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Jason, 13, clicked the green button and answered the call from his classmate, Greg. Greg's face appeared on his monitor wearing an expensive headset with a mic.
     "Are you recording?" Jason asked.
     "We're recording..." replied Greg, "... now!" He clicked the record button on his desktop recording program. A red box appeared around his screen to indicate that it was recording.
     "Ladies and gentlemen," began Greg in a low, whispering voice meant to be dramatic, "tonight, on Greg's Paranormal Show, we have a very special guest. Jason here claims to have been scratched... by a real... life... werewolf." He paused dramatically. "Tonight is the first full moon since the scratch. Jason here is gonna turn and we're gonna record the whole thing -- beginning to end, unedited, just for you, the first real recorded proof of a werewolf ever!"
     "I really hope nothing happens," Jason said in a scared voice.
     "Don't you worry, my friend." replied Greg. "I've done all the research and you have nothing to fear from changing.
     "According to my research, you will begin the transformation soon. How are you feeling?"
     "Kinda nervous."
     "That's to be expected, but fear not, for we shall make history tonight!"
     "What if it wasn't a werewolf that scratched me? What if it was just a crazy ugly dog?"
     "Then nothing will happen and we'll pretend like this recording never happened. Hey, dude, did you put your desk next to the window like I asked?"
     Jason looked over his right shoulder. A few feet behind him was a window with the shades drawn. "This is as close as I could get it. My computer needs the plug over there," he said, pointing to the plug off screen.
     "All right, dude, that's fine. Just get ready."
     "I'm ready."
     "No. You gotta take off your clothes."
     "No. I said I wasn't doing that."
     "Well, when you go wolf, your clothes will be all torn up."
     "I borrowed some stuff from my dad." Jason was wearing a white sleeveless shirt and he stood to reveal a pair of boxers large enough to be shorts. "It's way too big for me, so it should be fine. Plus, I mean, it won't really happen anyway. I'm not gonna wolf out from one little scratch... even if it was a werewolf."
     "Well, we'll see about that! If you really think nothing will happen, open that window and let's find out."
     Jason stood up and walked over to the window. He pulled on the cord and the blinds came up, letting in bright, pale moonlight. He sat back down at the computer. "Now what?"
     "Now we wait for your transformation. According to my research, it should start soon."
     Then Greg noticed Jason had started breathing through his mouth. "How you feelin', Jason?"
     "Okay," he replied casually. "Just a little warm in here."
     "Are you sure it's not the transformation?"
     "Dude, I don't really think it's gonna happen."
     "Are you sure you're not feeling ANYTHING?"
     Jason was about to say 'no' when suddenly he did feel something. He felt warmer -- warmer than before. His chest began to feel tighter -- almost smaller.
     After a few moments without a reply, Greg said, "Is it starting?" Greg straightened in his chair.
     "I don't--"
     Jason was cut off by a sudden pain in one spot between the nape of his neck and the middle of his back. He sat up straighter in his chair as his muscles began to get restless. He felt as though he suddenly needed to move around.
     "Jason? Jason!" Greg got Jason's attention. "My research says the claws on the hands are usually the first part. Feel anything there?"
     Jason began to feel shaky. He felt sweat beads roll down his sides from his armpits. Why was it suddenly so hot?
     "Jason, hold your fingers up to the camera! Your... right hand. Hold them up to the camera."
     Jason obeyed, facing the back of his hand toward the camera. "A little back and a little to my right." Jason obeyed and Greg got a clear view of Jason's fingertips. "There! Hold it right there." Jason's hand was shaking, but he managed to keep it in position, even as his breathing gradually became heavier and sweat began to pour off his skin.
     Jason used his free hand to cover his face and hold his head, leaning his elbow against the desk. He began to feel a strong pushing in his fingertips as if muscles he didn't know existed inside his fingertips were flexing. He felt it once, then twice, then the third time was long and strong. He held his breath as the imaginary muscles pushed. After a couple moments, the push ceased. He relaxed the hand on his head a bit and felt something pull gently on his fingernails and hair. He opened his eyes and looked at his hand.
