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Hi! If you're here, that means you probably are, or have once been interested in reading H Hog's "The Horror" comic.
That, or you just stumbled in here by accident.

Either way, hello! I'm H Hog, and I'm the one who makes these comics!

The Horror is a comic which, from its outset around late 2001 (if I recall right), has centered itself around the Moogle Cavern community, up until the site's shutdown. However, even to those who never visited the place frequently (or at all), many of the jokes are probably able to be understood well enough.
And if they're not, then I'll at least do my best to explain everything in the comic's caption!
Feel free to ask me anything you'd like me to explain if something goes over your head.

Anyway... since the Moogle Cavern shut down, and my own website doesn't readily offer any viewers a way to comment on the comics individually, I started archiving them over here at DeviantArt.
All comics in the regular The Horror series can be found in here, and I'll probably post up the side-comics and guest-comics in here eventually, as well.

Now, since the Moogle Cavern only exists nowadays in the memories of its visitors, one might wonder what this comic's going to be about from now on.
Well, for one thing, while the place is gone, most of its members have taken refuge at a different forum entirely, entitled "Sonic Eats Rings". Add a ".com" behind that and you're there. Add some DeviantArt and IMP occurrences in the mix, and we ought to be fine for the next few years.

And so you might be wondering, "Yo, H! Where all the new comics at?"
Well, life has not been kind to me the past few months, and I'm frantically getting my stuff in order ever since. My Internet connection is barely existant (I'm linking through my telephone's UMTS connection to T-Mobile, which for regular computer use doesn't even pass dialup standards), and all in all, I've been both too busy and not driven enough to continue doing these for the last few months.

New content will arrive eventually. Just don't ask me how or when.
I have, however, sorted out every comic I've uploaded so far into folders, thanks to DeviantArt's neat new folder system I only found out about recently.
Let's hear it for ease of oversight.

For those who are interested in keeping up with the rest that I do, I also have a regular DeviantArt page, which I use for all my other art; I prefer to keep these comics separate from my main gallery since there's so many of them, and I don't want them to overflood my artwork.

For my regular DeviantArt page, go here: :iconhhog:

If you wish to send me personal messages, please use that account. This account is ONLY for comments about The Horror! Though I'll probably still answer frontpage or folder comments if I get them.

Also, I'll still be using my main account for things like Devwatching and friends lists, so don't expect to be friended or favourited from this account. I'll leave that for my main one. =D
But by all means, feel free to watch this account if you wish to keep yourself updated on new The Horror happenings! I hope you'll enjoy it!

-H Hog
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All i want to say is...
This is such a great comic.
Keep going like this!