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My dearest watchers and supporters,

I apologize for the lack of content and the inactivity over the past few years.

My life has changed, but my interest in tickling and art is just as strong as back when I started.

After not touching a pen for a couple of years I must say that my creativity and skills have left me. I wish to return one day again but I can't say when it will happen.

Keep your eyes open for that one day when I will return with a fresh comeback. ;)

Many thanks for all the support over the years and take care.


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I'm glad you are back. You were one of my inspirations to give this whole fetish art thing a try.

TheHunter1338's avatar

that's great to hear :D

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Always a favorite! Glad to see you poking around again. Don't imagine you'll get any complaints if you dip back in with posts of any variety. Hope the years have been good!

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No worries dude. We'll be here when you return. =)
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Welcome back! :D 
TheHunter1338's avatar

Oh we had fantastic times. How are you doing nowadays?

BlueJoneleth's avatar
I'm fine. Still the same. :D 
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It is great to hear from a legend thought to be lost.

Nonetheless, thank you for checking back in. I hope the changes in your life have been good changes.

And trust me, we will wait for you to return to art with the patience of a saint.

TheHunter1338's avatar

I wouldn't call myself a legend, there's many better artists out there.

Yes, my life is going well, I can say!

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Who would you consider a legend in the foot art/foot tickling community then?

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Does it mean we can expect some new art ? I can't wait ;)
TheHunter1338's avatar

not yet, at least

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Still nice to hear from you
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Just take your time and enjoy yourself. Then fun is guaranteed.

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It comes and goes. Still - I do hope you end up sticking around!
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Thanks for giving us the recent post. Life does fly by pretty quickly doesn't it?
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Hope you return, I loved your art, great to hear from you!
FuckFrags's avatar
Amen, welcome back friend. ♥️
dasnowwarrior's avatar
At last, the hero who wields the pen that draws tickle art has awakened 
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Good to hear from you again,

No, GREAT To hear from you again!!!

Maybe while you're refining your drawing technique, you could try your hand at writing/tickling fiction? :D
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Take your time, you can't rush these things.

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I do miss your art a lot.
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