubt you may have seen a few of the object sheets or character sheets for those being uploaded as of late. i try to delay those a bit since they are sort of being used currently. but i plan on uploading more from that here and there as we move along through the project. wish me the best of luck on it!

as for future projects. I'm currently doing a few recordings here and there. I'm sorta toying with the idea of starting a Youtube channel. its sorta for fun right now. sort of a place for me to make content or try out a few things. i probably wont upload anything though quite yet. i want to spend a lil' more time producing the thing. so for now its just a few throw away episodes to see if i could even make anything entertaining or worth uploading. i spent 40+ mins talking with a friend on one >> and my throat fucking hurts. i guess i better get used to it lol.

anyways I'll keep it updated here about THAT. i plan on making nicer logos and banners for myself aswell. gah! time is everything....and there's only so much of i try my best though. anyways i think that's everything for now. i don't want to be a silent presence online anymore. so again thanks for the follows. more stuff on its way soon!

    -Yep! I haven't posted a dang thing since finals for my classes had rolled around.
it was sudden and i even lost a bit of sleep over it haha.
but things turned out really good in the end :) i was really happy for it.
i got everything i set out to complete done! woo!

    So! after that holidays sort of took over and it hasn't really felt like a vacation with work
and my internal clock screwing around with my lack of sleep.
so i decided to ask for two weeks off from work. :) which was approved.
now i finally have a chance to upload my finals that i had done for my classes!

i only have a single week left off from school and i want to be a little bit more productive with it.
so i set out to make a small project for myself. i don't want to make any impossible promises but i have
a small story i want to tell with a throw back to some of my old characters i used to draw. it seems doable
but even if it comes out short of what I'm looking to make id at least of been working on something.
at least that's the way i see it.

anyways! other then that HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone! its 2016! oo ah! soo futuristic! its like i'm traveling through time!
where are the flying cars dammit?! ah well who knows what this new year will hold for us all. but for the mean time its back to the art work :)