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I Love a Good BJ

Seriously, who doesn’t love Blue Jays?

Pen and ink, Pencil, Photoshop
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I love Blue jays, you Americans are so lucky to have them. Here we have Eurasian jays, i have some feathers of them. Great subjects and poses. I also enjoy the colouring technique :)
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Eurasian jays are quite lovely too! It's like they kept the wings of the blue jay but the rest of the body is tan/brown.
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Brilliant title.
Coincidentally, I just acquired a blue jay feather, yesterday.  It makes for a handsome hat feather.
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My family and friends gave me many warnings about the diseases and parasites that I could acquire from a feather.
Wow.  I just realized that the meaning of my words could be misinterpreted. 
Mind you I'm talking about an actual feather from a bird.
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Gotta be careful with those feathers. lol
 WC- Purple Feather 
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That feather actually doesn't look too far-off from the one that I have.

And yeah. All of them carn-sarn diseases floatin' around, nowadays.  :(
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I'd say that Steller's Jays are better... or Magpies ;>
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...maybe a nice Scrub Jay ;)
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