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I deepened the kiss and continued to stroke shadow's quills after about one minute of kissing shadow broke the kiss and gasped for air. "do you like it?" said shadow while he was waving his tail fin "yeah I love it" i replied "it's beautiful" I continued while stoking it. I picked up Shadow bridal style and asked him "what do you wanna do?" he simply smiled and said "how about we go for a swim?" After hearing this i got a little embarrassed since i did't know how to swim "err shadzy I don't know how to swim...Sweat Drop revamp " i said. Shadow simply smiled and said "don't worry i'll teach you" I nodded and placed him in the water i started to follow him. At first it wasn't too bad until I got to a hole under the water and I became completely submerged i was terrified :scared: then I felt something grab me and pull me up to the surface i saw it was shadow. I was relived but i ended up tightening my grip around him.
"are you ok? soniku?" he asked in a soft tone "I'm better now your here" I said smiling. I spent the next 5 hours learning how to swim which i soon got good at it and shadow showed me where he sleeps near a small pool of water. The pool had a few caverns and ledges but not much else. It was time to go to sleep i rested my head on shadow's furry chest and cuddled up to it.

After i woke up i saw that shadow was still asleep i gave him a good bye kiss on the lips and left, I arrived at tail's observation deck. Tails luckily asked me "how was he?"asked tails "he was amazing he even taught me how to swim" I answered. "well two down two to go" said Tails I nooded and walked down the hallway and enter the next room this on was like a forest I ran through it i quickly saw a Werehog. The Werehog was watching his reflection in the streams of water, he had a serious face I rubbed my eyes to make sure i wan't dreaming and i saw that the were hog was gone i decided to go for a run I bumped into something big and black, i fell on the ground, "Ow" was all i said as i rubbed my head with a hand, i opened my eyes with shock, it was the big Werehog from earlier standing in front of me, glaring at into my eyes. I just froze looking at the big Werehog he was peach black, with red stripes, his eyes were red rubies, he was standing in 4 feet(Mostly like a dog or wolf) the Werehog was much more taller than me witch made him intimidation. The Werehog approached me and opened his mouth to reveal big jaws, I gasped, "Ahhhh!" creamed the hedgehog in panic as he was grabbed by the neck with the Werehogs jaws and lifted up, but then my feet was touching the ground, and the Werehog's jaws let go, the Werehog nuzzled on my muzzle and then took a few steps back sitting down (Mostly like a dog). There was a moment of silence between the two, I got a little closer, the Werehog just tilted his head, thinking "Strange he was frighten a few minutes ago, why didn't he ran away after I let go?" I quickly realized this was the next clone I went up to stoke him and he started growling  "Wow wow big guy easy" I said, he just stared into my eyes "Hey easy" I whispered gently to him. It was like I was hypnotizing him, "Now sit" I said, the werehog sat down, "Good boy" I said putting a hand under his chin, he started to wag his tail, I hugged his neck and cuddle cheek to cheek with him, "Oh your a big sweetheart Shadow" I said "and so are you" he replied. We both sat under the tree Shadow was lied down on his stomach and I laid down on my back on Shadow's chest, I gave him a gentle hug, I had to wrap my arms around Shadow's neck since he was a big Werehog, Shadow blushed and cuddle with my face which made me giggle cutely, Shadow smiled with his eyes half close. "Sonic would you stay with me?" asked Shadow, I blushed and let got a little so he and Shadow would look face to face, "What?" I asked, "for tonight would you stay with me?" shadow asked "of course i will" i said we arrived at a cave shadow curled up into a ball I snuggled up to him. I had my eyes closed but i wasn't not asleep, Shadow just got a little close he put a hand over me and lie his head on mine, we both blushed, I gave Shadow a little kiss on the muzzle "Good night Shadow" I said knowing he was now asleep, we both sleep the night away..… <-- for chapter 2
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hehe Shadow was acting like a puppy for a moment there. That looked so cute in my head!