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Don't mess with the forest

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Well, well, well. How shall I explain this.

It's been solid 4 years since my last activity. Thought I'd give this a shot again - not sure what to think of it!
Trying some new tools and stuff. You can definitely tell I'm out of practice.
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Is the tickler supposed to be Native American?

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I don't really think when I'm doing characters, so I guess I can say no

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I'll tell you what to think of it: You haven't lost a step- in fact, you've gained several!

Your trademark playful atmosphere is as present as ever, but the antagonism of the torture is HEAVILY sold by abundance of bondage, and the elaborate way you've strung it all together! Your damsel looks like such a cute little ginger-next-door, and probably not even capable of escaping a simple coiling of rope. But, that didn't stop you from breaking out thick wooden stocks, pulleys and rope to suspend those pretty pink soles comfortably high for the mellow hippie lass. Her gentle tickling is mesmerizing, like a savant playing their piano with seemingly no effort behind the symphony they create. I bow to you, sir.

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you just made my day, thank you a lot!

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You're mighty welcome, my friend!

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Yo-- I thought you were gone for good- welcome back!

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thank you, i thought so as well :D

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welcome back! :) your art is great as always :thumbsup:

since you've been gone... we we're eclipsed :( lol

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Dude! I can't believe you're back from 4 years, I missed ya. It's good to see you here again.

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thank you! i'm glad to be back

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You’ve really been gone that long?! It just feels like yesterday i last saw your art. Either way glad to have you back.

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yup, more or less 4 years

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Glad to see you back at it!

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Woo! Another great artist makes a comeback!

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who are the others?

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KingRiek started posting again too

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Just as great as your last post! Welcome back!

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Oh my gosh welcome back!!!

I soo missed getting to see the stuff you make! This turned out real nice and i so look forward to seeing what you put out next! <3

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trying my best :D

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