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A piece I've finished a couple of weeks (?) ago already, but never posted.

Enjoy this young wench getting a good dose of public humiliation, perhaps she shouldn't be so bold next time ;)
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Now that ticklee really has some smooth soles for a stocked prisoner.

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They were scrubbed clean at some point ;)

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The Hooded Tickler might become one of my favourite fantasy character

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Man, the shape of the feet you draw, for me they are perfect !! Congratulations...😍😍😍😍😍

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I love her long soles :)

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Oh renfair stuff is the best!
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fingers between toes? :) how nice of her to warm her up with a footmassage <3

just saw the fingers digging into the sole ... damn those must be soft :O

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I always love your work! Your girls just are expressive and your scenarios creative!

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Simply amazing, I love how the fingers of the tickler are marked on the victim's foot.

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Oooh you made her wear a collar! That's awesome! I love collars!

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I love it is excellent

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You just depicted a favorite fantasy of mine. In fact, I was discussing this exact scenario with someone here a little while ago. Have you been eavesdropping?

Judging by the ensemble of our poor maiden she is owned by someone high on the pecking order, pink and purple outfit suggests a princess or a dutchess of particular importance. The tormentor might be a stranger who was just passing through but more likely it's said royal going incognito to give her thrall some personal attention.

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I thought this was Rapunzel at first glance haha great work nonetheless

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this is so beautiful :)

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Yes! Great scenario. 😁

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