experiments chapter 2

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I woke up to the muscular walls of my naga love who had eaten me earlier i heard him snoring so he was asleep. I sat there for about 10 minutes listening to his heartbeat and his stomach groan, churn and gurgle, then i heard him yawn i knew at this he had woken up "morning handsome" i said while rubbing his stomach from the inside "mourning delicious" he said while purring and rubbing his stomach. I laughed happily but i felt his stomach muscles tighten and push me upwards "shadzy what's going on?" i asked "shh Soniku everything will be fine" said shadow, after hearing this i simply closed my eyes and then a burst of wind his my face as i emerged from his maw. After he spit the rest of me out i laughed and began to stroke his cheek "shadow i'm sorry about this but I've got to go" i said jumping off the tree but i felt shadow's tail wrap itself around my leg and it pulled me up to his face "you weren't going to leave me here without a goodbye kiss were you?" he said looking me dead in the eye "n-no of course notSweat -revamp- " despite the fact his tail held me upside down he gave me what has to be the most passionate kiss I've ever had. I kissed back feeling those soft and tender lips. Shadow keep kissing me passionately and licked my lip to enter, i opened my mouth to let Shadow explore my mouth. I broke the kiss and his tail lowered me down onto the ground i walked off a little sad i had to leave...for now. I returned to tails who as it turns out had been watching the whole time through cctv, " was he?" tails asked curiously "just like the original it's like never left" i said smiling.

"good cause now you've got to meet clone number two" said tails i nodded and walked down the hallway to the second clone i put my ear on the door and heard splashing when i opened the door i saw a long golden beach sonic saw the torso of shadow sitting a rock sonic walked up to him and put his hand on his shoulder "s-shadow?". Shadow turned around and saw sonic and wrapped his arms around him "'s been so long" said shadow "yes it has my love it has" I said while stroking his head quills. Shadow turned his body around and revealed his change "he's a merhog?!" i thought Shadow simply smiled and kissed me...
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Whoooaaa! This should be interesting~
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Awesome! Keep it up comrade! ;)
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When will there be a new part?
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