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Racked - Remastered

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This is kind of a remaster of an older one I've done in my early times.
Check it out:…
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I Love this scenario!~ Do more like this hun!~ <3

restif's avatar

Great rack/tickling scene! Super perspective on this too!

HeadlessRooster's avatar

I'm happy you're making art again

imomckenzie's avatar

Yep, she will be a few inches taller when this is over. And a little flustered 😄 x

cornybr's avatar

Uauuuu.... very really!! Amazing....😍😲

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AnStep's avatar

You're a master in tickle art!

BorisFedorov's avatar

I'm glad that the remake picture is of it's own identity over some lazy tracing of the original. ;) :clap:

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Jeffry33's avatar

I want to see more, it's great

Tomduchek's avatar

honestly i wouldnt see it as a remaster because its a second great pic of a simmilar situation :)

i couldnt decide which i enjoy more

pete941's avatar

I mean, the rack is the perfect tickle-torture device, right?

SpicyNachoCheese's avatar

I’m glad to have you back, these new pieces have been great! If you ever want to collaborate please send me a Note. ❤️

GhostOfGruenwald's avatar

Interesting perspective on this one. She looks like she is sweating round 2 (3? 4? 10? 50?)

TheHunter1338's avatar

who knows! she certainly doesn't count anymore ;)

february7's avatar
This is great! I really, really like your new style, dude! It’s not so different that your old works look bad or that the new stuff is unrecognizable, but it’s clearly a more refined take on it. Love it!
TheHunter1338's avatar

thanks dude, really appreciate it :D check discord at some point!

february7's avatar
Oh shoot I will! I had completely forgotten about it haha... it’s on my render machine, so I’m not usually sitting at that one.
Geranio342's avatar

Imho this is more like a reimagination than a remaster

TheHunter1338's avatar

I guess, I wasn't sure what to call it

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Well yeah, this is an ideal date. Take a girl out for a dinner, show her your rack, tie her to it, oil her soles, tickle her silly and then just cuddle. :)

TheHunter1338's avatar

think you forgot a little part that happens somewhere between the tying up and tickling ;)

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