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Teasing a Teaser

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Not my fault you're teasing others with those ankle tight jeans and sandals, right... right?

Check the video of the progress here:…


More attempts at trying different dynamics and styles. Your feedback is important to me!
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I love her toering... and of cours, her soft sensitive soled😉

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Very glad you enjoy it :)

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Ahhhh, toe rings are a nice treat~

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Personally I'd prefer barefeet or loose sandals with baggy/flared jeans, give a more hippie/flowerchild appearance... ;)

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Not sure if that's supposed to tickle or scratch...either way, very juicy! :hump:

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Well at least she doesn't confine her tootsies in sweat absorbing converse shoes without socks. :)

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I was a little surprised by the white outline at first, but I like it! Adds a nice pop to the picture, and draws attention to the lee. I like what you did with the lineart too, all sketchy and lively. Although, I would personally refine the library just a tiny bit.

Overall, a fantastic piece as always! I don't know how you manage to make art that's better than the last time you were consistently online! Keep up the great work dude!

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She's got that itch ya just love to scratch!! Sorry... couldn't help myself lol... Lovin' everything about this one! She is a cutie, that's for sure! Great work.

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Nice and strappy ones, no less! How utterly suggestive! She knows precisely well what it is she's been doing, and she wholly deserves this! It can barely be called torture; this is really, if anything, proper tribute and indulgence in what she has silently been begging for this entire time ;)

Her spirited refusal to surrender warms my cockles. And her long feet are the stuff of dreams!

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thanks so much for that enjoyable comment :D

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My pleasure, bud! Thanks for sharing this beautiful work!

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Another beautiful piece, you're an amazing artist.

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Awesome dude!

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i like it is a good job

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Holy cow, this is super brilliant. The perspective, the expression, the sense of struggle, all on point. But what is really killing it is how you were able to incorporate color into your style to enhance the composition. Remember our conversation a few days ago about expanding your skill set without losing your original style? THIS IS IT! You found that happy medium!. The sketchiness combined with the choppy outline of the girl make her squirming seem more pronounced. And the blending of colors give an obvious cartoon figure depth and actual personality. I think you're on to something big. 5 stars.

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ooooooo yesssss! i love barefeet/sandals plus tight jeans!! <3 <3 also i love the wrinkles on the clothing! your clothes always look so nice :D

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thank you, lovely combo huh :D

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ooo yess one of the best!! and you're super welcome :D

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Fantastic! Huge fan of traces on the skin. :)

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Mph, I loooove those red soles! And her expression is adorable!
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