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TH 133 - Turnabout Distraction

Ah, another Ace Attorney-based comic. That's right! Move over Wright, and Get Ready for Justice!

Okay, so I actually made this comic a few weeks back already, at the time I was actually still PLAYING Apollo Justice (Right now I've moved onto PW3: Trials and Tribulations), I just... forgot about it as usual. ^^;
As some would expect, I usually tend to have my mind elsewhere as of late. :blush:

And as for the "no less than 10 games" Apollo was referring to...

- Smash Bros. Brawl
- The World Ends With You
- Apollo Justice
- Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
- Guitar Hero On Tour
- Luminous Arc
- Okami
- Wario World: Shake Dimension
- Sonic Chronicles
- Mega Man 9
- The Orange Box (So actually, counting all of its games separately, it's no less then 15, even)

To those that haven't played Apollo Justice (shame on you!), or any of the "Ace Attorney" games altogether, even (WHA-WHA-WHAAAT?!?), the bracelet Apollo is referring to in the final panel allows him to "perceive" people's nervous twitches when they're hiding bits of truth from him, allowing him to press people further into divulging him more information during a cross-examination.

Ahm... I dunno when I'm gonna get on with new comics, but I hope not to leave you guys waiting another 4 months. ^^;
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*pokes you with a spork*

More! More!

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4 months? It's taking about a year!!!!
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I know... lack of inspiration does that; the SER forum doesn't do much for me anymore lately, and there's little going on here at DevArt worth making a comic about either... just haven't been getting any good ideas anymore as of late. Sorry about that...
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looks like you cant keep anything secret from Apollo Justice XD.
Kewl comic there.
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He just KNOWS, man. He just KNOWS.

And thanks =)
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:glomp: YAY! (this means I can finally take all your old comics out of my inbox!)
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Nice Apollo sprite, H.
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Thanks, I worked pretty hard on it while bored at work. =P
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Last game I bought was Pkmn Pearl.

Otherwise just mooched games off my bro.

and even then last game I played was brawl a couple of months ago

my bro has Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic Wildfire still in their wrapping.

What has happened to the mighty RC Bros.?!
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Matt: I must admit I haven't played Apollo Justice yet, but I'm still trying to track down a copy of the game. Still, great work!
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yeah trust Apollo to not need his bracelet to detect your reaction hehe nice one really well done nice work and keep it up ^^
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