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Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter forty-five)
Ten minutes, ten minutes until you finish work for the day. That means it's 10 till 4:30. You can't wait to get back to your apartment for the day, it's been a long and busy one. Muffet's ended up being very hectic today, though you met a few interesting people. And, luckily, a certain some stalker didn't show up. You're happy, yet disappointed about that at the same time. For you never want to see him again, but if he had showed up, the officer would have definitely caught him. But, you hold faith in the law enforcement officers. They'll bring that creep to justice as soon as they lay their eyes on him. 
You suddenly heard the bell on the door of Muffet's chime, signalling it'd been opened, so you looked up. Business had slowed down, so Muffet moved to the back for a while and you served the few customers who came around. But, whoever just walked in is the only customer in the store presently... Other than the police officer, of course. 
As soon as your eyes made direct cont
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 8 5
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter forty-four)
The hours tick by as you sleep in Papyrus' arms. Friendly dreams occupying your mind, causing you to feel at peace. But, all good things must come to an end—soon things take a turn. You enter yet another dream, one that seems normal at first. You and Papyrus are walking together in Ebott City Park. But your mind is screaming, and screaming to confess your hidden feelings at last. 
So, after pondering what you'll say, you turned to him and stopped walking. "Papyrus, I have been meaning to tell you this for a long time. I—" You paused, and he stopped, glancing over. His 'bone'brows furrowed in confusion. "you've been meanin' to tell me what, kid?" He asked, leaning on one hip and taking a cigarette from his pocket. He quickly lit it with his lighter, then stuck it between his teeth gingerly.
You paused for a second and gathered all of your courage, then took a deep breath. "Papyrus, I like you. Every day, I fall more, and more in love with you." You confessed and his jaw
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 12 3
The War Amongst Us (W.D. Gaster X Reader) Chap. 11
Gaster smirked, his bony hand making contact with yours as you just stared at him in a mixture of horror and shock. You could swear your blush is as bright as a sun ripened strawberry. But, instead of going away, it only intensified as Gaster stood back up straight, his hand and eye sockets lighting up with a purple flame as he lifted you up in the air. Your heart was now visible as a rich blue. What the hell is this crazy man doing?!
You looked down, quite frightened of this new feeling of weightlessness caused by his magical hold. The feeling persisted and became more uncomfortable until Gaster moved you closer to a desk in the corner. He set you on your feet and you stumbled backward into the desk, holding yourself up by your elbows. Then you stumbled back a little more when Gaster snapped his fingers together, the purple restraints disappearing from your wrists. He soon laid his gaze on you as he took off his long, white coat and draped it against a nearby chest. Then he began to p
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 10 2
Ollie by TheIndianaCrew Ollie :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 10 20 | Just Need An Escape, Some Time On My Own | by TheIndianaCrew | Just Need An Escape, Some Time On My Own | :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 15 4 Oakley Klein by TheIndianaCrew Oakley Klein :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 10 8
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter forty-three)
As soon as the door had shut completely and you heard Mr. Smith's loafers click against the old creaky steps, you spun around, looking at your three friends. "Well, let's make the best out of this unfortunate situation. I have work tomorrow at 10:00 AM, but I can stay up a bit longer." You spoke, smiling. Sans nodded in agreement to this, "I HAVE WORK TOMORROW TOO, BUT I DON'T GO IN UNTIL AROUND 12:00 SO I'LL BE FINE TOO! PAPY?" Sans replied, turning his head to face his older brother. You did as well and what caught you off guard was Papyrus was spaced out, staring straight at you. 
You furrowed your eyebrows, and Sans crossed his arms. "PAPYRUS." He spoke bluntly and Papyrus jumped, a blush soon following. "nyeh? what is it, bro?" Papyrus asked, rubbing the top of his skull awkwardly and Sans leaned on one hip. "ARE YOU AN ASTRONAUT, BROTHER?" Sans asked and Papyrus blinked in confusion. "wha?" He spoke, puzzlement displayed on his face. "WELL, YOU SURE ARE SPACING OUT." Sans sp
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 10 11
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter forty-two)
After a long night of fun and games, you looked at the clock to see that time truly does fly by when your having fun, for you thought it was merely 9:30 PM, but the true time ended up being an astounding 11:00 PM. Definitely later than Papyrus, or Sans meant to stay. 
"OH STARS! IT'S WAY PAST MY CURFEW ALREADY!" Sans suddenly gasped, jumping up from his chair. "Oh, geez! You can't be serious! It's already that late?" Maia asked in response, cocking her head to the side. "'parently." Papyrus replied with a big yawn, stretching. 
"I have no idea where the time went, but I'm extremely grateful I got to spend tonight with you three." You commented, smiling as you went to stand up, but, Papyrus quickly took your hand gently and squeezed it which made you stop immediately. 
"likewise, ya know, i had a blast tonight 'n' stuff. let's do this more often." Papyrus agreed, a smile on his face. Sans brightened up at Papyrus' suggestion, his smile widening and his irises growing in h
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 12 8
| You Don't Know Me | by TheIndianaCrew | You Don't Know Me | :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 5 0 Honestly, I just want some laughs by TheIndianaCrew Honestly, I just want some laughs :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 3 44
The War Amongst Us (W.D. Gaster X Reader) Chap. 10
You gritted your teeth and held your tongue as Gaster set aside your restraints and helped you off your cot by the arm. His bony grasp was soft, but firm as he began to move you out of the room. Not steady on your feet quite yet, you were wobbly so he stopped and waited for you to steady before continuing on. 
As you passed through many narrow hallways, you observed your surroundings. The walls were all made from gray and brown cobblestone and every 16 feet a torch was lit which brightened the surrounding areas. No windows were present, and you began to wonder if this building is actually an underground bunker. It's always a possibility, but the army had not been aware of an underground fort held by the monsters. So, that'd certainly be breakthrough information if word got out. 
"I apologize for the walk, things are very much spaced apart in here." Gaster suddenly spoke up after around 2 minutes of walking. You didn't reply, just clicked your tongue, sighing. This made him sh
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 12 5
2018 Summary Of Art by TheIndianaCrew 2018 Summary Of Art :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 6 5 Self Portrait by TheIndianaCrew Self Portrait :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 11 20 | I'll Keep Trying, Might As Well | by TheIndianaCrew | I'll Keep Trying, Might As Well | :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 12 0 | Whenever I'm Up Late, Reality Tends To Unwind | by TheIndianaCrew | Whenever I'm Up Late, Reality Tends To Unwind | :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 16 2 | Now The Moon Is High And My Soul Is Empty | by TheIndianaCrew | Now The Moon Is High And My Soul Is Empty | :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 8 0


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Heya there! I'm Indiana, an artist, writer and photographer in training. I'm most well known for my Undertale Fanfics that I publish on here, quotev, Ao3, and Wattpad. But, some know me for other reasons of course. Feel free to drop a comment on my page or to note me if you'd like to talk, I don't bite! Thanks so much for dropping by! <3

:pencil:"''cause I'm not dead,
but something killed me that night
it hurts to be okay when you are not okay…
I'm not okay.'"

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Profile image is by tigerdragonwarrior, the first two drawings on my featured deviation are by the lovely P0CKYF0X, and the last picture is by the cool Diinkers. Then, the image at the bottom of my dAID is by K-eey. <3
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