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10 years in DA already... Isn´t time quite fast, right? XD

Yeah, in resume, it´s been about 10 years now that I´m working here on Deviantart, with comes and goes with other projects, but, in the end, all this time gave me views, appreciation, and fans around the globe, and I thank ALL of you that was part of all this!

But as we all know, everything has its phases, the beginnings and ends, and, after all that passed, I think it´s time to announce something important here

For the ones who don´t know (I think many already do, but yeah, there might be some new guys around), I had a major health problem this last couple of years, with a hearth-disorder that started all of a sudden, and is going down the road with me every day ever since

With comes and goes on the "feeling better" part and not much help on the medical side of things, I´ve noticed two important things from all this:

1 - It´s something that is already here, and, no matter what end this will give me, it´s something I need to endure and live with
2 - The condition gets worse with stress and pressure on my life and on myself, as I noticed in the worst way possible by the last year´s end, with the amount of projects to handle and such

So, getting these two information together, makes me realize something, that, in the end, there is no plans, jobs, or projects that will guarantee to keep me going, and, what I have, is only what I can offer and do, with the things I have in hands

With that, I came to the conclusion that I´ve reached a long time before, but, unfortunately, hadn´t the courage to do so at that time: (and yeah, no regrets too, I know things wouldn´t have worked if happened like that)

"I´m really tired with the things I do here for a living"

And yeah, don´t get me wrong, this doesn´t mean I´m done with drawings and art in general... this is PART of my life (started drawing when I was 4) and, this, alongside music, is something I can´t see myself living without doing

But the whole subject of "gore, Ryona, and fatalities" yeah... I´ve grow tired of all this at the point that doing these scenes are making me feel sick from the stress and pressure of doing something I clearly don´t like anymore

So this might be a stone in the hearth of some fans here, people that love this type of work and always support me for some more, but yeah, one of the things that I didn´t respect that much was my own will of doing things in this proccess, and now, with the worst motive possible, I finally learned my lesson

So then, what now? This gallery is officially done for? The patreon packs are extint? Not at all

You see, this is still my work, my way of living, and, without this, yeah, I wouldn´t be able to pay the bills, do the things I do and etcs.. It´s not that I´m abandoning things up, but rather, transforming it

I will try to use topics here to make things easier to understand, so, in resume, here goes:

1 - I will keep doing commissions, but not "scenes" anymore, only characters (pin-ups and poses)

You see, since I noticed that my hearth condition gets worse when I´m doing things I don´t like, I noticed that yeah, I was NEVER a fan of doing the post-work I did for the backgrounds and scenarios (that´s why also I always used 3d material or photos), I get no pleasure of doing backdrops, and, the energy I lose there, I would rather be using on getting the characters on a better shape and even more detailed in some things (things I love WAY more in doing)
So, that means characters will be the main focus for now on my commission and page, that serves for fanart AND original characters, so you have a character you want to cover, just let me know!
And, in the end, I also noticed that I really like to CREATE things, even if based on already famous characters and such, so, that´s why I will try to work with RE-DESIGNS when I´m able to!
Would love to re-desing characters from the fighting games I like (Darkstalkers, Samurai Shodown and so on) and get my personal touch on each one of them, so, if you would like to see this happening to, please, stay around cause I think some nice things will be produced with this subject! ^^
And, the good part of all this is that, since I´m focusing only on characters now, the commissioned pieces will be handled as PNGs for the ones that requested (and the ones on patreon, of course), so, you can use them as stamps for t-shirts, posters, web-design, you name it! (since they will be also made in HD) :)
But then you ask, with this whole shift of subject, what to do with the big demand of fighting-scenes, ryona and violent material that you were famous from? That´s when enters the second topic

2 - The creation of my own studios - TheInsaneDarkStudios

That´s right, I´m creating a studios this year! :)

Thinking about all the people that enjoyed this type of artwork with characters fighting and all, I made a partnership with fellow artist-friends around here that are massively competent in doing this type of artwork, and, are willing to work with these themes, so, with this, I will be working as the bridge commander of them, and, supplying them with works and projects, of course, help me out financially too

Of course, to make things even better, for the ones in Patreon, even done by another artists, all their contents will be handled on the packs just as well! So, expect a much bigger pack when things start to work well with this idea

Much more content, with the same price to support, but, there is also a chance there too, which gets us into the Patreon territory

3 - Same prices, different prizes

For all the ones on Patreon, I think it´s important to tell that yeah, with all these changes on the commission subject, things would change there just as well!

Since I´m focusing more on characters now, the prizes also take this into account, so, the new raffles will get this as a prize

The U$ 20 raffle - Will cover a prize with a pin-up panel of your character of choice, with original clothes, another one created by another artist, a new one you designed or even one of my own, again, all in PNG form so you can use the character later on your own designs and works

The U$ 50 raffle - Again, will guarantee the inclusion on the raffle as a winner (getting the slots of the ones in U$ 20) and again, you can get a character done with the design you like

The U$ 100 raffle - And, the ultimate one, not only will get your character done, but, with no limitations on the design you want (even naked, if you are aiming for a more NSFW material) and done in High-Definition (also in PNG form so you can use it later on)

And, again, as I said, with the U$ 20 support, you will still be receiving the monthly packs (will all the work done on that time-period) and, the past packs just as well, so, it´s a good option for the ones that didn´t get support yet to make a "collection" of all my previous packs, since I´m really changing shifts now

And since we talked about the business part of the model, the final subject of the list is:

4 - The NEW commission price table

After years of using the same table, it´s time to respect the changes and upgrade it a little bit!

