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TH 129 - The b34t is l33t


I actually made this a few weeks ago already, even before TH 128. I just sort-of forgot about it. XD
Anyways, an Elite Beat Agents parody-esque strip, because I know you all love it. And so do I.

....For those totally not in the know about Elite Beat Agents;
It's a rhythm-game on the DS, where you have to tap numbers on the screen to the beat of the music in order to win missions.
The Elite Beat Agents appear at those moments in people's lives where everything just seems to go wrong and there's nothing you can do about it except scream for HEEEEEEAAAALLLPPPP!!!!!

About halfway through the game, there's this mission where you have to make a little girl feel better after having lost her father in an accident. Through MUSIC!
It's kind of a shock when you play through the game, since up until then, the stories built around the missions are nothing short of whimsical; things like a taxi driver who, despite having been warned about his reckless driving, has to pedal to the metal to get a pregnant woman to the hospital ASAP, or a nightclub-illusionist who plays the hero and uses his cheap magic tricks to save a casino from playing-card themed robbers, or the son of a Japanese car dealer who has to use his previously unheard-of NINJA POWERZ to retrieve a stolen prototype from a rivalling company.
Y'know, stuff like that. And then suddenly, the game throws you a curveball and makes you solve the tragedy of a little girl's deceased father.

So yeah, the mission has some very emotional cut-scenes, the music is a tear-jerker as well ("You're the Inspiration" by Chicago), and even though I made this before it happened, I suppose it's even kind-of appropriate, what with the recent loss of my mother.
As such, I'm glad I lent that game out to a friend of mine, since I'm afraid I'll never be able to play that particular mission again.

Oh, and here's a little comic you might enjoy now that you know about it.

-Lyric Credits:
Panel 1: "Walkie Talkie Man" by Steriogram
Panel 2: "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire
Panel 3: "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago
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Yeah. I've never really played the game, but I've seen this mission. And from what I've heard, it was the most unexpected mission and the biggest tear jerker in the game.
Khan doesn't even say "agents are go" at the beginning...
Perrydotto's avatar
SO true. This mission is moving me too much, can't play it anymore.
TheDJTC's avatar
The only thing that made me want to play it was that they reminded me of the blues brothers, what made me not want to play it is buying it for I have no money... plus I keep buying 12 packs of pint dub DP...

MattTY's avatar
I just got this game the other day. May I say that you're right about Inspiration: also, the final two stages comprise one of the most satisfying endings I've ever seen in a game. Ever.

"E.... B..... A!"
Amaranth-Pink's avatar
Yeah that part was so sad :sniff: It brought real tears to my eyes.
Blitz-the-Hedgehog's avatar
Matt: Yep, I admit it too. Sometimes I had video game moments that made me feel sad. Nice work, HHog. :D
MontyEggman's avatar
Very nice work there. I've also had my fair share of game-related emotional moments, not all of which were actually in games.
Luke-the-F0x's avatar
yeah i somrties feel emotional at a emotional cutscene in a game. That game sure looks fun tho.
Great job.
felousefarnayne's avatar
hehe crying over a music video game? 0_o hehe looks really good how you did this comic in an amusing way nice work and keep it up ^^
SesshoumaruCian's avatar
EBA is teh roxzor, so just for that, you get a fave on this one.
KawaiiSteffu's avatar
aaww thats so cute =D
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