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IcyStorm V2 (Realistic rainmeter snow)

Want a better preview of the snow effect?

Want faster wind? slower fall speed? Color? all variables are customizable!
The default number of snowflakes is set at 60. If you want to add or remove snowflakes, make sure you change the variable "NumSnowflakes".
Have multiple monitors? Just change the variables TotalScreenAreaX and TotalScreenAreaY and you're good to go.
Just don't forget to change the variables StartX and EndX to indicate the area for your snowflakes to spawn.

Technical stuff: (The stuff you shouldn't worry about unless you want to edit variables)
If you want to change the update rate under [rainmeter], you MUST change the variable UpdateRate.
Also, due to the snowflake's random speeds, you have to adjust the Lifetime variable when you change fall speed or the snowflake amount. More information inside the .ini file.
High cpu usage? Set update and UpdateRate to 32 for a 30FPS animation, or lower the amount of snowflakes.

All of the snowflake's features:
ImageTints (colored snowflakes like in this gfy:…
Falling speed
Swaying (quadratic InOut that sways particles side to side)
Wind (3 types!)

Reddit thread:

Hotfix 2.0.1: Fixed an inconvenience regarding the meter [MeterWorkArea], made it's W and H use variables that have already been set earlier in the file.  

optional Sidefix (is that a thing?) for 2.0.1: If you have particles that spawn under the screen and then flow upward, replace SnowflakeAnimator.lua with this:
This doesn't remove particles that are located under the screen.

2.0.2: fixed something stupid I missed in [MeterWorkArea]
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thank! really cool!

how can i change the snow to sakura?

where the link to dl?

thank! really cool!

it's cool in my desktop screen! woa, Thanks very much you!

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Moving my cursor on my desktop makes the snow appear really laggy. CPU and RAM percentages are fine. How do I fix?

Does someone know how to reverse the direction of the particles and have them grow up, instead of fall down?

this skin uses a lot of CPU when i'm running it on my pc. is anyone else experiencing the same issue? or is it just me

Hey, I found the issue. This skin uses a lot of CPU because of big size of snow image. Just change size of snow image, it imediately reduce lots of CPU using. Solve: You need to find skin folder (...\Skins\IcyStorm\@Resources\Images) and copy snowflakeRealistic.png then go to for resize down (recommend 8x8), then download it, replace the old one with name snowflakeRealistic.

it worked thanks man!

same i have core i3 1st gen and it runs at 70%

aww love it!!!!

how can I add this effect, I can run it :((

is it me or is it saying no file when downloading

I rlly like the snow, but will there be an update that lets the snow fall at around 144-240 fps?

Am i just dumb? When I install the icystorm I can't get it to start running. Help!

Does anyone know if i can change the color of the snow

i can't get the snow to fall from right to left, any suggestion on how to accomplish that?

Looks amazing! But mine falls for like 5 sec stops and start again. Is there way to stop that from happening like can it be a continus fall?

Hey bro,

you still active? been wondering if you could make some rainmeter particle system like where the twinkles get moved around (tried to post a yt link but it wouldnt let me post, search

Star Wars: Burying The Dead (It's Over Now) | EPIC CINEMATIC VERSION (0:00-1:00))

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