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everything i see

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this is how i see images as a photographer.

done for my digital art class. hope all is well with everyone!
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I am truly captivated by this image. At first glance it's a wondrous splash of color. As you examine it, you will begin to notice all the small details captured very neatly.
The composition works rather well. My eye stays within the piece for the most part and there are multiple focal points. The primary focal being the big black lens in the image, followed by all the faces.
The color choice is perfect in my opinion. While having a couple of cool colors in their, you manage to unify everything with nice warm overlays that mix in with the cool purples and greens.
This is an inspiring piece. It almost has a joyful attitude about it! Love it.
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cute concept, love the brushstrokes! 
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Have fun loosing weight the easy way while you make a good second income
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this is amazingly beautiful! Great job!
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This art is awesome !
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very beautiful :iconlovelyplz:
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the claw sorta brushes could of been more like.... wavy but other than that, AWESOME. c:
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I actually did this at about three in the morning the day before I had a Uni assignment for digital art, so I really do agree with a lot of the comment's below and your's on some of the details. I might rework it at some point, not sure. Thanks for your comment though! :D
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Yes there is a sort of sadness about the whole thing. The models are detatched. Crazy Horse never had his picture taken because he believed his spirit would be captured in the magic black box. Perhaps the images (spirits) of the models have been deleted. At last they are free and at peace. I get all this and more when I look at this picture. Technically, it looks perfect to me. I like the way the hands hold the camera, it's as if the camera is acting of its own accord, giving pictues instead of taking them. I'd say that digital art course paid off.
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That is awesome! :)
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WOOOOOOOOW How u can Do That Add 2 my fav Direct
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You see a lot of women !! Great work !
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All of my model's seem to be women...
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just wonderful
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Well. Now I see the difference... in what we see!

Nice job!

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Brilliant concept
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