Halloween: an alternate ending [werewolf tf]

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   Laurie Strode and her temporary charges, Lindsey and Tommie, clambored hurriedly up the stairs as the crazed man in a mask continued to break through the front door. She rushed the screaming kids up the stairs.
   A door was cracked open in the hallway upstairs; it led to an empty bathroom. She had heard once that the bathroom is the most fortified room of any building, so she guided the kids and herself inside. She shut and locked the door.
   The crying of the little kids rang off the bathroom tiles. Laurie flicked on the lights and made her first priority calming the loud children.
   Laurie knelt close to the kids and put her hands on their shoulders for comfort. "Sshhhh", she whispered, but her own voice quivered in her throat. The air through her trachaea came uneven, destabilizing the formation that her lips made to make the shushing noise.
   Her lips slowly closed. Lindsey and Tommie watched her for guidance. Laurie's lower lip quivered, but she pulled it back to press into it with her front teeth in order to calm the kids and come up with a plan.
   From downstairs, a dull, rhythmic banging echoes as the psycho in a mask smashed through the door.
   She took another deep breath. Her gaze mets Lindsey and Tommy's. She accentuated her breathing movements, indicating that they should follow her lead. She took another slow, deep breath and Lindsey and Tommy followed suit. At the end of the exhale, Lindsey took in a quick breath, her mouth open to speak. Laurie quickly removed her hand from Lindsey's shoulder and put her finger on the little girls lips. She shushed her gently. Then she returned her hard to Lindsey's shoulder and they all took a few more deep breaths together. She gently pushed their shoulders down and they sat. Lindsey sat on the toilet; Tommy sat on the floor across from her.
   "The police will be here very soon," she whispered. "All we need to do is wait."
   The impacts downstairs came softer and more quickly; some sounded like footsteps. He was inside.
   Laurie scanned the room for a weapon or a plan. There was a small bathroom window; maybe they could escape through it.
   The window was completely white with a slight blue tint. She looked more closely and realized that the blue moon, the first on Halloween in many years, covered the window. That didn't seem right; how could the moon look so huge?
   "See that window?" she whispered. The children followed her gaze. "That's our way out if we need to run."
   "Is he the Bogeyman?" Tommy asked, recalling the Halloween stories that he told to Laurie earlier.
   Laurie shook her head. "No," she whispered. "There's no such thing. He's just some... guy in a mask." She resisted the urge to swear.
   Laurie continued to stare out the window.
   "But the Mexican Wolf Man is real," Tommy said, recalling his other story from earlier that night.
   Both Lindsey and Laurie shushed him. Lindsey's shush was louder than it needed to be. "There are no real monsters like those," Laurie said. "We'll be fine."
   Laurie's eyes never left the moon. Her eyes studied its details, which stood out in sharp relief before her on its impossibly large surface.
   Suddenly, she felt something hit her in the chest. She took a moment to realize that nothing had hit her, but her heart was pounding. It felt like someone was thumping a mallet against her sternum. Her mouth was dry. She heard the man's footsteps downstairs searching for them. She heard sirens in the distance. There might not be enough time for the cops to arrive.
   Then something came over her. The beating in her chest sped up. Her eyes squeezed shut and she gritted her teeth in pain as her while body tensed.
   A few seconds through the pain, she managed to open her eyes to see the children staring at her worriedly. "Stop. You're hurting," Lindsey said. That's when Laurie looked at her hands on their shoulders and saw the changes beginning.
   Her hands seemed bigger somehow. Her nails had darkened in color and even as she watched, been were growing longer and darker. She realized that she was squeezing their small shoulders and removed her hands from the kids.
   She breathed loudly through her mouth, scared and confused. Pain sprouted in various places in her body. Whatever was happening you her body, she tried to hold it back. As muscles tensed, she tried to force them to relax. The pain and tension grew quickly; she knew that she couldn't hold it for long.
   With little idea what to do, she told the kids, "Close your eyes".
   She squeezed her own eyes shut as pain grew in her arms, her back, her mouth, and many other places. She put her knees on the bathroom floor and say doubled over on her heels, her hands grabbing her upper arms. "Are they closed?" she asked through a heavy groan and gritted teeth.
