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Journal History


(Ryan and Lisa walk to the meeting room away from the other soldiers)

Lisa. "Listen carefully to me Ryan, after responding to the conflict in a parliament, which happened was dated a year back, I was told to write up an effective threat assessment to give to my superior officers. The act would suddenly involve the president of the united states. The president then realized the potential danger John's little revolution poses, and the fact he took over all of parliament in one single night. She called for immediate action to be taken forward. Now there's more bodies than I can count. Think about it, A whole joint marines team, mixed in with the Navy Seals, and your armies. Their ready to strike on site, they just need an order to do so."

Ryan. "You're planning to overthrow him with a few soldiers, or what will be left of them."

(Lisa sighs)

Lisa. "Listen old man, times have changed, if anyone will be overthrown, it will be him!"

Ryan. "Its just going to be another war."

Lisa. "It won't, if things get out of hand we can put a direct lock down on their weapons, they won't have any chance to fight back. Remember we control everything, we control the Agency."

Ryan. "I wouldn't depend on the Agency if I were you, what would happen if their weapons aren't tagged"?

Lisa. "We have them beat in sheer numbers."

Ryan. "Lisa...!"

Lisa. "Look Ryan, please leave this to me, we know what we are doing. There's no need to put yourself in any harm. Don't risk your life, especially considering what happened to the Soldier."

Ryan. (sighs)

Lisa. "Ryan, you're not on a mission from the Government are you?"

Ryan. "No, I gave up long ago... Its a personal vendetta."

Lisa. "If you know anything..."

(Ryan start to cough a splutter blood)

Lisa. "Look, I know we both have our reasons, we both have different ways of thinking. But to me, you're still a living legend, and a hero. I know about everything you did when your were in your prime. Its what kept me going, I can't bare to watch one of inspirations die like this to be corrupted by revenge."

Ryan. "Don't worry, soldiers like me never die." (Ryan coughs again)

Lisa. "Your cause is our cause, you've done your part. Let us carry on and take this bastard down. You don't have to do this."

Ryan. "I was never a hero, and I will never will be, if I'm anything, I'm only murderer that has been hiding in the shadows for so long. This is my fight, my destiny."

Lisa. "Fine, then we will have find him, before you do. I may of cared for you once, but now you're just too damn senile to face any of the truth. Wake up and face reality. Old... Man."

(Ryan's look at Lisa, only to feel even more depressed)

Lisa. "Stay out of our way!" (Lisa storms off, as she walks off she stops and hears Ryan's last words.

Ryan. "They are dead you know, all of them." (Lisa continues to walk off) 


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