     His fingernails had grown longer, particularly in the middle, by a small amount. His eyes went wide. He looked at the hand in front of the camera; the same had happened there. Greg stated wide-eyed in the Skype window. "It's happening," Greg said in an amazed whisper.
     Jason's expression turned to one of strain as another push came. He groaned as his fingernails grew out a few more millimeters before the camera, then immediately a few more after that. He pulled his hand away and stared at his fingernails. They seemed to point in the middles and appeared to have started to darken in color.
     Other parts of his body began to fidget. He felt muscles elsewhere getting ready to push. His leg muscles began to flex lightly, but he paid no attention as his fingers flexed again to point and darken his fingernails a bit more. He began to see them for what they were becoming: claws.
     "Oh, my God, it's real," said Greg, astounded.
     Jason felt fear over what was happening to him, but he had little time to contemplate that fear as his arms flexed. Claws grew out a bit more while the thin, whitish hairs on his arms began to grow.
     Another flex from his legs and he felt something furry brush up against the insides of his shins. He took a few deep breaths, pushed away from his desk, and began to inspect the floor for the culprit; however, before searching thoroughly, he found the culprit: thick hairs were growing out of his legs. They had brushed against each other.
     A suprised gasp escaped Jason's lips. "What?!" Greg begged.
     All Jason could get out was "Leg... hair... fur...". Jason reached down and grabbed his furry knee with his clawed hand.
     Then, all of a sudden, Jason felt a shooting pain in his back. It started right with that odd feeling below the nape of his neck. The odd feeling suddenly turned into the pain of a changing spine. It forced him to lean far forward across the desk, his chest against the top of the table.
     Greg watched as Jason struggled through the transformation. He muted his mic to allow the video recording to pick up the sound of the transformation instead. Listening closely, he heard low pops coming from Jason's back as his spine changed shape.
     Jason felt his vertebrae loosen below the nape of his neck with a few low pops. The shift began to slowly travel down his back, causing more pops wherever it went and gathering momentum.
     Jason squeezed his eyes shut. He gritted his teeth, baring them for the camera and Greg to watch as his incisors grew into fangs.
     As his fangs grew out, his spinal shift had gathered strength for its final move: as it reached the base of his spine, all of the stretching it had built up turned into one single point of pressure right where his coccyx lived. Through all the rest of the transformation, this was the feeling that made him cry out in pain the most. He groaned in pain through his fangs as the pressure threatened to break something.
     Meanwhile, his legs continued to grow fur while his toenails started to grow into claws as his fingernails had. His fingernails gave one last push out their full size as his hands and forearms began to grow hair.
     Short of breath now and still crying out in pain, his cries were suddenly cut short by the biggest buildup of the pressure in his lower back. It was so great that all he could do was screw his eyes shut, hold his breath, and grit his teeth until, mercifully, a big snap occurred. He let out the breath he had been holding; he felt a couple more snaps and pops shoot from that area, but the pain was mostly gone. Now what he felt instead was a new part of him, one that seemed to push against the inside of the back of his oversized boxers.
     "Are you okay?" Greg asked after temporarily unmuting his mic, concerned after that last outcry and loud series of pops.
     "That," Jason heaved, "... was... my tail." As if recognizing its name, it then stretched again. Jason could feel it for sure now -- a few inches long, following the back of his right leg down the inside of the boxers.
     Jason bared his teeth again and a low, guttural growl came from his throat as his fangs grew larger. He felt his ears brush through his hair as they began to stretch to points. He gasped as he realized what his ears were doing.
     Somewhere in the back of his mind, he remembered the camera. He turned his head to look at the wall to his right, showing the camera his pointing ears. As he did so, he also showed the light fur beginning to sprout on his face, especially on his sideburn area. His arms and shoulders grew slightly more muscular and hairy.
     His tail slowed its growth for a bit and his fangs grew out to full size. The small reprieve in which only fur was growing allowed him to say something to Greg watching and recording on the other end. "I expected the pain," he said, mildly surprised to hear that his own voice sounded deeper than before, "but what I didn't expect... is that it actually feels... kind of amazing." Through the pain, he felt stronger with every change. Though it hurt, he found that he loved feeling his biceps flex and grow and the blonde fur sprouting on his cheeks.