   Both kids closed their eyes. Lindsey nodded and quietly said, "Yeah". Tommy nodded.
   "Tommy?" Laurie asked with strain in her voice that Tommy wrongly perceived as anger.
   "Yeah," he responded quickly.
   Laurie let the changes happen. All over her body, various muscles flexed painfully. She hugged herself hard. She groaned.
   Most of the pain softened in a few seconds and she realized how close to the kids she was groaning. She got to her feet and grabbed the edges of the bathroom sink. The pale porcelain inside the sink let her see her thumbs better in the dark. She saw and realized that her fingernails were growing into sharp black claws.
   Her skinny jeans with a hole in one knee were getting painfully tight over her thighs and bottom. The button in the front pressed into her skin. She reached for the button and fumbled momentarily as her claws caught on the fabric. She lifted her palms to her face and saw her claws, fully grown and black and sharp. They were a part of her. She had claws. Her mind was racing.
   The jeans pressed so hard into her thighs that she knew it would leave a denim pattern on her skin. Her calves also began to press against the inside of her jeans. She tried the button again. As she freed the button from its notch, her legs involuntarily flexed. She groaned as her now muscular legs tore through the worn, but strong denim. The jeans split on the tops and bottoms of her thighs. She unzipped the jeans and quickly unrolled them off her thick thighs down to her knees before any more damage could be done. She pulled the ends of the pants over her now huge calves and stepped out.
   She stared at her legs in awe; they were huge and toned and muscular. She put her hands on her right thigh to confirm that she wasn't just seeing odd shadows on her legs in the dark, moonlit bathroom, but she could feel the rock hard quadriceps under her clawed fingers.
   She felt a tickle crawl over her because and begin traveling down her legs. She bent into a squatting position -- amazed at how easy it was with her new strength -- and reached you grab the underside of her thighs. She immediately felt something soft: fur. Fur spread over the backs of her thighs. It spread with a burning tickle.
   Just above her bottom, a focal point of pain was created. She leaned against the sink again and groaned loudly through gritted teeth, startling Tommy, who opened his eyes.
   The beginning of a tail sprouted painfully out of Laurie's lower back with a series of cracks and pops from the bottom of her spine. Her vertebrae shifted under her skin to stretch and split into more to grow her new tail. From her lower back up, the shifting bones made a bumpy ridge under her shirt all the way to the nape of her neck.
   Tommy stared in awe. "You're the Mexican Wolf Man?!" he whispered in amazement.
   Laurie's gaze snapped over to him. "Close your eyes!" she said angrily. "I'm changing!" She said it reflexively. She meant it as if she was changing clothes, but she was correct in more senses than one.
   Tommy closed his eyes. "... and he's the Bogeyman," he whispered to himself.
   That's when she realized that her body was doing this for a reason. She had two innocent children to protect. Maybe he was the Bogeyman... and if he was truly a monster, they needed another monster to take him down.
   Laurie's tight shirt slid gently and slowly over her skin as her upper body changed. Her muscles stretched and flexed. Her chest felt pressed against her as her back muscles began to grow. She grabbed the sink again and squeezed the countertop as her arms and shoulders flexed and grew muscle under her long-sleeved shirt. Her arms flexed again, throwing bulging curves into her forearms and her biceps. Her shirt's thin fabric stretched over her bulking arms. A needle-like sensation crawled down her arms as, she guessed, fur began to push through her skin against the tight fabric. It flowed quickly down her biceps and forearms to her hands, which she watched grow larger and saw blonde fur cover the backs.
   She was momentarily frightened when her shoulders pulled apart from each other, broadening her upper body. This pulled her shirt sleeves up her forearms as more fabric stretched to keep her shoulders covered, uncovering her enlarged forearms with thickening fur on top and thick veins on the underside.
   She tired of her shirt holding her back. She grabbed it in the middle around her abdomen and tore it open. Fabric stretched in her hands easily. Her claws put pinpoints of pressure on the material, making it shred even more easily in her enlarged hands. The shirt tore open, exposing her midriff and bra.
