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Custom Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint Brushes

I made them myself.

Never underestimate the value of a good pencil or pen. Even digital. I modeled several of these brushes after some well-known artists.

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True and Crispy are already my favorites pencils for sketches.

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Could you make Procreate versions of these

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Thank you so much. ^_^

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I want some like these for PS :c

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Thanks for these! Giving them a go right now to see which ones I really like, but I'm really liking the variety so far!
Finally,..someone realized the value of quality pencils!!!! Thank you for this!
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Thank you SO much for these! I use them all the time now! <33333333333
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thank you~!
I really really like this////
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ah I figured it out! ^-^
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how do i applie these to the software?
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It seems like I am unable to download the file? :o 
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Oh- I figured it out! > <" 
They look amazing! Thank you so much!! 
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Thanks a bunch! Your brushsets are always useful
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Finally brushes i really like, awesome!
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cool!  saw the link in the forums.
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.... We have forums?
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