     Then he realized why his tail had taken a reprieve, along with much of the other hard parts of the transformation: another hard part was coming. He felt a pressure building in his jaw. He knew what came next. He kept looking toward the wall, giving the camera the side-angle view. As fur grew into a light, blonde kind of beard on his face, he awaited the pressure buildup behind his mouth and nose.
     It got greater and greater until he knew it was coming at any moment. His mouth opened, his sets of top and bottom fangs coming apart. He scrunched up his nose like he was about to sneeze until finally, the pressure was great enough that his nose and mouth cracked and popped and pushed out an inch into the start of a muzzle. He gritted his teeth and growed a low growl, fangs bared as another shift stretched the muzzle another inch.
     Greg's eyes widened. This werewolf was nearly fully transformed, muzzle and all. He was astounded by the process and how much he was getting on tape.
     Jason felt his tail start its growth cycles again. It was now long eough to be trapped between his leg and chair. He pulled himself away from the camera and stood up out of his chair. "Jason, wait!" Greg cried. Jason ignored him and stumbled out of his chair over to the wall behind him. He slammed his clawed hands against the wall, hearing the tap and light scrape of the tips of his claws on the wall.
     Jason was still in view of Greg's camera, though Jason was further away now. Also, the light on his desk they used for lighting was no longer useful; only the moonlight from the window on the camera's left provided light for recording the transformation.
     That light was more than enough, however. As Jason leaned against the back wall, moonlight shone over much of his back side, including his arms, back, legs, and head. Greg now saw that Jason's legs had almost furred over completely. He also noticed some long, curling shape moving under Jason's right boxer short leg: the tail.
     He noticed Jason's ears were poking out of his hair, growing more wolf-like. He saw Jason's spine was very apparent, his vertebrae making a clear ridge down his back from what he could see near the nape of Jason's neck where skin showed or the shirt was tight enough to see definition.
     Then the ridge began to move as the hidden tail appeared to grow longer. He watched closely as Jason's tail slowly lengthened to become large enough to stick out of the boxer shorts. It curled and swayed against Jason's furry right leg.
     As the tail continued to grow, Greg noticed the appearance of fur on the nape of Jason's neck shining as bright strands in the moonlight over the protruding vertebrae.  More glistening fur began growing in long strands from his shoulders.
     Jason then moved to the left, leaned with his hands on the windowsill, and stared straight at the full moon. Pale moonlight whitewashed his transforming body. The new angle gave a new view on his furred, slightly more muscular arms.  His muzzle had grown longer while facing away from the camera, but it was not done yet.
     He groaned and his chest pushed out both in chest cavity and pec muscle, his groan deepened and lowered in pitch. He placed a clawed, furry hand on his chest. Fur began to sprout where the shirt showed his chest. Even his dad's shirt began to feel small. He gave in to a sudden instinct; he grabbed the front of the shirt and tore it open with his claws. It fell to the ground in tatters, revealing his chest fur that had grown.
     In the dark on Jason's back, Greg also noticed a thick line of fur along Jason's spine. It spread sparsely over other parts of his back.
     Fur had spread over his face, chest, and stomach now. His ears pushed up the sides of his head through his hair to the top. His spine shifted again and his tail grew another half a foot, then immediately again it grew more. Meanwhile, fur grew thick over his back.
     Finally, as his muzzle finished growing and his fur finished thickening all over his body and his flat herbivore teeth grew to sharp points in is mouth, he had become the werewolf. A sudden instinct grabbed him; he took in a deep breath and howled a long, loud howl. He woke up the rest of his family, but the wolf didn't care. He catefly unlocked the window and slid it open. He tore the screen off with his hands and claws and jumped out it to go roam in the night.
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Cool story. I wonder what Greg is gonna do with that real live footage of a werewolf transformation. ;)
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Must say a very original vector o show off a transformation ^^
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WolfOnTheFieldHobbyist Writer
Your writing is amazing. I love the details and description of the transformation little by little. 
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Thank you. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any criticisms as well.