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Hello! My name is Katherine, but most people here call me Infinite, Chaos, Neen (after one of my characters), or some other nickname. My favorite things to draw are animals and people, but I am working on developing my skills at painting backgrounds as well. I also love math, science, reading, and playing the trumpet. Currently, my main art projects involve developing characters both inside and outside of ARPG groups, and telling/illustrating their stories. Making characters and stories is a whole lot of fun for me, but occasionally I get into other projects too!

I also do commissions (watch for journals telling about when I open my commissions and what I'm offering), I occasionally do art trades and collaborated projects (mostly with friends), but I don't take free requests.

Feel free to send me a note or chat, I promise I don't bite!

Favourite Visual Artist
Marcell Witte, Aaron Blaise
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Of Monsters, Imagine dragons, Bastille, Mumford and Sons
Favourite Books
The Phantom of the Opera, Rob Roy
Favourite Writers
Brandon Sanderson, Leigh Bardugo, Ruta Sepetys
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet
Other Interests
Tae Kwon Do, Reading, Writing, the horrific pain that is a STEM major


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Hey there again, everyone! Feels like I've been spamming y'all with personal information lately, but unfortunately more things have come up that might end up impacting my activity around here for a bit. My hand is doing better, but unfortunately some family matters have arisen that are definitely going to take some time for me to deal with. I don't want to get into details, but the situation is not great, and I'm going to need to go deal with things throughout this week at the very least, and possibly into next week and beyond. If everything goes smoothly the matter at hand hopefully won't impact me beyond that, but things being as they are, I'm not entirely sure that'll be the case. So, long story short, I might be sorta slow around here again for a week or two. So don't fret if it takes me a bit to reply or respond to something! I'm doing my best, I just have a lot going on right now. But once again, hopefully I'll get everything in order and my hand will be feeling better soon
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Hey, everybody! I'd just like to give you guys a bit of a heads-up that I might not be able to post very much artwork for the next month or so, plus a bit of an explanation as to why. I know that I've been pretty slow with art for the past couple months as well, and I was really hoping I could fix that soon, but about two weeks ago I began getting some bad pain in my hand that made it pretty much impossible for me to draw. And I've just learned that that pain is likely from tendinitis. I'm certainly in less pain than I was when it started, and the doctor I spoke with doesn't think it's anything particularly severe, which is a relief, but it's still considerably uncomfortable for me to use my hand very much right now. I was also told that it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to heal, and that there just isn't a whole lot I can do about it right now except stretching, resting, and just waiting for it to feel better. So I guess this is pretty much just a waiting game. I'm very
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My friend just got a DD!! Her work is really amazing, please go check it out and say congratulations!!
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Who are your favourite gods & goddesses from mythology?

I think my favorites would have to be the Norse gods and goddesses! I remember the story of Tyr and Fenris was my favorite myth when I was a kid.

Mine are Anubis, Bastet (Egyptian), Hecate, Hermes (Greek) & Thor (Norse) all of which I've painted & uploaded. ^^

Oh, those all turned out super cool!! Giving me some inspiration to maybe try painting some mythological creatures

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"worlds shortest attention span", yea, as if. You pay so much attention to the amount of detail(and epicness) in your artwork. Keep up the great work! :3