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TH 131 - That was fast...



This is a historical recreation. -Kulock

Imagine dramatic music with a record scratch in the last panel. ;P
I suppose I was basically making fun of what should've been a tragic event, but I called it a coping mechanism back then. Heh.

See, what happened was that basically, the Moogle Cavern had shut down, and a mere two days after that, Spazz and Sz opened a substitute forum, Sonic Eats Rings; what would later be its spiritual successor.
Kulock was sort of irked by the fact that it almost seemed like two days after the MC kicked it, people were all like "Hey guys, here's the MC v2", and it was almost like business as usual.

But anyway, it's been a few months now, and everything seems to be allright with the crew since that fateful day.
Even though we go by another name, deep in our hearts, we'll always be the Moogle Cavern. The roots run too deep to deny that. =)

Appearances by Kulock and Sz, obviously.
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... kay start a new board all ways work