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     Dominic's 18th birthday came on a Saturday, but more importantly, on the night before a full moon. He knew that one of his friends, Tyler, and a couple of his friends were werewolves. He did not ask for gifts from his friends on his birthday normally, but he asked one thing of Tyler: he wanted Tyler to take him with the pack tonight and change him into a werewolf.
     The next evening at 7:00, Tyler drove by to get him. They picked up his other two werewolf friends; they would ask who he was and he would tell them he would be changing for the first time tonight with them. They all drove out for a good 45 minutes to a remote patch of forest. Tyler parked behind a patch of trees thick enough to hide the vehicle from the road if anyone drove down it.
     Nearing 8:00, all four passengers exited the vehicle. Tyler and his friends began unbuttoning their shirts; Dominic asked him what to do. Tyler told him plainly to take his clothes off. He considered making a joke, but was honestly nervous and decided against it.
     Tyler and the others were ready; Dominic had stripped down to his boxers. He saw the others were bare, but was too embarrassed to pull them off.
     "You ever heard of a werewolf running around in boxers?" Tyler asked him rhetorically. "They gotta go, too." This gave Dominic pause; "Don't worry," Tyler said, "there are no women here, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about." His friends laughed.
     Dominic turned around and faced the car. He slipped off his boxers and kicked them aside. His bare back faced the three werewolves.
     "That reminds me," Tyler said, "you'll probably be a bit hairier after this in general. Just remember that."
     "Yeah, I remember you growing that chin thing like 3 years ago," Dominic replied.
     "Yeah, right? Just 15... and my family isn't even that hairy, so for someone like you with that happy trail, you'll probably have quite a bit of hair on your chest after tonight. Don't worry, though, ladies like it."
     "I heard that," said Tyler's other friend who did have chest hair.
     Tyler looked up at the full moon. He took a couple deep breaths. "About time, yeah?" he told his friends. "Yep" one replied; "Let's do it," said the other.
     "Just relax," Tyler told Dominic. "I'm gonna scratch your back once I get my claws here, okay? Then you'll start to change."
     "That's all it takes?"
     "That's it."
     Tyler took a few more deep breaths. Then Dominic, still facing toward the car, began to hear Tyler groan lightly behind him. The changes were beginning. He turned his head enough to see what Tyler was doing. Tyler held his right arm in his left hand and was concentrating on it. Tyler was trying to focus on growing claws with which to scratch Dominic to change him. Dominic watched as Tyler's arm hair grew thicker on his forearms. Tyler flexed his arms and it grew faster, spreading up a bit toward his biceps.
     Dominic looked at his own blonde arm hair in the moonlight, imagining that happening to him. He found it hard to imagine, though soon he wouldn't have to leave it up to imagination.
     He felt a few light pokes on the back of his right shoulder.  There were four. Tyler stood behind him and Dominic realized that he felt Tyler's claws on his back.
     "Last chance," Tyler said.
     "Do it," Dominic replied without hesitation.
     Tyler's claws cut four shallow cuts along his back. Dominic flinched at the pain. He felt the blood from the wounds begin to collect in the middle of his back into a few drops.
     "See you when you're a wolf," Tyler said. "Welcome to the pack."
     Tyler walked a short distance away to continue his transformation. Dominic stayed where he was feeling a slight burning sensation coming from his lacerations.
     The night was cool, and he was especially cold standing naked outside. However, it wasn't long before he began to feel warmer. His body temperature began to rise. A drop or two of blood ran down his back from his wounds. His heart rate increased, making his cuts bleed a bit more.
     He was beginning to feel frightened. What if he didn't survive? No; Tyler would have told him if there was any risk of death. What if his girlfriend asked about the sudden appearance of chest hair? Maybe he might have to shave it at first so as not to arouse suspicion? Then again, who would think he might have become a werewolf? Werewolves don't exist in the minds of most.
     Then his stomach got tense. He leaned with his hands on the car. He was sweating now and breathing heavily. He put his elbows on the car and held his head in his hands. What if his girlfriend ever saw him change? How could he explain this?
     His stomach began to feel worse. Muscles all over his body began to flex without his action. His back felt tight and his arms felt sore.  His breathing steadily became heavier until his sweaty chest was heaving in and out.
     He looked up at the full moon. Like Tyler, now, he was going to look to it for this. In the full moon, he would see himself changing into the werewolf that he was about to become.
     Then he suddenly groaned as his back and shoulders grew tight and sore. His upper back muscles began to shift and grow. He groaned through his heavy breathing as his back began to change beneath Tyler's claw marks.