So, the prices now are:

U$ 40 - Covers a character done, but with no colors (HD)
U$ 50 - Cover a character done, fully rendered and with PNG version (HD)

For now, I´m not covering scenes and, if I do, will be in the future and will upgrade the option on the commission list accordingly (really want to give a chance here on the character pin-ups and re-designs for now)

As always, feel free to send me a note if you are interested, both with these ideas of character drawings and the scene ones, cause, yeah, since the studios is something I am in charge, I will pass the works for the other artists just as well

And, I thinks this sums things up... and yeah, I know it was a long journal

To help things out, there will be a video too for the ones that are interested but don´t want to read everything here, and prefer to listen my foreign english trying to explain everything XD

Again, many thanks for all the support so far, part of me is sad for not be able to be TheInsaneDarkOne you all wanted anymore, but, I´m still me, and, after all these wild decisions and changes I´m willing to do now on 2019, you can say I´m still "Insane" for risking that much, but maybe, I´m not that "Dark" anymore, and want to do things with a more light-paced :)

Hope you all understand, I know some of you might not want to support anymore, and I understand that, but, for the ones that will still be around, a big thank you for the care and, most importantly, for the understanding that we all need to change, and, it would be the best for both worlds if I can keep going, but, being more honest with my own wills and goals ^^

Till next time, and, happy 2019 for everyone!
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Ok guys, if things weren´t obvious enough, yeah, the production of the last pack was the reason why I just vanished on the last couple of weeks

I have a lot to address to each one of you here about what happened, what´s my current status, health issues, plans and goals for the next year and etc, but, as expected, the most important part, it´s the little time I need for myself

I´m starting my vacation here officially so, yeah, will be returning only in mid-January now, but, for the ones supporting in Patreon, managed to get something interesting as prizes for the next pack, so stay tuned :)

So yeah, can´t promise much now on the frequency here (cause I plan to travel a bit, see family and friends, specially after all the train-wreck my health was this year) but I want to clean the dust of my gallery here as soon as possible, since I got away and have a lot of drawings to update and replies to do

But in the end, all I want to say it´s that big "Thank you" I have to say each year that I stand firm here on DA and as an artist as a whole... definetely things will have to change a little bit (again, will address this later on on a dedicated video and such) after all that happened but yeah, I´m always thinking on ways to get things going in a good way not just for me, but all the ones that became fans, supporters, and friends here after all those years

So stay tuned for some news, and, for now, I´m gonna go after the rest I needed for a long time, and, only now, will be able to reach a little!

Hope you guys enjoy your time now in this year´s end with family and friends, best wishes, and, thanks again for everything... couldn´t be in my position now without the help of each one of you! ^^

Bye 2018, and let´s hope for a better 2019, for the world as a whole, cause we are needing it! ;)

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Yeah, it was quite fast but I got projects already for closing the slots available for the month! Thank you all for reaching by! :)

Will be working on them and, if I get some little delays on the production, yeah, it´s because the whole health situation that I´m still tracking down to get things handled, but yeah, all of these will be done and, to know if your project is counting, just see that I replied to you already, or with a sketch, or with a email/note talking about the project itself already

With that said, yeah, will start production here, with a LOT of things to cover already, heheh 

Again, thank you all for the support! :)
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Ok guys, it´s been a while but I think I got things organized here for new projects, so, starting today, let me know the ones who are interested to reserve your slots, of course, they will be available as long I have days able to work with them

As always, the price table will be kept here on the main journal!

A character (Line art, no color) - U$30

Just one character Painted (shadows and highlights) - U$40

Two characters painted (no background)- U$45

Two characters in a scene with a background (just like most of my "Commissioned panels" in my gallery –with a 3D or photo-manipulated background) - U$50

HD PANEL (2357X 1768) - (the same scheme as the panel above with two characters on a scene, but, with double resolution.. best for prints) U$ 60

EXTREME PANEL (2357 X 1768) - (as mentioned on journal, panels with extreme content, things that go further than what I already presented here on my gallery - U$ 100

Any "Plus" characters for the scene (more than two) - U$15 each

Thank you in advance for all the support on the current projects, and, of course, for all the already done ones just as well! :)
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Ok guys, just got back from my latest doctor visit, checking up my health conditions and, long story-short, since I still got no luck in really solving the issue (it´s been a year already), the doctor came up with much advanced exams to do, since we now have to look even deeper on the causes to see where something is wrong

And, for my surprise, the cost of all the exams was really high, something unexpected on my end...

But, now comes the most important part... because of the last demand of commissions and patreons, yeah, I CAN HANDLE ALL OF THOSE! ^^

Seriously... I don´t know how I could express such a big, no, enormous THANK YOU for each one of you, that kept all these years watching, following and supporting me here on this page, even with me not being an great artist and having a lot of flaws in a market with much better artists out there

I do have a lot of bills to cover, since I handle the house for me and my girl but, seriously, seeing that because of you guys, I´m able to keep investigating and probably find the cause of my health issues is really something... and again, can´t thank you guys enough for this...

Of course, this also means that I have a TON of panels to do, but yeah, will be working on those till mid-August probably to finish them all, so just have a little patience out there (sorry for not being faster but yeah, will try my best!)

