Werehog sonadow part 4

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Sonic woke up when he fully awoke he mentally cheered when he realised that he was alive and out of the werehog's stomach. But he noticed that his surroundings were different he was in a small cave with a small pool of water and there was a sheet of fabric over what looked like a hole. which Sonic assumed as some kind of door Soinc was about to get up when he felt something tighten it's grip around sonic's waist. He looked down and saw the black, crimson streaked arms of the werehog who had swallowed him earlier. Sonic began to hyperventalate, panicking he had a million thoughts rushing through his head. But then the werehog losened his grip on Sonic, the blue blur saw a chance to escape he got up and went to the "door". Just as he was about to move the curtian the now awoken crimson werehog grabbed sonic's arm and buried him into his chest fur. 

" don't want to wake them" the werehog wispered as he slightly moved the curtain so Sonic could see the two dozern werehogs who were sleeping in the bigger cave. This sight made Sonic quietly wimper but then he saw a curtain simular to the one in this room "why is there another curtain over there?" he asked "most of the werehogs here sleep in the "hall" but there are three private rooms one for the best hunter, one for the next clan leader and one for the current clan leader." the werehog explained "who are you?" sonic asked "I'm Shadow...Shadow the werehog" "I'm Sonic...Sonic the hedgehog". Shadow smiled now he knew his mates name "so which are you?" asked sonic "I'm the next clan leader, my brother Ivan is the best hunter, my father Black Doom is the current clan leader". "S-Shadow what do you want from me?" asked sonic "simple I want one thing...your love" said Shadow after Sonic heard this shadow pressed his soft, lovely, and tasty lips against Sonic's. Shadow Broke the kiss and understood why sonic didn't kiss back. "w-why me?" Sonic asked "werehog mating season is coming up soon and each werehog has to choose a mate" Shadow explained. "the hunter, heir and heighness choose their mates last as part of tradition." 

"S-so you chose m-me?" Sonic asked, Shadow simply nodded in respose "how long do I stay?" "until mating season is done then you can come and go as you please...unless you get pregnant"."B-but i can't get pregant" sonic lied since he was a hermathrodite. Shadow simply chuckled "all werehogs in my fathers bloodline have the ability to tell who's a hermathrodite by smelling them" "so...what if i get pregnant?" asked sonic "then you will stay until the baby is born then you may leave". Sonic sighed and asked Shadow two more questions "when is mating season?" "it'll be in a few days" answered Shadow "how long is it?" "for a normal werehog mating season lasts 5 days but for the clan leader and his family it last's much less only 1 day".

Sonic had one last question for his werehog mate "S-Shadow?" "yeah?" said shadow  "Has your b-brother chosen his mate?" before shadow could answer his brother Ivan came into the room "yes i have" he answered "can i meet your mate?" asked sonic "yes i'll go get him" Ivan replied. He then walked off to get his mate, when he got back all Sonic could see was a little ball of white fur. "Sorry he curls up when he's cold and tired" said Ivan he woke up his mate who saw Sonic. "Silver?" "Sonic?"
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whoohoo!!! This is awesome!