   Her hands shook as she carefully lowered them to her tight stomach, taking care that her strong arms didn't push her claws into her soft, still human skin. As she felt her own skin, her abdominal muscles tensed and began to grow, tightening her abdomen even more. Blonde fur sprouted in a vertical line up her middle. Her midsection grew thick with defined muscle. Her hunched over pose over her hardening abs made it feel like a piece or plate armor was taking over her stomach region.
   As her shirt sleeves finally burst, unable to contain her growing fur and muscle, she groaned with pleasure, surprising herself. She was terrified -- both of the man with the knife downstairs and herself with her own deadly weapons coming out of her body. She felt her mind slipping into something less analytical and controlled. She felt animal desires growing to bite and maul and kill and eat. She believed that she should not take pleasure in her loss of humanity like this... but she could not deny the fact that her newfound incredible power felt amazing. Her thick new muscles rubbed against the parts of her body with every tiny movement, reminding her of their presence. Every shift on her feet or move of her hands felt so easy. She felt like she could year the countertop she was gripping -- sink and all -- from its resting place and throw it without so much as a grunt of effort.
   By this point, the thick blonde fur covered her legs down to her ankles. As her legs completed their changes, her feet began theirs. With a sharp pain inside the arches of her feet, they began to reshape, angling her toes so that her heels rose off the ground. Laurie leaned on the countertop as her balance shifted. Then as her glutes grew and tightened, her tail just above grew longer, causing a cascade of vertebrae shifting up her spine. Her mind amplified the pain as she heard the clicking and clacking coming from her back. Her tail and feet grow in conjunction, steadily shifting her balance into a new stable position.
   Her upper torso began growing and growing as her chest muscles and her shoulder muscles and even back muscles that she didn't know existed all shifted and expanded. She watched in the mirror in horror... or so she expected. The thought that instead crossed her mind was that she still looked so feminine even with all this muscle. She even thought that she looked attractive and seriously considered getting a gym plan after this was all over.
   Then she remembered the crazed murderer downstairs. There might not be an "after this was all over" for her and these poor kids... yet she knew that there would be. This power that the moon was giving her was far beyond what some crazy guy in a mask had. She knew it. She knew that she would fight him and that she would win.
   Over her expanding torso grew fur. Fur sprouted over her ridged back with wavy muscles and over her now round shoulders. She thought for a moment that her neck was shortening, but then realized that it was her trapezius thickening and growing fur that was making her neck look smaller.
   "Laurie," Lindsey said softly, her voice cracking. Laurie could tell that she was about to cry.
   "It's okay," said Laurie, her voice deeper than usual. Tommy and Lindsey both opened their eyes and looked up at Laurie. Lindsey put her arms up and leaned away in the toilet seat that she sat upon when she saw how Laurie had changed.
   Laurie smiled at the two, trying to instill confidence. "We'll be fine," she said as her fangs began to grow in.
   Lindsey screamed. Tommy hit her knee lightly. "No, Lindsey, stop!" he yelled.
   Laurie had hardly reacted to the scream because it was so loud that it hurt her head. She hadn't noticed that her ears had already pointed and were becoming more sensitive.
   The murderer was sure to have heard that. "Close your eyes," she told them both with more of a growling she to her voice then she intended. They complied. Lindsey was clearly terrified; Tommy seemed okay, possibly because he was just thinking he was in a classic children's monster story where good prevails. "We'll be okay, Lindsey," Laurie said.
   She turned back to the mirror. She saw her fangs. She felt them with her tongue and was excited by what she felt. She was so excited that she wanted more sharp teeth to tear into things -- things like the real monster downstairs. Then she realized how she would get more teeth: her mouth would get bigger.
   As of on cue, certain spots around her mouth and nose experienced a mysterious pressure. Some of those spots loosed dull pops that reverberated through her skull. She felt her nasal passages widening, allowing her breaths to come faster and deeper through her nose. Cold air chilled the inside of her nose as it rushed in. She saw some subtle bulging begin to occur around her mouth and nose. She was so close. She wanted it.