But thanks, thanks, THANK YOU for everything you guys did already for me here and, hopefully, will have better news on the subject

Sincerely, Danilo Rosa
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Well, that one was quick XD

Got a whole bunch of projects (thanks again guys, one of them specifically will help me handle some issues with my health) at once and organized the majority of them already, and, by the look of its, yeah, need to stop now to address those one first and then, set a second wave if I get a time-window.

But thanks a whole lot for all the support and interest sent and, for the ones I already replied but there are things missing still (like setting the sketches and payment), yeah, they are still being considered but, for new ones, unfortunately, I will have to step back for now

So yeah, now starts production and, as always, wish me luck to handle everything just right, heheh! ^^

Hope you guys enjoy all the contents yet to come, and, just to be sure, thanks again for the whole support, each one of you! 

Till next message!
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Here comes the new window for commissions and yeah, they will be in production for this next month too!

As usual, send me your ideas via notes and we can settle things up as long there are slots available!

Prices, as always, will be posted here at the main journal: 

A character (Line art, no color) - U$30

Just one character Painted (shadows and highlights) - U$40

Two characters painted (no background)- U$45

Two characters in a scene with a background (just like most of my "Commissioned panels" in my gallery –with a 3D or photo-manipulated background) - U$50

HD PANEL (2357X 1768) - (the same scheme as the panel above with two characters on a scene, but, with double resolution.. best for prints) U$ 60

EXTREME PANEL (2357 X 1768) - (as mentioned on journal, panels with extreme content, things that go further than what I already presented here on my gallery - U$ 100

Any "Plus" characters for the scene (more than two) - U$15 each

Hope you guys enjoy this extra month for new projects! ^^
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Hey there guys! 

Well, since I got the schedule full till the next patreon pack, I´m closing commissions for now

But, because of some schedule things I had to solve here, for this next month of June, I will re-open commission slots here once again, and Icarus will be taken into production in mid-July

So, if you hadn´t the chance to commission me at this last time-window, expect a new opportunity soon and, as always, will announce things here when this happens

Of course, the ones that already sent me details and payments for their commissions are in production and don´t need to worry, same as the patreon winners

Thanks a lot for the whole support! ^^
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Hey there guys! :)

With the current chapter of Icarus closing in (will be launched tomorrow with patreon and soon here in the gallery), it´s the time of the month where I open slots for commission projects again! 

So, if anyone has the interest of covering something up, send me a note with your details and we can settle everything accordingly! 

I don´t know how much slots I will be able to get before having a full schedule (I already got some pre-orders) but yeah, I will be producing this bunch till the next month, so, let me know your ideas!

Prices, as always, will be posted here at the main journal: 

A character (Line art, no color) - U$30

Just one character Painted (shadows and highlights) - U$40

Two characters painted (no background)- U$45

Two characters in a scene with a background (just like most of my "Commissioned panels" in my gallery –with a 3D or photo-manipulated background) - U$50

HD PANEL (2357X 1768) - (the same scheme as the panel above with two characters on a scene, but, with double resolution.. best for prints) U$ 60

EXTREME PANEL (2357 X 1768) - (as mentioned on journal, panels with extreme content, things that go further than what I already presented here on my gallery - U$ 100

Any "Plus" characters for the scene (more than two) - U$15 each

Till next message! :)
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Hey there guys! Long time since the last journal!

As you may have guessed, been busy with Icarus and the normal schedule to attend everything here, but, as days have passed, I noticed that, it would be better to make a small change on my schedule basis

You see, with Patreon packs, I organize things up to deliver it every mid-month, and, for the commissions and manga schedules, I made things work by the START of each month

The thing is... this wasn´t working THAT well, cause, in the start of the month, I got some things to cover but, not among the plans of that particular month (with commissions or the manga)

So, to fix that up, I will start changing the subject (between Icarus and regular commissions) by every mid-month (between day 15 and 17), so, that way, it can allign with the Patreon packages and I can dedicate better on each subject at hands

Since I realized that just now and, some commissioners were already expecting me to open schedule at the beginning of May, for now, I will start the "pre-order" requests for new commissions, so, I can start getting them covered in the ideas and payments, but, will start working on them all, at day 15

It´s not that much of a deal (since yeah, I will be taking pre-orders from the ones interested already) but helps me out to organize things up, even better with the Patreon packages, that will have more time to finish its contents with no problem! :)

So, PRE-ORDERS are open, and, if there are monthly slots yet here, I will open them all by day 15

Thank you all for the support! ;)
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Yeah, this one was a suprise for me too! O_o

The amount of projects addressed to me were so much this last weekend that, duo to the time schedule for doing things up, I see that I need to address them all first rather than getting new ones

So unfortunately, yeah, will have to shut down commissions once again... but, yeah, that is also attached to this time I need for doing them all, so, if I manage to work fast and deliver then till the month´s end, I will be able to cover some few more still now in March

The ones I replied already, yeah, they got covered, so, if you couldn´t get me in time, really sorry, the amount of projects all together was a suprise here on my end too

Thank you all for supporting and, when I get the current panels covered here, will definetely post news about opening the commission part again!

In this meantime, you guys remember that my partnership with my fellow friends ( Outsourcing commissions now in February! by TheInsaneDarkOneare still up, so, interested in covering some commissions I couldn´t here, just send me a message to settle that option! ^^)

 Really sorry for not being able to cover everything, but yeah, we all know what happened last year when I tried! XD

Thank you all for such interest and support! You guys are the best! :)
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Hey there guys! Hope you are all doing great! :)

Well, for my part, as promised, here I am once again with commissions open for this month!

