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Coming from the good old age of the BEArchive in 1996 - which still exists - as a humble so called »artist« making photo manipulation in PhotoShop, I soon discovered everything inflatable has a strong influence on me. After posting some pictures at the BEArchive and being there for a few month I dropped my interest. I soon came back to 3D rendering which let me better express what I have in my head. As a side effect my pictures are now original artworks (as far as you judge using Poser as creating »original art«) rather than relaying on real life photos. My pictures usually circles around inflatable woman, mostly made of rubber like balloons, sometimes plastic but always in love of being inflated up to the point of bursting. So beware: Sometimes I also show the results or the moment when this happens.

I created the term »Living Lovedoll« for this type of moving and speaking inflatable dolls and the virtual company »Cyberflating Inc.« who manufactures them (last one is also my own website).

I prefer to keep the ladies in proportion while they inflate, so you will hardly see any belly or butt inflation in my pictures. Instead you can expect lots and lots of breast inflation and/or expanding the whole body.

Last words: This is just my private own twisted fantasy! I am far from being a sick nerd (hopefully). But this type of inflatable dolls which closely resembles BDSM practices - which I am not a fan in real life - really creates a strong feeling in me.

So: Have fun looking at my pictures.


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Update: 21-May-2014

As of 21-Mar-2014 I've set up Google Analytics for my deviantART profile. Please keep in mind Google now tracks some data from you.

No RPing (Role Playing)

Update: 12-Jun-2020

I do not RP. Period.

Favourite Movies
everything from David Lynch
Favourite TV Shows
Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul
Favourite Games
Silent Hill series, Resident Evil 4
Favourite Gaming Platform
PlayStation 2/3/4
Tools of the Trade
3D: Poser, modo, Wings 3D, modo (!), POVRay and modo (!!!); 2D: InkScape, Krita,
Other Interests
gaming, web-design, web-development
🎄🎇✨🎇🎄🎇✨🎇🎄🎇✨🎇🎄 ... and a good "slide" into 2023 (as we say in Germany). Be healthy, be happy and may all your dreams come true in the next year! 😃 🎄🎇✨🎇🎄🎇✨🎇🎄🎇✨🎇🎄
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Just a little status-update regarding my website. As mentioned in my previous Journal entry: Cyberflating is now down but I am still researching how to set it up again. Well ... honestly ... setting up the on a new place is rather easy. The problem is a hoster which accepts erotic content. I think I already found a good place now. There's a 2nd problem: The website still will be a payed website. Please don't blame me but I want to get some money from my creations. Yes, yes, life is hard but that's the way it will be. My former »Payment Processing Service« is out because VISA as well as MasterCard has risen the barrier for payments for sites with erotic content. Well ... whatever. So I was looking into the rather new »Subscriptions« here at DA. The idea is: Subscribe here, get the pictures in the subscription-folders ... AND get some more picture on my website. Unfortunately the so called »Programming API« of DA does not contain any information if a DA-user has subscribed to a
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As mentioned in my previous post is down from today on for the time being. Yes ... very sad. 😔😪😔😪😔 But as I told: Everything is backed up (including the users) and I will re-establish in the not so far future. And of course: I will still be active - more or less - here at DeviantArt so you can reach me here. 🙂
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Happy Birthday Week!!! :cake:

Thank you ever so much! 😃

Is the website back up?

ty for your fav, check my gallery if u wish