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At the beginning. Commission portrait by EKukanova
JRR Tolkien by AudreyBenjaminsen
Don quixote by UlricLeprovost
Alejandra de los Recuerdos by InkYami
Action and Adventure Stories
Anthropomorphic Animal Stories
The Wind in the Willows by BoxcarChildren
Fantastic Mr. Fox by kinachuku
Inktober day 30 Found by EarlyOctober
Rabbits, they lived peacefully by ShanaPatry
Children Stories and Picture Books
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone-FanArt-15 by VladislavPantic
Captain Underpants Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Neville Longbottom-FanArt by VladislavPantic
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone-FanArt-14 by VladislavPantic
Graphic Novels and Comic Books
Knights of Eden - Cover Version 1.0 by Inky-Shade

Mature Content

Mythologia Issue 01: Page 12 by centrifugalstories
The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand 1 - Page 36 by centrifugalstories
Mythologia Issue 01: Page 11 by centrifugalstories
Fairy Tales Fables and Myths
Merchant's daughter by YanaYagori
The company of wolves art noveau by ultra43
Hapi [censored preview] by chantilin
Stopan by EvelineaErato
Eelyn - Sky in the Deep by Saracia
The First Death of Beren and Luthien by FrerinHagsolb
The Wings of Fire Phophecy Bookmark by InkArtWriter
King of Scars by HSuits
Horror Thriller and Mystery
For a Year and a Day by chantilin
Silence of Wood by Disezno
The company of wolves (Incomplete) by ultra43

Mature Content

Jekyll and Hyde by ultra43
Literary Fiction
Modern Drama and Romance
June/Offred (The Handmaid's Tale) by chillyravenart
Little Women cover by RaRo81
Holden Caulfield by chillyravenart
August Tale by natzufall
Period Drama and Romance
La Vita Nuova by zootweek

Mature Content

The Night Has Thousand of Eyes by Nenril-Tf
Satire and Comedy
Childhood by F-Shearwater
Science Fiction
CyberCity Perspective (Color) by Gelorum
Supernatural Drama and Romance
#15 the house and T H E  H O U S E by CaptainKharma
Author Portraits
Mary Shelley by Disezno
Unpublished Stories
Wanderer by yanadhyana
Contest Entries
Romeo and Juliet by Ustukushii0708

Group Guidelines

The Illustrated Word is for your illustrations & fan art of novels, short stories, children's books, poetry, fables, fairy tales, myths and even graphic novels!

IMPORTANT: Cite the author (or culture of origin, in the case of fairy tales) and title of the story you have illustrated when you submit!

We want to maintain a standard of quality without being exclusionary. Your submission should show a level of effort, but we will accept work from all skill levels so long as it is not an unfinished sketch, a WIP, or work with a large solid-color background (white or not--except in the case of portraits). With regards to stories that have been adapted to film...

:bulletblack: We will accept Harry Potter art, for example, but not a portrait of Daniel Radcliffe. If your Harry looks a little like Daniel Radcliffe, it should not be obviously referenced from promotional images used for the movie.
:bulletblack: The same goes with stories that have been adapted to other mediums. A half-masked depiction of the Phantom of the Opera (like in the musical, not the novel) is not for this group.
:bulletblack: Stories that have been adapted from film are acceptable, if they are a continuation of the story and not a literary translation of it. For example, fan art of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is not for this group, but fan art of any of the Star Wars expanded universe novels is acceptable.

"Unpublished Work" is where you can submit art related to work that hasn't been published. It can be a childen's story you are working on, cover art you have drawn, or illustrations of a scene. This is not where you submit doodles of your OC-who-has-a-background-story; it should be a story you intend to one day publish, whether that be through the traditional route or online. Illustrations of in-canon fan fiction will also be permitted, given you provide a link to the story in your artist's comments, since we are all about people being able to read what inspired you! Quality standards for this gallery will be slightly higher, so don't feel bad if your work is declined; it will still go into our favorites.

At this time, we are accepting 6 submissions a week from members. You may suggest submissions from other artists. Please join to submit; we promise to be courteous about not flooding your inbox! Nonmembers can suggest exceptional art for the group gallery by sending TheIllustratedWord a note. If your work is not accepted into our gallery, it will be placed in our favorites. Our favorites are also the place where you can submit your illustrations of musicals/opera, alternate/crossover depictions of characters, or artwork related to reading.
This is a reminder that our submission guidelines are located on the group's front page.  Please read them when joining the group.  Approximately 80-90% of the group's submissions do not meet the group submission guidelines and are turned down.  As the group grows, it is becoming hard to keep up with the quantity of submissions.  Therefore, I will be limiting the number of submissions allowed per week.

If anyone has found the submission guidelines unclear, please do let me know.  If there are parts that read ambiguous to some people, I would like to change them and perhaps reduce some of the declined submissions.
Here are the winners for our first IllustratedWord contest.  We had 22 submissions and 17 entrants!

First place: Selladorra with… her illustration of the Thunderbird from Native American myth.  She drew the legendary bird mid-wingbeat, in the act of creating one of its namesake thunderstorms.
She wins a 6-month dA subscription and 200 points.

Second place: KatArtIllustrations with… her illustration of Tomorrow, When The War Began by John Marsden.  Read an excerpt of the scene she chose to depict in her artist's comments.
She wins a 3-month dA subscription and 100 points.

Third place: EpicMunchTime with…
They win 50 points.

All winners also got a feature of their gallery.  Because TheIllustratedWord is not a supergroup, we can't feature thumbnails in our blog, and links just don't do a picture justice!  Instead, we've published the full contest winner announcement, complete with features, as a news article :pointr:… :pointl:.  Hopefully it will receive more exposure out there!  

In other news, our group has grown a lot in the three months since our formation.  We now have 210 members!  We're interested in hearing your ideas for activities to keep this group active, and possible prompts for the next time we have a contest.
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