As usual, feel free to hit me here with notes with your ideas, single panels or sequences, and, we can cover things up

I didn´t change the price table but, to keep it on track, here it is:

A character (Line art, no color) - U$30

Just one character Painted (shadows and highlights) - U$40

Two characters painted (no background)- U$45

Two characters in a scene with a background (just like most of my "Commissioned panels" in my gallery –with a 3D or photo-manipulated background) - U$50

HD PANEL (2357X 1768) - (the same scheme as the panel above with two characters on a scene, but, with double resolution.. best for prints) U$ 60

EXTREME PANEL (2357 X 1768) - (as mentioned on journal, panels with extreme content, things that go further than what I already presented here on my gallery - U$ 100

Any "Plus" characters for the scene (more than two) - U$15 each

Thanks for all the support given and again, having the interest, just send me a message!
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So, after a long time thinking, I think I found good news on how to upgrade things up a little bit! :)

Will resume things up cause I know how long a text can be, and, want you all to have access to the idea, to see what you guys think about it too!

1 - New Patreon Idea

Since with the current prize system, sometimes there are people who can´t reach me up on time, to make things interesting for the ones supporting, I had the idea to add little ART LESSON videos made from myself in each monthly package!

It´s something aimed for the ones who want to have small lessons on how I draw some things and, hopefully, it will be a useful tool for the inspiring artists out there, and I think it´s a good way to give something back for all the support given, and yeah, the idea is that the lesson will be available for the ones supporting with at least U$ 20! ^^

2 - New Commission Idea

Well, with my change of shifts here, I know many regular commissions are a little upset with me not covering their ideas aimed more toward the violent and even extreme subjects, also, of course, the lack of time in hand from my end, but, seems I´ve found a new solution for that! :)

I talked with some friends of mine and, one of them in particular, (who is also a great artist by the way) wants to enter this market of commissions and stuff, but, he is still young and doesn´t have a personal bank account yet and such, so, to help each other out, we agreed to make a team there and, he will try to get the commissions project I receive here but are contrasting with my personal goals now, and, in exchange, I will be providing the support he needs for getting access to commissioners and replying things up

Of course, this is a method we created for both of us to have good things from it, so, I will gain a money percentage on everything he is doing with this method, so, supporting this idea, you also support me! ^^

Since he is more versatile than me and aims more into a "realistic manga style", his panels are harder to do and takes more time, but, yeah, we want to try things out and see if it works, hope you guys also gets excited with this cause, different than me, he is willing to take "any idea" around, and yeah, this include NSFW and such

For the prices, I will provide the price table for this new working method below:

U$ 60 - Regular panels (the ones you guys are used too, with up to two characters doing actions, with color and background) 
U$ 110 - Extreme panels (the ones done as above but containing NSFW material, like nudity, sex and other related materials)

Again, it´s a new thing but might help people out who wanted to get me covering wilder ideas but got unable duo me changing shifts here

On the other hand, cleaner commissions with my own style will be open when I have a new commission window (probably after February, since I will be working on Icarus chapter 2 soon) and the prices for what I do will be the same

Thanks there for reading and hope the ideas work great in both sides! ^^
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And wow, I think I broke my personal record of being absent... well.. I don´t use the "shadow deviant" there under my name for no reason it seems! XD

Gee.. how can I start? Well, the problems I had I don´t need to address that much, since everyone here know about what I passed trought with my health and all

But, with that, came also a rushdown of things and, I´m glad to announce that yeah, I made it! :)

About the health, well, still don´t have a clue if this will be cured with time and things I´ve been doing but I´m definetely feeling better, the pain in the chest was the most current sympton but, in the last couple of days, seems it vanished almost completely, and that´s already something! ^^

But, the most great achievement I made so far with these past couple months was the real deal with my manga project, making it become a reality! :D

Never worked so much in such a short period of time, but, again, it was a promise with myself there, and, even with all the issues of being ill in its production, I kept my word and it´s done now before 2017 ends, and that´s really important to me! ^^

So, now, I will proudly take a time to update things up here on DA, of course, one step at a time cause, we all know how much messages I couldn´t reply since I started the production here

But, the first step will definetely post all the pages of chapter 0 and 1, not only because I do want to show this to the world now, but also cause you guys were responsible for making it, with the supportive words here on DA and the money supporters on Patreon, without this, I wouldn´t be able to even think about turning some of my characters into a real story.. many and sincere thanks for that

And now, I just want to finish this year with this feeling that I made something new, it´s a great feeling and I´m probably feeling better already just by getting here, since we all know how emotional breakdowns can lead us into the cemitery a lot sooner! XD

Of course, will organize things up for the next patreon winners and prizes for the next month, but, again, will take a time at the start of 2018 to organize how things will work it out here on DA

For now, best wishes for the holidays, hope you guys enjoy the "Icarus Wings" project and, thanks a lot for all the support given now in 2017, again, I wouldn´t be able to do it without you guys!


