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After a few hours in got to the morning and everyone was awoken by Cream's high pitched scream "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH"
"Cream what's wrong?" sonic said arriving at Silver's tent, Cream turned around and saw sonic and explained what she saw "It's Mr. Silver he's vanished". "WHAT?!" sonic shouted "look i say we head to our destination and find silver when we arrive" Amy suggested "yeah it's ot far we get a move on we'll arrive at noon" said Bourbon. "Ok let's go" said sonic with a bit of excitement, after about an hour of walking the group was chatting about stuff when something hid in a bush behind Cream "what was that?"
Cream thought so she walked up to the bush and something grabbed her "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" "what was that?" tails asked "let's find out" said sonic. The group ran to the scream's origin and when they arrived they quickly saw a peach black werehog, with crimson streaked arms and quills that seemed to defy gravity, and captivating, dark crimson eyes. Sonic and co saw that it was rubbing a cream size bulge in his stomach when he saw sonic and friends the werehog quickly ran off. "what was that?" asked sonic "I don't know but we should get moving" said bourbon. After hearing this everyone nodded and they all followed him to their destiation.

After a few hours of walking the group arrived in a field with two lakes the one on the left was clean, perfectly drinkable water the one on the right if you drank out of that one you'd die. I drank out of it once and i died, moving on they set up camp and cooked marshmellows around the camp fire and along with many other things like panties for a few day in an attempt to cheer everyone up. But little did they know when they all went to bed on the fourth day of their time at the clearing that this night would be the night that changed their lives forever...Well except Bourbon's...   
part 2 everyone!!! Yay X3…<---part 1
part 3--->…
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And they don't even care that cream is dead now