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A Lone Plague Doctor by TheIndianaCrew A Lone Plague Doctor :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 7 2
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter thirty-six)
You and Papyrus laughed and happily walked side by side down the sidewalks of Lincoln Avenue. The Japanese maples glowed in the autumn sun, the vibrant orange and yellow hues are simply breathtaking and you can't help but smile as you walk down the path, observing every tree. 
It wasn't too long before you and Papyrus finally made it to Dubuc's Ice Cream Shoppe. Its colorful purple, pink and blue exterior isn't hard to miss. Papyrus hurried and fast-walked to the door of the store, opening it for you politely with a smile. "ladies first~" He cooed with a wink. "What a gentleman~" You cooed back with a grin as you quickly caught up, walking through the door. "Thank you, good sir!" You thanked him as soon as he walked in after you. "mmhm, madam." He snickered in response. 
"Aha! I knew you'd be back some time, Russ!" Chuckled a deep, croaky voice. You turned your head to the counter of the shop and standing behind it was an older man, probably around 70. The man has a gray
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 20 14
Slick Mr. Smith
Slick Mr. Smith
A Short Story
by Indiana

Mr. Smith was thinking about Lehana (?) again. Lehana was a boring young woman with lanky hands and cute hair.
Noah walked over to the window and reflected on his potent surroundings. He had always loved colorful Bert's Sushi Shoppe with its gentle, gorgeous giant sushi. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel romantic.
Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the a boring figure of Lehana (?).
Noah gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a slick, beautiful, fine wine drinker with tall hands and fancy hair. His friends saw him as a spewmungous, slippery sexy beast. Once, he had even helped a jolly elderly man cross the road.
But not even a slick person who had once helped a jolly elderly man cross the road, was prepared for what Lehana had in store today.
The drizzle rained like talking cats, making Noah depressed. Noah grabbed a shiny napkin that had been strewn nearby; he massaged i
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 5 10
Tobias Welshire by TheIndianaCrew Tobias Welshire :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 7 10
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter thirty-five)
[Papyrus' POV] 
The seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to an hour as I sat on the uncomfortable worn out chair outside of 'shit-stick' Smith's office. I had chewed at least fifteen toothpicks to ease my nerves and it's not helping that I can't even understand what they're saying inside of that office. For all I know, some real 'close up interrogations' could be goin' on and it's making me anxious as hell. 
But after playing many different games on my phone ranging from knockoff Flappybird sequels to Tetris, the door to Mr. Smith's office opens and I quickly turn around to be greeted by (Y\N) with a nervous smile on her lips. A few red streaks of where tears had rolled down her face are still visible and it sends a pang of sympathy pulsing through my soul. 
"Alright, Papy. It's your turn now. I'm sure it won't take long." She gave me a nervous smile and I stood up, quickly tucking my phone in my pocket. "alright, how was he today? shit-sticky?" I asked an
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 15 19
| I'm Through With All Your Poison | by TheIndianaCrew | I'm Through With All Your Poison | :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 12 6 | Feels Like I'm Losing My Mind | by TheIndianaCrew | Feels Like I'm Losing My Mind | :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 13 2
Gaster!Sans X Female!Reader (Birthday Babe)
The afternoon's rain pattered against the window by your bed and you let out a happy sigh. Today is a day which is regarded as special, it's your birthday. You haven't done all too much today, but you have been enjoying the pitter patter of the constant rain. 
You've just been relaxing pretty much all day since your employer gave you the day off and it's been rather nice. But, after countless YouTube videos and several sketchbook pages being filled up, you began to feel a bit lonely on your special day. 
But almost as if it was on cue, you heard the front door of the house open and shut and the sound of jingling keys. Along with that was the happy mews of your cat, Senior.
You yawn as you stretch, knowing that your boyfriend just got home from work. It's odd that you didn't hear his motorcycle pull into the driveway, but perhaps the rain is louder than you thought. 
The sound of footsteps sounded across the house until you heard them stop. "hey, doll... where are you?" Y
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 12 5
Art Class Practice by TheIndianaCrew Art Class Practice :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 9 10
The War Amongst Us (W.D. Gaster X Reader) Chap. 8
Your eyes came open as quick as a flash as you sat up, placing a hand onto your chest weakly. Something's just not right... Your body is consumed by shivering and you can't get it to stop. 