Danilo Rosa - TheInsaneDarkOne
Hey there guys, long time no see indeed... been quite the usual speech here lately

As you all already know, things were quite messy these last weeks, and, I will, at least try, to resume things up, since I couldn´t send really good news in a constant time-period

The first part, my health, since it´s the main things that is still keeping me around! XD

Jokes aside, I had a roller coaster here with it, I spent a month taking medication to endure things up and got good results, but, the medication procedure has ended and, to make things worst, my medic had to make a travel and couldn´t attend me for a proper return on the requested time, so, only now I will get a new visit and check on what happened and, of course, the problems returned as soon I got rid of the medication

With that, working was a mix of good and bad days, with some really inspiring ones helping and others as a real pain in trying to do something right, but, I dedicated myself the most I could, and here comes the second part

As many could have guessed, I dedicated these last month entirely on my manga project, "Icarus Wings", and, it´s been quite the wild ride, since I had no experience on comics nor manga and, been trying new things as I worked with the flow, the panels I did already, will be part of the latest Patreon pack

Talking about that, from my part, I would love to just focus on this first chapter till I finish it, but, I felt I needed to address things up for the ones on Patreon, supporting me so nicely in these last weeks so, here comes the work-around:

But, now that I´ve got into the "business" part with Patreon, nothing better than go straight to the third and final part of this, but maybe, the most important one, the working proccess and plans

So, I´m gonna address things up in a more resumed form, since I spoke a lot about on the past journal entries...

Back there, I told you all that I needed some extra time to re-think things up, try the new process with Icarus (the thing I did the most) and try to hear my innervoice and wantings to get a proper reply on what would happen to me in the working part right? So, after all these days, I think I came to a real conclusion:

Unfortunately, yeah, I´ve grow tired of being TheInsaneDarkOne you guys got used to

The first thing that I think really changed with all that was my view on what I needed to do as an artist, and what I could cover that would be important for me, and, unfortunately, the majority of my "trademark" really bugged me now if I think about it

For the gaming part, nothing wrong there, always loved video-games since I was young and also had a lot of love and care for the fighting games and characters from such franchises, so, an all-win there

But, the main problem was the whole "killing girls" here, I think that got kinda old for me to have such label done in such a strong manner here in my gallery

With Icarus, I re-found another part of me, a creative side that got more carried away than trying to think on creative ways to kill the ladies here, and, unfortunately, don´t know if I can get a backtrack for that

So, what I want to tell you all is that I have a new working proposal here, and, even not sure yet if things will work it out, I want to at least try to see if things get on track

One of the main issues (and the ones who joined the gallery for quite some time know this better than anyone) on my working schedule, first, was the time period I had for making the daily drawings, it was exaustive and demanding but, since I had a good health there, things didn´t matter that much, but, now, as you all know, it´s a different story

So, to cover that up AND the change of shift I want to do, I thought on a new working plan that might interest some of you, or, at least, I hope it can interest a good portion

I will stop doing regular commissions here and focus only on Patreon for the time being

And why that? Well, for two good reasons, and the second one seems to be the best part for you guys, so listen up:

1 - To have better control on my schedule and drawings for month, cause then, I will be able to work on them but not die in the proccess duo to the small time-windows I gave to myself

2 - I will get less drawings to work with, but, they will also be CHEAPER!

What I mean with that, is, in Patreon, people got prizes back in the other months depending on the value they contributed right? So, in this new scheme, I want to get your prizes as part of the commissions too

Sounds complicated? It´s not that much, you see, with U$ 20, you get access to every panel I produce here right? So, the only difference is now, for each month, I will make a raffle to get 8 "winners" from these U$ 20 contributors to get their panels covered

The good part of this is, the ones who want panels with me, now have the chance to get them into a much smaller price table (the standard panel here was about U$ 50 each) but, even if they don´t get it duo a bad luck, they will still receive all the others requested from the other contributors, quite the win-win scenario, right?

The only problem here is that, again, I want to try to change things up, so, unfortunately, no more killing panels with the girls and fetish stuff ok? I know many here love this part and are willing to see more and more of this, but, unfortunately, I need to be true to you guys here on this subject and I want to cover other type of things (like, you know, character pin-ups, normal action scenes, funny stuff and etc)

But, to help things out for the ones who really want to get things done with me on a special month, I will still get the option of the U$ 50 as a contribution, but, if someone gets into that value, he or she gets in front of the line, getting sure that a panel will be requested and covered (of course, only getting into a raffle situation if more than 8 contributors appear with U$ 50 each)

I want this to work it out the best I can cause it´s a chance to still get things done here without needing to risk everything (I don´t have other work here guys, so, it´s something that need to be addressed unfortunately) and, as a respect letter for the ones supporting me for such a long time..

 I know that I might have disappointed, I know that this change of shift might be too much for some but, with this health breakdown I had, the only thing I learned is that, unfortunately, I don´t have control of all things and maybe my time might get short one day or another, so, at least, I want to try new things when is possible, and, of course, try to reach better days for myself and my soul, that is seaching for different ways of working things out now it seems...

So, starting now, as the new Patreon pack gets available (by day 15/11), I will try to make things work with the Patreon supporters with this new way, aiming for a better and more healthy way of working on my artistic projects and, still be able to send something new for you guys (rather than just my comic)

I know it´s a long post but, if you got this far, I really want to say my sincere thank you for being so nice and polite on such delicate subject, and, from my part, we all know it would have been much easier if things just continued the way they were, but, yeah, seems some things just come into our way and we can´t do much about it, just try to overcome the necessary changes they demand with it

So, many thanks once again for being around, and, hope things might work out, for you, for me, and for the gallery and all these years with Deviantart

My sincere words and thanks to all of you

Danilo Rosa

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Hey guys, long time no see, been absence for a time here and, for many would have guessed, part of it was duo my health issues mixed with a busy agenda

But, as I said, it was PART of it, the other part, might be the most important, and it´s the one I´m going to address here...

