Werehog sonadow part 3

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In the middle of the night the same ebory werehog that had swallowed cream earlier had arrived that sonic and co's camp and sneaked into sonic's tent. The werehog walked up to Sonic and gave him a quick sniff before licking Sonic's check the blue hedgehog purred and started to wake up when he saw the werehog he tried to scream. But the werehog pressed his lips on sonic's causing the speed demon to blush heavly. After removing his mouth from sonic's the werehog began to talk to sonic "You're coming with me" Sonic simply shoke his head. The werehog quickly shoved sonic head into his mouth and stared to swallow him the blue blur tried kicking, screaming and...well...everything but it was no use it would simply speed up the werehog. when the werehog reached the half why point the hedgehog's head had entered the werehog's stomach he could see the muscular stomach walls as well as cream's now torn and worn out dress. the werehog was enjoying his meal lick every part of him while rubbing his now somewhat bloated stomach.

After a few minutes the werehog had fished the swallowing of sonic and was now laying on his back while rubbing his stomach which the hedgehog felt an odd confort from. Sonic saw no hope of rescue and fell a sleep in the werehog's belly. The werehog sigh, got up and spoke to the now asleep hedgehog "sleep well my love sleep well" but the werehog let out a large blech that awoke everyone at the camp and of course amy arrived first and saw the werehog and his stomach "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH MY SONIKU!" amy screamed the werehog quickly ran off towards the mountian Amy was about to give chase but she was stopped by bourbon "If you're thinking about going that way expect yourself to die". Meanwhile the werehog arrived at the mountian where all the werehog's lived "I see you've chosen your mate shadow" said an orange werehog looking at the crimson werehog's bloated stomach "yep Ivan...I did" shadow said as he was rubbing his stomach "Ivan where are you?" said Ivan's mate "I'm coming Silver just give me a minute" Ivan replied "you should get some rest brother you've got a big day tommorow" Shadow said "so do you" Ivan replied before walking off   
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Whoa, say what now?! I love this story!