   Her nose seemed to slide down her face for a moment. No, she realized, that want what was happening. Her nose pushing out, stretching away from her face, along with her upper and lower jaws. It made a series of popping and tearing sounds as it formed the beginning of her muzzle.
   Her body shook from strain, yet she felt wild strength pumping through her veins. As she raised her hands, she felt her new muscles rub against one another: her bulging biceps rubbed fur roughly against the fur on her forearms and the sides of her chest. The muscles in her upper back shifted over one another as her shoulders lifted just slightly while her clawed hands continued their ascent.
   She placed her hands on her cheeks. Her pinky and ring fingers touched her muzzle. Her palms felt something prickly: thick hairs had started to sprout on her cheeks. Her jawline grew fur thickest and fastest with her cheeks covering almost as quickly. Her ears stretched behind her thumbs, their pointing tips brushing against her blonde hair. Fur grew to cover the nape of her thickened neck.
   Hearing Lindsey sobbing softly off to her side only made her want her new fangs more. She would save them all. Her muzzle cracked under her fingertips for another couple of seconds.
   A short reprieve enabled her to catch her breath. She took a few deep breaths through her mouth before clenching her teeth. Just before she lifted her fingers, her chin and nose stretched forward once more. As that growth spurt concluded, she gently removed her hands so that she could see her muzzle in progress. It was short for now and covered in fine fur along with the rest of her face. She slowly curled her lips back. They stretched far all the way down the length of her half-grown muzzle, exposing her gums filled with sharp, triangular teeth.
   She growled and her muzzle grew longer, allowing her teeth to come in more. She squeezed her eyes shut and turned her head down as her ears moved up the sides of her head and her face finally completed its transformation.
   The last patches of poking sensations from growing fur faded from her body as it completed its growth, completely covering her skin.
   She opened her eyes and looked in the mirror. Her eyes met the refletion of her golden eyes. She levelled her sharp-toothed maw at the mirror and exposed her sharpened teeth. Almost involuntarily, a low growl echoed from the depths of her chest.
   The sobs of a little girl met her now sensitive ears. Her head snapped in the direction of the pathetic sound, her teeth bared and ready to tear into flesh. Her elongated tongue touched her left teeth, the roof of her mouth, then her front teeth, then the roof of her mouth again. She could almost taste blood on her tongue now.
   Her rational mind asserted itself and turned her monstrous self toward the bathroom door. She allowed her lips to close. She slowly reached for the small round doorknob. As she grasped it, her sensitive ears picked up some dull, rhythmic thumps outside the door down the hall. Her toes on which she stood in her new digitigrade stance sensed a soft vibration in the floor.
   She breathed deeply.
   She grasped the doorknob. It felt like a cheap toy in her powerful hands. Her turned it, hearing every metal piece slide in the latch. The door swung open with such ease that she had to verify with her eyes that it had, in fact, opened. For a fraction of a second, she stood, feeling her stance and her power. She took a cautious step into the hall.
   That's when a step faltered to her side. The heavy step landed with a thump. She turned her head and in the darkness that scarcely seemed dark anymore, she saw him. Michael Myers, the psycho in the mask, stood staring at her through eye holes cut in the rubber.
   She felt no fear. Her eyes met his. Her lips peeled back to reveal her fangs.
   Laurie Strode gently leaned forward and landed lightly on her clawed hands. Her strong arms bent to cusion her landing. Her transformed feet fell comfortably into position. She reared back, feeling the muscles in her legs go taught like springs. Her eyes widened in excitement.
   Michael Myers did not move to defend himself.
   Laurie leapt, maw open wide and seeking flesh.
Happy Halloween!
I thought I would do something a bit different, so I wrote this thing. It takes place in the first remake of Halloween with Laurie and the kids. I tried to get the details right, but I honestly don't know the movie that well, so my sincere apologies if I messed up any of the details and feel free to let me know.
This is also my first full, detailed female werewolf transformation. I hope you enjoy!

P.S.: I did keep Mature Content out of this one, but I'm likely to write another that will be for "mature" audiences only.
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