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Hello all!

We haven't really been active and able to communicate to you all the state of the group this year.

Because of us all being too busy to moderate the group in 2019, we sadly won't be able to open it up for submissions. We hope you are able to find other neat inktober groups, and submit to those.

We shall see about next year, but the future of the group is uncertain. We definitely want to keep moderating entries being submitted so no-one gets anything bad in their gallery notifications. But this takes time, and can get quite stressful for the ones moderating, especially if their schedule is already full. :/

Thank you for understanding ♥

Ghost Divider by SquishyAlpacaWe hope you are having a good time this inktober, and wish you a terribly terrific halloween! Ghost Divider by SquishyAlpaca
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Group Info

For the last two years, artists has come together to complete Inktober. This year, we are doing the same, and you are invited too!


Inktober is a yearly challenge throughout all of October created by an artist named Jake Parker. All artists are welcome to join! In Inktober, the challenge is to draw one drawing in only ink every day in October. Jake created Inktober as a way for himself to improve on drawings with ink only, and artists all over the world has joined him! Do you want to improve your skills together with the art community? Challenge yourself to complete inktober! If you want to know more about The Inktober Challenge you can visit Jake Parker's official Inktober web page here:

Everyone is welcome to join and submit to the group all throughout October/Inktober, but you are required to read and follow the rules.

If you have any questions I suggest you to check out the FAQ here, or send me a note. :)

I really hope you want to join, take on the challenge and submit your artwork to the group!

- The group founder, BumbleBie ;)
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I’m a member of this group, but I can’t even submit artwork
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Folders aren't up to date so posting here. 
This was the 1st day for Ghoulkiss' Inktober challenge!
Prompt was "Stitched Hearts"

Heart Stitches [1/16 #GHOULTOBER] by Chocobokage
AshleyWass Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2020… This group is accepting every year and even throughout the year.
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Guess this group is dead ^^' My Poketober for this year :)
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happy inktober everyone, I hope you enjoy, here is an active inktober group where you can also upload your work! :D thanks for everything and sorry for the inconvenience
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