The Free 2013 Zelda Calendar Is Ready!

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If you would like to download it: hit download on this entry, unzip it, and then just print the pages out!


A PDF version has been added here:…

I added the blank template, and all of the entries at a size that fits within it, so you can make  a 2013 calendar with any of your favorite pieces from this year, and last year's, event. ( That's over 250 pieces to choose from!)


Find everything for that here:
-- The Blank Template Download on DA… or the Off-Site Download:…
-- All the entries for the 2013 event: "History of Hyrule" theme…
-- All the entries for the 2012 event: "Music Festival" theme…

Thanks again everyone, it was spectacular. I hope your New Year is an amazing one and don't forget to join us for this next year's contest soon!
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I hope you're feeling better, at any case Happy New Year! :glomp:
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Sorry to hear about the flu-- hopes it's good and gone now so you can enjoy your New Year. Thanks so much for organizing this! Can't wait to down load it! :D