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Published by Fantagraphics Books, "Critters" was a comic book anthology of art & stories focusing on anthropomorphic animals. Within it's pages one could discover works from artists as diverse as Tom Stazer ("Lionheart"), Freddy Milton ("Gnuff"), Stan Sakai ("The Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy"), J.P. Morgan ("Fission Chicken"), Tim Fuller ("The Blue Beagle"), Steve Gallacci ("Birthright"), and many more. The anthology series left a big impression on my desire to pursue cartooning with similar subjects of my own.

The series ran for 50 issues spanning from the mid-80's and into the early 90's. Although sluggish sales brought the series to an end, "Critters" did prove that there was a market in the comic book industry for anthropomorphic work and blazed a trail for later successful anthologies like "Furrlough".

It was rediscovering my collection of "Critters" in recent months that inspired me to design a cover of my own. The artwork was conceived years earlier, but I found that with a touch of cropping and added sky it lent itself comfortably to the physical dimensions of the magazine. The end result is my take on a "Critters" cover, had the series endured, picking up with the next issue that would have been published. Enjoy!

Pen & ink, Photoshop
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