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About a year ago a hedgehog named Shadow was found Dead from causes unknown, his death affected many people but it affected one person in particular that person is me. My name is Sonic the hedgehog. Me and Shadow loved each other on the day of his death i was going to propose to him. I've spent the last year and a half trying to clone my true love and today I learnt the results...

I quickly ran home to see the results of the cloning and i found my best friend tails standing there "well?" i asked impatiently Tails simply smiled and said "it worked! Shadow has been cloned...But.." "but what?" I asked "you see the machine had an error so it created four clones and each clone has a slight...difference" Tails explained "what kind of differences are we talking about? I asked "they are physical differences the first clone is just down the hallway first door on your left". I nodded and walked down the hallway to the first clone the door to the room was just a normal door I opened it and stepped inside.

The room looked like one big jungle there were even parrots as I walked around trying to find the clone i felt something wrap itself around me. I looked down and saw a crimson strecked snakes tail around my waist. Before i could react the tails dragged me up into a nearby tree i saw the preach black, red streacked naga which had the body of Shadow! I quickly realised this was one of the clones "w-wait! Shadow it's me know Your soniku!" the naga realized this and smirked he pressed his lips onto mine as i blushed heavily. I knew that me meant me no harm so i kissed him back. Shadow then broke the kiss and i heard him breath onto my face, but when i opened my eyes I saw he had his mouth wide and shove my head into it! I tried screaming, i tried punching and trashing about but the naga simply swallowed me quicker. as i landed into his stomach i tried to figure out why me ate me.

We were kissing clearly he loves me but then why do this? but i suddenly remembered something important about naga's most naga's show their love by eating their mates. I then smiled and rubbed his stomach i could feel and hear him purr in happiness. "i'm glad your here soniku" said Shadow "me too my love me too" I said then i found myself drifting off to sleep while listering to Shadow's beauteful heartbeat...I hoped that the other Clones are like this.  
A new sonadow story!!! XD I hope you like it
comment below on what you want the next clone to be
and please +fav
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Oh my gos!!h Sonic!!!

Shads: nom nom nom
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Sonic: err...hi? who are you?
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Shad: im Shadow , Your name should be delicious ain't I right.
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Good writing!
Since when did you started writing ?
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dunno I was curious why I didnt found that out earlier
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About a few days a go
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