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Manga Studio 5 Clipping Layer Tutorial

A lot of people use this feature in SAI... Well, Manga Studio 5 has it too.
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this will be very helpful as I start working on backgrounds and patterned clothing. Thank you.
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WOW.  Thanks for posting this!!
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Super helpful!!!  Now I can multiply as much as I want!
RonanSoares's avatar
Nice I did not know about that!!    

Check some of my arts please, you may like it:
Little Witch by RonanSoares   Orc by RonanSoares   Witch by RonanSoares   Dwarf by RonanSoares  
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Thanks for this! I can't believe I haven't been using this!
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YES!  Thank you!
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Thanks, I actually NEVER knew this! :D
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I was trying to figure this out. Thanks so much!
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Wow I don't know this is some kind of breakthrough. I know this trick since the first time I got Clip Studio Paint.
It literary in their tutorial video…
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Some people don't know about the official tutorial videos.
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It's a shame. I've tried Photoshop but it feels like Clip Studio Paint has more feature for an artist than Photoshop or any other programs.
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Yup. It's a program specifically for illustrators, not photo manipulation.
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Man - you just saved me like an hour's work. Have a fav and watch, good sir!
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oh my god I love you so much for doing this tutorial!! I was kinda lost with my new manga studio @_@ I couldn't find the button
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oh gosh, now i can draw all the flannels i want without worry. thank you!
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This is... beautiful. Thank you very much for saving me some extra effort and tears.
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This helped so much! Thank you! <3
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Yaaaaay, I'm helpfulll.
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You have helped me a lot on my first ever commission. Thank you
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