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TH 132 - Kitty Cornered

NOTE: This is all in good fun. As far as I know, :iconsassi16: has never shown interest in "Boy-love" situations, and if it turns out she does, I wouldn't think any less of her for it. ^^;

So yeah, I was thinking to myself earlier how funny it is that I've managed to land myself such an awesome and sweet girlfriend all thanks to a funny little internet cartoon called the International Moron Patrol. =)

And then my mind began to wander. Then I began to Google a little. There really aren't any such fanfics out there, whew.
We're lucky we have such awesome fans who can control themselves to THAT extent, at least! :phew:

So yeah, first TH with Sassi in it. Enjoy! =D
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and then Hentaiboy closes in and whispers, "Your the greatest lover I ever had HHog, be mine forever." WAIT!!! How did I know that, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!! I think that's all of them.
TheHorrorComic's avatar
It better be. XD
Mermaid-Hina's avatar
I'm just pulling your leg.
HHog's avatar
Pull the other one, it's got bells on it =P
the-seven-servers's avatar
man, een kleien strip causes dit gehele yaoi gecomment? geez, blij dat ik normaal ben....

nou waar is de rest van die fanfic? :XD:
TheHorrorComic's avatar
Als jij denkt dat ik daar echt serieus aan ga zitten schrijven... XD
the-seven-servers's avatar
......als jij verwacht dat ik hier serieus antwoord op geef :XD:
GhostKITTEN's avatar
One of the best things about your comics is that they can still be funny even if you don't have a clue what's going on due to not having read them for months.
HHog's avatar
One of the perks of not having an ongoing storyline, I guess. =)

Well, and in all honesty, times go by when I don't UPDATE the comic for several months in a row, either... ^^;
Luigifan18's avatar
Still waiting for a new one...
ZoDy's avatar
:lmao: I once had a horrofic dream where we had a stalker drawing and creating yaoi IMP fanfics and such, but when the day comes where I read a fanfic with that kind of material I think my eyes would shoot of my skull across the room D: so here's to the simple clean days of non-yaoi IMP material :nod:
KawaiiSteffu's avatar
:lmao: seriously *crosses her heart* I wouldn't DARE do that XD
MontyEggman's avatar
Heh. I just hope this won't cause people to write creepy fanfics now...

...At the very least, you might get new material for your MST fics. :lol
HHog's avatar
Ahahaha! Sure enough, though I'm not sure I could get myself to read those kinds of fics with the neccesary amount of attention to riff on them. ^^;
Blitz-the-Hedgehog's avatar
Matt: :shudders: The thought of IMP fanfiction like that is very unpleasant. But still, it's a very funny comic!
HHog's avatar
Too true. Ahwell, people need their kicks somehow, I guess... and there's no real harm as long as it stays with fantasies... Still, it is kind of a distressing thought, really.

Thanks, anyway. =)
Blitz-the-Hedgehog's avatar
HentaiBoy's avatar

...They're not blue... :-|

...And I get to be on top. XD

HHog's avatar
*shrugs* Fanfic writers. Go figure. XD

...Who says we're even horizontal at that poi-OH GOD THE MENTAL IMAGE FOR THE LOVE OF PUPPIES WHYYYYYYY. X_X
*claws at his brain*
HentaiBoy's avatar
*John the Hedgehog walks away shaking his head...*

John: Now that's just GAY.


HHog's avatar
Cripes almighty... being called gay by someone like John, of all people, has to be the epitome of sad, really.
Not to mention a new low in the history of mankind. XD

I mean seriously, the only way this could bet any sadder was if...

*Chris Thorndyke points and laughs*

...Great. Just great.
HentaiBoy's avatar
Invite John and Chris back, get us some costumes, and we can do YMCA... :-)

Generalsupertoad's avatar
HB! You're A Complete Cheeky Chappie There! *Gives Headlock* And You're Going Down The Toilet Matey! :ahoy: Or I'll Throw You Out The Window! :rofl::XD:
HentaiBoy's avatar
Sooo... first you hug me, then you want me to go down, or else you were going to toss me off?

Boy, if we're the Village People, then you must be Liberace...

...Or Clay Aiken. XD

...And how did you know I was wearing buttless chaps?

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