Remember the last time I did a post and I said I wasn´t 100% true on things there, well, that´s a mistake I don´t intent to make anymore and, for that, will express everything that is going on here this time

For the first part, the health issues, it´s been a mix lately.. the medicines helps me out to control things up but, for the most of days, things keep getting back and messing me up, things like feeling the body strange and headaches without much reason annoys me a lot and makes work at things even more stressful than it could be

And then, by trying to figure things out, talked to some followers here and, the most important, to my medic and also a psychologist to see how much of this could be directly connected to my own mind and internal stress and, the reply was, in fact, seems its a LOT of it

With this info in mind, stopped to see what could be wrong... the first part I´ve addressed already, with the feeling that I needed to go back to a more authentic and free art style and I´m on the process of mastering that once again, it´s been great already to see some results here

But things seems to be not enough, and, then, going to the second part, I faced a reality that might be the most painful one to deal here:

I think I´ve grow tired of being the artist that I am today...

Don´t get me wrong, I still LOVE to draw and make things work on paper (and on digital, of course), this is part of me and got me here trought all these years, but, as time went by and, with the last demand of commissions I´ve been working here lately, I noticed that I´ve grow tired of getting the same type of ideas covered from time to time

I know I created a name for myself with all the fatalities and specially the ladies getting killed here, it´s something I´m the only one to blame on this issue and, for a time, it was really good! Made me develop a lot of things as an artist and even was an escape for portray wild and violent ideas

But now, don´t know but, I feel different... it´s not something that appeared just now, it´s been about time that I question myself if I should continue doing this, but, since I quit my other jobs just to cover DA, it was something that was out of question on the last years, since I now needed the money to pay the bills and structure my life.

But  now, again, I faced this reality to see that, the majority of times I spend here drawing, it´s for ideas that I´m not really into it... there ARE some commission projects that are quite fun to work with, but, for the most part, it´s all on the killing and even fetish side and, honestly, as I´ve said, I think I´ve grow tired of all this.

And why this matters? Well, as I´ve said before, I think my health just got a red sign on this matter just as well, you know, I do believe all diseases we develop in life are created by the things we want to do or talk and we don´t do, compressing those bad feeling into our minds and body until they explode and take us with it.. and, for this, I really think this has a great part

The problem, of course, is how to manage things up, cause, again, I don´t have any other work, but, for the time, I want to give this leap of faith and try something new

Questioning myself about what I would REALLY like to do, I faced myself again with my own projects, "Icarus Wings" to be more specific, cause, it´s a story I´ve been developing for quite a time now and, never got able to really cover it, saying to myself that I couldn´t have time to do it and, worse yet, that it was NOT the right time of doing it

But, as a last resource too see if I can get really better, I wanna try to change shifts... for a month, will quit all the commission work here and dedicate only on the manga, at least to make the first chapter in a proper and finished way, with that, I will be able to see how my health deals with it, and, specially, how my heart will feel, working on something that I truly believe and want to do

This is not a good-bye letter to all of you who have been following me for the past 10 years, but, was you can see, there is a lot going on and I feel I really need to try things out here... of course, I still have no plans for what to do AFTER the first chapter is done, cause, again, have no other jobs here to cover things up, but, if I return on doing regular or sporadic commissions, now you guys know that I would like to cover NEW stuff too, going a little bit away from the "TheInsaneDarkOne" lable I´ve created and maybe, reach a new "Danilo Rosa" real lable that I will try to work hard to reach it

Again, all I ask, for now, is a little time of comprehension from the fans to know that, yeah, I´m still on this journey to fix things up but, even if I don´t find a real solution or I fall in mid-way, at least, I want to try to cover things that I really feel I need to acomplish in this life

Hope you all understand, thanks a lot for being around for so many years and for being part of what made me be here today and have all the opportunities I have in my personal life now... again, I can´t thank you enough for everything but, if I really stop to think about this, maybe I do... maybe I might thank you all trying to get on a new step of becoming a better artist and, maybe, present a better Danilo to the world.

Thanks again for everything

TheInsaneDarkOne - Danilo Rosa
Hey there guys, doing great?

What a hell of a week eh? Still passing trought the same problems, did the big reveal here but yeah, things must go on, as I promised

So, to make things easier, since I plan to return on next Monday, will let you guys contact me already on the weekend to settle the upcoming projects to start things up!

Still finishing up installing some pc programs but things are pretty much good to go (at least with the softwares, would be nice if I could say the same about myself XD) and, with the first emails, can already sketch things up to settle everything

I know that, with this problem still unsolved, I might take things a little slower than usual, but, I will never know if I don´t try things up, so yeah, for now, let´s just think on the new projects and then I can have a feedback on what is happening here on a working schedule

So, as said, just let me know your ideas! I know I´m kinda afraid of going all in with my health still messed up but well, can´t say I´m not excited too cause, you know, maybe this new phase will work wonders (I hope! ^^)

For COMMISSIONS, The price table will be kept here, at the main journal, as usual:

A character (Line art, no color) - U$30

Just one character Painted (shadows and highlights) - U$40

Two characters painted (no background)- U$45

Two characters in a scene with a background (just like most of my "Commissioned panels" in my gallery –with a 3D or photo-manipulated background) - U$50

HD PANEL (2357X 1768) - (the same scheme as the panel above with two characters on a scene, but, with double resolution.. best for prints) U$ 60

EXTREME PANEL (2357 X 1768) - (as mentioned on journal, panels with extreme content, things that go further than what I already presented here on my gallery - U$ 100

Any "Plus" characters for the scene (more than two) - U$15 each

Thanks again for all the support and yeah, let´s wish for the best! ^^
Hey guys, it´s me again

Well, no big news here about my condition, still having a lot of headaches and strange feelings and, even with this dizzyness getting on my nerves, tried to reach for some help here.