Still sleepy, you come to and realize you feel extremely queasy and your eyes go wide in a panic. You try to get onto your feet, but your muscles ached and feel as if you've been trampled by multiple horses. But despite the pain, you let out a grunt as you try and concentrate on keeping your last meal in your stomach as you pull yourself toward the waste bucket in the corner of your cell. 
The mere feet seem like miles and everything's spinning. You almost thought you'd lost the battle before you lunged in one more great effort, grabbing the bucket just in time to heave all the contents of your breakfast into it. Tears streamed down your face as you lost everything that you had eaten, still gagging and heaving for several minutes after everything seemed to have been thrown back up. 
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 8 6
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter thirty-four)
You and Papyrus walked down the hallway, following Ms. Constable's instructions all the way until you got to a door with plaque that read "Detective Noah J. Smith". Right outside every few doors was a chair and right beside Mr. Smith's office's door was in fact, a chair just like the others. 
You took a deep breath, placing a solid knock on the wooden door. As soon as you moved your hand from the door, a quick shuffling noise was heard and the sound of something falling onto the ground rang out. "Yes? Who is it?" You heard Mr. Smith's voice speak in a surprised tone. "Oh, it's (Y\N) (L\N) and Papyrus..." You replied and there were a few seconds of silence. 
"He was there for the event, correct?" Mr. Smith asked which caused you to say "Yes, he was there near the end." in response. "Alright, then he must remain seated outside whilst your statements are being taken." Mr. Smith responded, his voice not having the same sound to it. "oh, that's bull-" Papyrus began before you gent
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 18 21
The War Amongst Us (W.D. Gaster X Reader) Chap. 7
After Dr. Gaster had left you last night, you soon fell into a deep slumber. It was far from peaceful though. Your dreams were filled with the grotesque images of all your fellow soldiers being slaughtered by the enemy. One by one, they would fall to the ground, devoid of life. 
But, unlike most times when you'd experience such awful dreams, you didn't wake up. You were stuck in this terrible dreamland and you couldn't do anything about it.  
It lasted for what seemed like hours, but thanks to your internal clock, you suddenly woke up. You normally awake around 4:30 AM, unless you've been on a mission and must get all rested for another busy day. Then, it's anywhere from 12:00 PM, to 5:00 PM. But, it really depends on what time you get back to camp. 
"Oh! Good morning, (Y\N)!" Elementia suddenly chirped which caused you to jump in surprise.  
"Dammit, Elementia! You frightened me! Warn me next time, please!" You spoke as you placed a hand onto your chest,
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 7 6
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter thirty-three)
The twelve minutes hanging out with Papyrus went by way too fast, in fact, before you knew it, your time was up and you had to get back to work. So, you stood up sadly and held your hands behind your back. "I am very sorry, but I gotta get back to the register now. As always, it was fantastic talking to you and I look forward to seeing you again later!" You told him suddenly and he frowned. "already? ah, that sucks." Papyrus replied as he stood up from his chair, walking closer. "i gotta agree with ya. it's always cool talkin' to ya and hangin' out." Papyrus responded and you smiled in response, nodding. 
"We should hang out more often, to be honest, it seems like we never get one on one Papyrus and (Y\N) time... We should totally just have a night to watch movies together and get to know each other better." You suggested and he nodded. "i agree, we're almost always with other people. some alone time with ya would be cool." He replied. 
"Well, we're gonna have to schedule tha
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 17 34
| And It's Got Me Reeling | by TheIndianaCrew | And It's Got Me Reeling | :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 13 2 Collab w/ JordanDonges by TheIndianaCrew Collab w/ JordanDonges :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 13 5 | And In Your Presence We Will Fall Down | by TheIndianaCrew | And In Your Presence We Will Fall Down | :icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 11 3


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Heya there! I'm Indiana, an artist, writer and photographer in training. I'm most well known for my Undertale Fanfics that I publish on here, quotev, Ao3, and Wattpad. But, some know me for other reasons of course. Feel free to drop a comment on my page or to note me if you'd like to talk, I don't bite! Thanks so much for dropping by! <3

:pencil:"I can’t believe how much I hate,
Pressures of a new place roll my way,
Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me,
Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me.
I crumble underneath the weight,
Pressures of a new place roll my way,
Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me.
Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me."

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