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Undead Flower Girl

"Cloud.... Why didn't you use a Phoenix Down on me?"

Yea, a few of you suggested a zombie/dead Aeris for a Halloween costume. I don't think I want to do it for Halloween, but I DID want to do it, at least just go dress up and take photos like a whore. :P

I think I'm going to do a costume suggestion from my journal every weekend until Halloween. Next up for sure will be a Sith Lord. ;P
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wooooow.... I like it a lot!
Metallicat180's avatar
I don't know whether to love this, or to be totally creeped out by it.

We'll go with awesome I think!
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That is creepily awesome...or the other way around? Heh, cool.
thehotmageaeris's avatar
My gut instinct tells me that there's a cursed video tape for her to come out of :P
thehotmageaeris's avatar
I think she misplaced it in someone's movie collection...

Uh oh...
Keychain1900's avatar
thehotmageaeris's avatar
Thank you kindly! :D
xChancex's avatar
Whoa. Very cool yet very creepy! 8O
thehotmageaeris's avatar
Thank you, I like being creepy. :P
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oh fuck! D:

KlownDogg's avatar
That's flippin' sweet!
thehotmageaeris's avatar
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Coming out of the water was a great idea! It adds to the overall creepiness of the photos!

It reminded me of a scene from the movie Creepshow... Where the guy kills the couple on the beach in the water and they come back as soaking wet zombies! :D
thehotmageaeris's avatar
Lol, thank you! Did they make a sequal to Creepshow? I think I may have seen like one of them if they did... Where it's a house and these teens each get sucked into a horror show display things made of wax, but they come to life in whatever world they're from. :P
KlownDogg's avatar
They made 2 sequels, actually... Creepshow and Creepshow 2 were really good... Creepshow 3 was HORRIBLE!

As far as the people getting sucked into wax or whatever... that was not in any of the Creepshows... that wounds like this movie called Waxworld or something like that...
thehotmageaeris's avatar
I saw it years ago, but now I want to watch these... :3
*goes out to rent them*
KlownDogg's avatar
Creepshow 2 is worth checking out for sure!

Creepshow 3 is not worth the money!
thehotmageaeris's avatar
Downloading the first two right now. :P
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Holy crap, that is freakin' freaky and spooky! Well done! I like this picture! Definately a fave!
thehotmageaeris's avatar
Thank you kindly! :D
TyrineCarver's avatar
GASP! :noes: A Sith Lord be next?!?! After a zombie Aeris?!?! : O What have I been missing while I was busy at school?! Such awesome, it 'splodes mine eyeballz!!
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