And, after some thoughts, I noticed that, things might be just more than just a health condition, cause, you know, I had important things to address that was bugging me from quite a time and I didn´t do anything about it, things based on my feelings, things that could have left me now with depression.

Yeah, never really adresssed this here cause, yeah, things were just too new for me, started these health feelings on the ending of June but, with them, a large amount of me was taken down on the proccess, with me nearly giving up at some point (no kidding...)

But, I´m not a guy that like to give up, again, I like to see the solution for the problems and, for the most part, the solution lays on the most initial part of anything, the most basic start of any procedure and, for me, part of it layed here on DA

Don´t get me wrong, you guys were one of the most amazing fanbases I´ve ever seen, always supporting, commentating and giving me big projects to work with, projects those that made me live the way I live today, with this daily job, my own house and my girl by my side

Unfortunately, the problem again, was not with you or the platafform, but, with ME

I´m gonna tell this in parallel to the "Star Wars" universe, to make things clearer, and I know you guys will understand

There are the "Jedi" on the Star Wars universe right? They are disciples of light, knights willing to make their true nature valuable by helping people, doing what´s right and living by their own code of honor, specially fighting against the evil part of the "dark side"...

So, with my artistic skill, I considered myself a "Jedi" there, with the power to help people out, do things the way I should and work things around by doing what I love and also gaining support in exchange

But, I see myself becoming a "Sith" in mid-way...

By the start of 2012, things started going more serious here on DA, the amount of work really got high (thank you guys for that) and, as an artist, I was getting trouble on delivering that much of quality pics on a daily basis, specially on the anatomy part

Then, a specifc client appeared and, from there, everything I did seemed off, got major critics on every line and sketch and, this was becoming a burden for me

But, this wasn´t the client´s fault, I could have standed up and defended my limitations, but, I wanted more, I wanted to be perfect for that client, as much as I wanted to be the best I could for everyone here, and then, my journey for the "dark side" started

The "Dark Side" has its shortcuts, things that go beyond the honor codes for easier achievements and goals, and, for my part, this came in form of 3D-posing software

Started using Poser and Daz Studio to create the perfect "shapes" and anatomies you guys saw here ever since... things started to work wonders and most of the drawings got much easier with the software at hand, drawing the most difficult poses wouldn´t be a problem anymore

But, as time went by, I knew something was wrong on this whole journey, indeed, there was still a lot of work involved on each scene, but, with the posing software, at least the "basis" of a human figure could be emulated and created with no problem, and this made me going wild in terms of poses, perspectives and suchs

Even with me being able to create new distortions and things on my own to emulate a more "free" drawing, I was getting away from my own self, my own way of drawing and doing things, and, unfortunately, the bill has come

I passed all these years with an urge to tell you guys everything about this, but, I felt a mix of shame, pride lost and fear of losing the support I´ve achieved with the amount of drawings I did, but, with this terrible month I had, with this health issue making me worried and me wanting to solve everything in my life while I still have it, I had the feeling this would be the best time to address this issue

Again, I feel terribly sorry for everything... seems I cheated on you guys for a very long time and, even with my girl saying that it´s not cheating, cause many professional artists use the same software these days, my "Jedi" part was always consumed by this, and, I wanted to get things back on line

With that, what I mean is, I want to return to my older self, an older Danilo that doesn´t draw things perfectly, but, tries hard for making his own style work

It´s not that I´m not willing to improve, I´m doing some art classes to address the anatomy problem in special, cause, again, the everything else were always created by me (clothing, hair, colors, shaders and etc)  and, even with me knowing that they can improve too, the anatomy part would be the most important thing to master and be able to keep the drawings as the same quality they had with the posing softwares

But, of course, as my classes continue here and my health keep things like that, I will have a time period of adaptation, a time period that I´m not sure everyone here will be willing to wait and participate

What I´m asking here is, if there are new commissions coming up, can I start working on them more freely? (without the posing software to help on the anatomy?), I wanted to go back to my style but I´m also dependent on the money I get her (it´s my job afteral), so, the same way I got naked from my ego here while talking about this and opened myself to judgement, I´m also opening my heart to request the biggest help I could ever request, the one that is more important than money

Again, terribly sorry for keeping this a secret for so long... I´m willing to study more here while I work on the normal commissions and, if some of you go away by the change of quality of any piece, I will completely understand too... I´m willing to risk my financial health in change of this chance of a new beginning

I know this is a leap of faith but, even not knowing how this will end, somehow, my soul feels lighter after this...

Sorry for the long text, but wanted to show my respect to all of you, hope I could make myself clear...

Thanks for listening, and, hope things work out for the new semester
Hey everyone, long time no see!

I wish I could just start this one the same as always, just checking in, sending my best regards for the time passed, saying that the break was great and all but yeah, things were different this time...

