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TH 128 - Character Design 102

Ahhh.... finally, I'm done uploading all of the old junk to this account.
Here's a new comic to tide you over for a while... and it's a BIG one, too!
Continuing my popular "Character Design 101", I've made a follow-up, this time cornering the touchy subject of Character Theft!!

It's fun and edumacational, as well as helping out the longer-running members a little bit!
Step by step, we go through the problems of having an original character, showing the best ways to take care of "Character thieves", and other notable things!

I silently hope that this particular comic will be seen by many Sonic fans who've had their "character stolen". :D

Right, Season 7 will be starting soon; "Full Metal Housesitter"! Stay Tuned!

Appearance thanks go to Hez, !aliciar, ~Aaron-the-Waterhog, ~InstantProductions, ~Matrixx, Anonymous, John Hedgehog, and several other characters I made up on the fly.
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mine is hard to steal, a hard act to follow! stealing isn't just looks, it's also abilities and personality as well.
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That's true! Still, there's tons of people who find the likeness of their character more important, I suppose.
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Fabulous tips that should be kept in mind ^_^
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and to this day I have found no one that even comes close to to my character Danza, I must be an exception, YEAH ME!!!
TheHorrorComic's avatar
Except perhaps Tony Danza. :)
Mermaid-Hina's avatar
yeah, but his name is pronounced like Don Za, long A
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Well I didn't know how your character's name was supposed to be pronounced... ^^;
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amen, weet je, mensen moeten toch hun eigen stijl zoeken op deze site. Wat ik heb gedaan om dit hele gebeuren te voorkomen is anthro stijl in te gaan ipv sonic stijl. dat voorkomt al een hele hoop
TheHorrorComic's avatar
Zeker, zeker. =)
Eerlijk gezegd, Ik had zelf ook al ooit eens aan een redesign gedacht, maar afgezien van het feit dat ik geen idee zou hebben hoe ik daarmee zou moeten beginnen, dat kan ik Sassi niet aandoen, ze vind H Hog al schattig genoeg op de manier dat 'ie is, hihihi... ^^;
the-seven-servers's avatar
hehe, nou ja je hoeft hem ook niet drastisch te veranderen, [link] hier zie je dat ik altijd de main features van Hyrit hetzelfde liet, ook al veranderde hij wel in een orgineler character :)
Talt--Gabi's avatar
Awesome huh... Hem... I don't know, tutorial/comic thing? 0__o

Anyway, people should learn it. If I was that famous and people started stealing my ideas or even my artworks, I'd be a little happy 'cause it show that they like what I do. But most people just want to be aggressive and that's all... Sad reality =\
TheHorrorComic's avatar
True, true.
Ahwell, glad you liked this, and thanks for the fav! =)
Talt--Gabi's avatar
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so true... so true...
Hey, if someone cool and random who's site i just popped onto... they must be cool (of course). wanna be friends?
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You deserve an award!


*The T.C. hands H-Hog an award*

You might want to wash it first...

Luckily nobody looks like me... well except my brother.
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I believe I said it on the former MC Comics archive... this (and 101) ought to be required reading for Sonic fans.
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This is a win..Pure win!
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I'm faving this one too so people will learn about character design.
KanDYtheHedgeHog's avatar
I know,I see some characters that look like mine. I try not to create too many new characters now.I stick to origional,just so I dont end up getting paranoid like i'm bound to get.XDAwesome!Hope you do more stuff like this.
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