Werehog sonadow chapter 5

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"Silver you know him?" asked Ivan "yeah i do" silver answered "Silver what happened?" sonic asked "well after Ivan brought me here he explained why i was brought here at first i thought that he just wanted me for sex but when i told him this Ivan started crying and said i could leave if that's what i truly thought so i started to walk back about halfway there i reallised that Ivan didn't  just want me for sex" Silver explained. "He turly loved me and i realised that i truly loved him so i ran back as quickly as i could and found him sad and depressed i went up to him to apologise after doing so he quick grabbed me bridal style and started kissing me he told me how muched he love me and that he knows i'm the one for him then i cuddled up to his chest and feel asleep then he woke me up today and now i know you're here sonic" silver finished.

"come on Silver let's get some food" said Ivan while walking off with silver still in his arms "So...soniku what now?" asked shadow "well how bout we get to know each other better?" sonic surrgested. Shadow chuckled "sure ask me a question about me" Shadow said sitting down like a dog "well how old are you?" "I'm 24 by mobian years you?" Shadow answered. "I'm about 21" Sonic said "anyother questions?" "just one...where's your mother?" shadow was silent for a bit but finally answered "she's nolonger with us.." Sonic was shocked "I-I'm sorry i never should have brought it up" "it's ok soniku" he said and then kissed sonic passionately on his lips "I love you Sonic" "I love you too shadow" Sonic cuddled into shadow white chest fur purring. The next morning, Shadow was starting to wake up, he was curled up like a puppy, but he had something in his arms it was Sonic, he so comfortable in Shadow's arms he felt Shadow's fur like as if it was petting him. Shadow saw how peaceful he was sleeping, Shadow smile and cuddle to Sonic, Shadow felt a little vibration in his neck, Sonic was purring, Shadow started to blush, "He's purring?" though Shadow. Sonic started to move a little, Shadow quickly lifted his head, Sonic opened his eyes to see Shadow and that he was in his arms, Sonic's cheek started to turn a red color, "Is there something wrong Sonic?" asked Shadow, "No no it's just... your fur is really comfortable" whispered Sonic a little shy, "Thank you" said Shadow blushing a little, Shadow let go of Sonic and sat up, sonic smiled and walked with shadow through the cave Sonic's tummy started to rumble, "Your hungry?" asked Shadow, "Yeah seems like that" said Sonic with a little smile. Shadow didn't know what to even get Sonic, "what would you like?" "errm how bout some steaks" Shadow smiled "sure let me go make a few" he said walking off. Sonic sat down and smiled "I'm gonna like it here" he thought.  
Part 5 guys… <-- for part 4
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hope you enjoy and to all my watchers :iconyourocksonicplz:
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Whoa, Silver...that was a lot of words :D (Big Grin) 
Anywho, I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work! I am a dummy!