Well, first, I need to apologize, I wasn´t very detailed on the reasons why I took a break there (seemed sudden, right?), and, even with me saying half of the story (indeed went for some art lesson trades with friends), I never spoke the bad part, cause, I didn´t want to make you all concerned (more than I was already), and, that part was all about my health :(

It started all of a sudden and, from day to night, I started to get a mix of symptons I couldn´t know where they came from... dizzyness, headaches, pain on the chest, nausea, high blood-pressure, yeah, it was scary on the first days cause clearly seemed I would have a heart-attack

Of course, I stopped all production and went for the doctor... but, went for the first one, then the second, did the first examination, the second one and, in resume, this is how the whole month went by... with a LOT of medical procedures and yet, no clear cause on what happened! :(

I´m still passing trought the last exams (did a check-up on my head today) but still, nothing unusual on the medic side of things, which makes me really sad cause, I´m one of those guys that, when a problem happens, I´m the first one to get the energy for solving it, and, not knowing what I need to solve is really a burden for me

But, at least, It´s not like I got nothing from all this time with different doctors and procedures, all of them mentioned that I could be passing trought a "burn-out", or, to make it simpler, a "high-stress" syndrome

And, indeed, this got my attention... not sure yet if this was the true cause (again, still in procedures here) but, makes sense if I put into consideration the amount of works and projects I get on a daily basis, and, I know that I´m the one to blame on this too, cause, I always wanted to provide things up for my girl and for me, and, getting more work means also more money for everything else

The thing is, I think I got the worse end of this deal cause, the extra funds were mostly used for the medical exams and, in the end, couldn´t even enjoy much of this break because all the rough days I had feeling in this bad shape

But, I made a promise for myself that I would take a month for that, and, this month has ended and I´m willing to get back soon

I say "soon" cause I took the opportunity of the break to organize and clean up my working computer, you know, these things DO NEED a clean-up from time to time to start working better and this time was no different, so, I´m finishing up installing my working programs and tend to be on check for the next week

Unfortunately, can´t say yet if I´m gonna have a definitive response from these last exams on what is happening to my body but, either way, I will notify you all when things get back to track here, and, again, I´m willing to work once again as TheInsaneDarkOne you all know and love, but, still figuring out what I will do to make things work better for me, since, unfortunately, seems my body can´t have the same rhythm as my mind would like to, probably will work on a smaller schedule and things like that, but, again, will notify when I get everything ready

For the ones interested on commissioning, be aware that I´m going to be back by the next week, but, again, will post news here if I find anything new on this matter

For all the time-out here, again, gotta have to thank you all for the patience and support, couldn´t do half of what I did here without it!

Thanks again for everything and, hope we get to the best on this!
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Hey there guys, doing great?

Well, how can I start this conversation? 2017 had been a great year here so far, a LOT of projects happening all at once and the support on this page and Patreon are just amazing too, seriously, thanks a lot for supporting me till this day as an artist!

But, you see, for more that things are happening non-stop, I writing this journal to announce that, for now, I will need to take a break.

Seems a little sudden and, in fact, it really is, but, you know when life change shifts and you just need to take a new take and opportunity? Yeah, something like this happened just now.

I got the opportunity to have new art classes with a group of friends and, with that, discuss new styles and learn more from them, and, since I was always an alone guy on this art journey (really, never did something like sharing tips with others or having teachers, always created my own style till this day), something there really called me cause, even knowing that I´m attending a lot of commissions here and people are enjoying, for me, I just feel I need to trade and learn more in the proccess, you know, take a new step further!

And, to make this happen, I will have to give some dedication to it, and, by the flow of projects I´m having here, this wouldn´t be possible without messing my schedules and taking a whole lot more to deliver each drawing, so, to not make things bad for any side, as I´ve said, decided to take a break now.

It´s not something THAT major cause I usually take a break in mid-year, so, I just advanced things a little bit this time to take this opportunity and try to learn a thing or two to get my art into a next level :)

Now, this doesn´t mean I´m stopping things all of a sudden too, the commission projects I already have settled here will all be finished and, the patreon packs will continue just as well, with the current on-going projects being delivered there first, and, of course, all the special prizes along with it!

Also, the DA posts will continue as normal, since I have a LOT to post and, for the ones who watch things here, things will be just as usual :)

Now, for the second part, I´m also taking this opportunity to try something out, something I wanted to do for quite a time now and thought this would be a good moment to do it, and, by that, I mean a brand new DA page for my works!

First things first, I´m NOT letting this page die or trading it, don´t worry, but, I noticed that I´m not working much with my creative side lately, duo the lack of time at hands, but, even not being able to draw everything I want (you know, have the bills to cover), I realized that, if I did things in a more "sketchy" and fast way, I could exercise my own ideas and characters and, by doing a second page, I wouldn´t pollute THIS gallery with unfinished artwork, cause, yeah, it would be strange to have this mixed with more than a 1.000 drawings all colored and finished! XD

So, I present you this new page, the one, where, I will post everything I will concept and create for now on, and with that, I mean, characters, stories, comics and everything, even in sketchy and unfinished form, and, to start everything, here is the first chapter for a webcomic I´ve created here, "Icarus Wings"  (…)

It will be a good way to make things work for my creative part and, still, not mess with the normal type of artworks you guys are used to here! Hope you guys enjoyed the idea! :)

So, with that, I can say a new phase has begun... I´m happy to start it and, hopefully, better things will come! ^^

Thanks a lot for all the patience, attention and, for the commissioners, don´t worry, expect to return as soon as possible and, of course, with new ways to make my artworks even better! :)

Wish me luck and thank you all for the attention, support and care on all these years, you guys were awesome!

Sincerely, TheInsaneDarkOne - Danilo Rosa