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Uploaded earlier today. Check it out!
Love Will Keep Us Warm by theInkMenagerie
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Joining this online community is an exciting step for me, debuting my artwork on the internet for the world to view.  Although I was a regular contributor to a few small-press fanzines throughout the 90's, my artistic activity and art community participation has dwindled in recent years. I'm aiming to reverse that trend.

Pen & ink is my preferred medium of choice. I love the simple beauty of lines.  During my teen years I fell in love with several independent black-&-white comic book titles, and they opened my eyes to the possibilities, not limits, of what the ink medium can achieve by itself.  I would like to explore techniques of introducing color into my work, but coloring is not an element I feel as confident about with.  

The subjects of my art are almost entirely of anthropomorphic animals (aka "furry"), although with a budding interest in anime I'd like to get into more practice with drawing human features as well.  "The Ink Menagerie" was the most accurate title I could think to summarize my work.

My first Deviant submissions are older works I've completed in recent years past, but have not been shared publicly before (or in very limited circulation). I might have the dates off on these pictures by a year or so.  My aim is to have some fresher material in my gallery by early next year.

- tIM
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