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Sonic and friends were all at westopolis  bored during the summer and couldn't decide what to do "i'm always bored during the summer and couldn't decide what to do" they all thought. But then a weird russian mid-aged man appeard out of god knows where and shouted "well i can make you unbored!" , "who the hell are you?" asked amy "Call me Bourbon listen i can take you camping out to the woods i know a place where you'll be able to have fun!" Bourbon explained "who's in?". Everyones hand went up and so it's off to the woods we go! 3 days later... Sonic, Amy, Tails, Cream, Silver and Bourbon were walking down in the woods today but Bourbon stopped everyone at a clearing "hey Bourbon! what's the hold up?" Tails shouted with an annoyed tone "we need to rest here" Bourbon explained "why?" asked Sonic "I'm tired" said Bourbon, after that sonic & co made their tents and went to sleep.

At a midnight full moon a dark figure snuck into silver's tent and began to sniff him. Silver started to wake up as soon as he saw the figure he tried to scream but before he could the figure who turned out to be a werehog, he had peach black fur, with orange streaked arms and quills that seemed to defy gravity, his eyes were like orange...oranges, put his hand over silvers mouth. "ssshhh ...i'm not going to hurt you but i need you to come with me" whispered the werehog in a deep Russian acent, "I...I don't want to" wispered silver. As the werehog heard this he got angry and grabbed silver and shoved silver's head into his mouth. Dispite silver's best attempts the werehog got halfway there his stomach which was contained silver's head, quills and torso was now a large bulge which the werehog stroked while purring, but Silver was punching at the muscular stomach walls and calling for help with no sucess.
After a few minutes the werehog had finished his meal and patted his now bloated stomach, Silver realising that there was no escape he started to cry the werehog heard silver's muffled crying and sighed stroking his stomach "look... Silver i didn't want to do this put i need you to come with me so your coming whether you like it or not". After that he left with Silver in him and a loud blech.       
My first sonadow now this chapter has little to do with sonic but it'll make sense later
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fun game for you fokes at home: the chacater Bourbon has come from a chacter from another form of popular litrature guess what it's called
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Love it already
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Thx there are 2 more parts u haven't read
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