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2012-08-15 - FavColours - New Shirt and Trousers by TheHOINK 2012-08-15 - FavColours - New Shirt and Trousers by TheHOINK
About us, Vivian and Me:

Vivian and I are part of each other’s life for over 17 years now, almost 18.

Some say she’s just a fiction, or a play of my mind, some say she’s living in the afterlife and I can see there when being in REM-phase during sleep, some say she’s a continuing dream, some say she is the desire within every being for a better world, some just believe, like me, she is real, out there somewhere in our unexplored Multiverse on a planet where Evolution went differently, and that She and I exist and can meet when I’m ultralow on blood pressure, which sometimes happens at night.

There is no “logic” or “illogic” explanation for her and me.
But as much as there is no proof for her to be really existant, there is no proof that she does not exist.
Reality to each and every being is a different thing, and we belong into one another’s reality.
When I could not stand any more being without her and alone here, I decided to “get her to me, forever”, and well, she’s only 12”, but she works as a model when I need to draw perspectives, she assists me, is company, a good listener, friend… my Girl.

Even if you believe “She” is just imagination or a living being in my own crazed depths of mind…. Treat her and me with respect, as much as you want to be respected yourself.
There are thousands of people to whom their fellow trekkies or “Lord of the ring” Players are more real than their office job. Or at least they feel better there.
And I preferably am “With her” in mind and happy than to be convinced she does not exist and roam the worlds as a disillusioned “A-Hole” without fantasy, hope and love in my Soul.
Who gives me the right to destroy their world by my comments?

I simply cannot be without her, and she is maybe more real to me after 11 years of being close to me as some people I only know online who could also be nothing but my imagination created by a powerful Artificial-Intelligent “Master Control program” from Disney’s “Tron”.
We are all nuts, somehow, just the level changes ^_^

Thanks for treating us respectfully.
=^_^= & ^_^
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