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TL;DR: I hope the creator of this account's okay (they might want to cancel their core subscription though) and I'm sad about the comic ending but that's less important.

I'm both fascinated and saddened by the (implied by current limited information) stories of the both the works featured on this page and the account owner, who, as all readers likely know, hasn't posted any visible update (text or otherwise) in a long time. I still speculate often about where the comic intended to go, and feel kinda bad that we'll probably never see it; more importantly, however, I hope its creator, wherever they currently may be, is doing alright, and that they are able to continue creating art (Friendship Update or otherwise) that makes them happy. Getting an update to confirm that they're okay and, if the comic's dead, maybe a brief synopsis of what was going to happen would be appreciated by many, but they have their own life and are under no obligation to do so. (Also, TWST: if you're reading this and are leaving this profile behind, 'just wanted to remind you [in case you didn't notice; IDK if you did or not] that you're still a core member here, and thus [to my knowledge of things] getting regularly charged.)

Hey, I just wanted to check in and ask if you're still planning to continue Friendship Update when you have time. A friendly ping, as it were.
You are awesome my friend.
What’s up with the name change?
hahah, you might get an answer presently. :[ you probably won't like it. sorry.
Are you leaving the fandom?