     He fell to his hands and knees in the sticks and pine needles of the forest floor. He groaned as changes began and pulled bundles of sticks and pine needles into his fists. He screwed his eyes shut for a moment as his back and arms tensed, then reopened them a moment later. He looked at his shaking arms and watched as what he could not imagine minutes ago began to happen before his eyes: his blonde forearm hair began to grow. He felt it as a light tickle on his skin accompanied by a small poking sensation as the hairs pushed out from under his skin.
     His arms tensed again and the hairs grew a bit longer and thicker on his forearms and the backs of his hands. Then he felt his fingernails begin to grow. He clenched his fists tightly and saw his thumb nails beginning to grow longer and sharper. One push and they were a few millimeters longer.
     Though he was unaware, his eyes turned yellow.
     Then he cried out as his back suddenly cracked painfully. His tight back muscles felt as though they were fighting the changes in his bones.  His spine formed ridges down his back. The bone plates in his back began to slide in toward the center and become more prominent.
     His arm hair began to spread up his arms. His biceps and triceps flexed and blonde hair began to grow out of his skin there.
     His feet ached and stretched, his heels pushing up toward the night sky. His already thick blonde leg hair began to grow out.
     His vertebrae stretched and forced his back into an arch. The ridges down his back grew taller and were visible all the way down to the spot just above his buttocks.  His arm hair continued to grow out. He uncurled his fists to put his hands palm down on the ground. He now saw all his fingernails and noticed that they had all grown longer and had begun to come to points.
     "I know this part sucks," said Tyler from behind him. "The tail is the hardest part. The best thing to do is just to push it and get it over with. Try to straighten your back."
     He listened and obeyed. His back, currently forced into a tall arch, was shaped by his stretching spine that would become his tail. So, to relieve the pressure, he tried to straighten his posture. Pressure mounted at the bottom of his spine. As he straightened more, the pain and the pressure grew. He breathed heavily through his mouth as he tried to push through this part. He gritted his teeth and pulled hard, trying to use his stomach and back muscles to pull down the middle of his spinal arch. He groaned loudly until he felt and heard a loud snap. Much of the pain was suddenly relieved.  Moments later, his spine shifted and most of the pain was gone. That's when he felt his tail for the first time, currently a nub a few inches long coming out of the bottom of the small of his back.
     His toenails began to grow out while his fingernails finished growing out into sharp claws. His blonde leg hair grew easily into thicker fur which began to spread over his buttocks.
     Then he felt his ears move his hair around as they began to come to points. The blonde hair on the back of his neck began to grow thick. It began to spread across his shoulders.
     His biceps and triceps flexed and grew in size. His forearms were now nearly covered in a layer of fur, which then began spreading up his arms, especially the backs of them.
     "Good, now howl," he heard one of Tyler's friends say. "It helps. Do it."
     Dominic stretched his neck out as he looked up toward the moon. He took a breath and howled quietly for a bit. "Come on," said Tyler's friend, who then proceeded to walk over. It seemed that Tyler and his friends had already transformed. "You can do better than that," he said.
     As his shoulder blades shifted again to form sharp ridges on his back, blonde fur began to sprout along his spine. His spine continued to shift and stretch, growing his tail out behind him. His chest and stomach began to feel tighter.
     He stretched out his neck and tried howling again. This time it was slightly louder, but still quiet. Fur began to augment his regular and reverse happy trails.
     As his second howl attempt ended, his mouth remained open as his incisors began growing out into fangs. More fur sprouted on his stomach and began to spread to his chest. His back shifted again and blonde fur began to show on his shoulders.
     He let his head droop as he breathed through his fanged mouth. A low groan came from his throat as his sideburns began growing out and his fangs grew larger.
     His ears had stretched and become pointed. They began to move up the sides of his head. His couple-days-old scruffy facial hair began to grow out. His feet stretched and grew to reshape his legs.
     He then reached up and put his right hand on the car. He heard and felt his claws on the old metal of the hood. He stretched out his neck and looked up at the moon. Blonde fur spread from his face down his neck and onto his chest.
     He took a deep breath, looked at the full moon, and howled long and loud. A moment later, Tyler and his werewolf friends joined in the howl. As the fur on his face and chest grew, Dominic felt a shift in his lower jaw. It was soon accompanied by a pressure behind his nose and mouth. He knew what was happening.
     He bared his fangs at the moon and shut his eyes. The pain and pressure grew until with a series of cracks, his muzzle pushed out about an inch. He opened his eyes and his mouth. A few more pops and cracks gradually stretched his muzzle out. As his face finished changing, so did his body where his blonde fur had finally covered everything. His tail had stretched to a few feet in length and, though he could be wrong, he felt like his muscles were a bit bigger.
     "Congrats," said Tyler.
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A fine story, wonderful descriptions, and a grand plot
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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.