One month until the Zelda Fanart contest ends!

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A deadline is coming up! The main contest doesn't end until the end of November, but if you finish your entry by midnight on October 31 you'll have a chance to win one of these things:

Also, I'm still mostly absent because I'm trying to put a series together for a gallery. You can really only reach me about the contest  through the contest email. I'm not checking other messages until mid-November.

Thank you to everyone who got me photos! If you didn't read the last entry, I really need photos of colorful little song birds that I can use for paintings. (They'd have to be free to use) If you can help me with that, please do!

CONTEST INFO!  Please join us!!

PRIZES: There's ocarinas, manga, toys, figurines, DA Subscriptions, and I'm also giving away a bunch of Japanese & English copies of Hyrule Historia. These are just a few:

Go read about it! Get inspired! And enter so we can make it freakn' AWESOME!

Again, this contest is really just being held to make a free 2013 calendar for everyone: so it's also kind of a collab. Even if you don't care about prizes~ consider entering just to make something that every Zelda fan can use and love.

Spread the word so it doesn't suck! :meow:

And, if you have any questions, just ask!  (email only right now: )
:heart: ~Melora
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Keyshe54's avatar
Sorry I can't meet 'this' deadline, but if I tied it would be a poor piece T_T I'll just have to be patient and get it done closer to the Nov 30ith. Much bigger size and detail then I am normally use to, the composition work alone and character designs is more more then I am used to. Trying real hard to get you something fantastic!

I so wish I was a faster artist! T_T
Bleachbender's avatar
aww reminds me that I still have a second unfinished entry Xx
I promise I'll finish it at least for the final deadline!
Woodland-Mel's avatar
Yay! Dooo eeettt! :D
Mellifera-imiya's avatar
awesome! another deadline! It's a bit hard to combinite this with homework, but that can wait :D

You got mail, but that can wait until november
Woodland-Mel's avatar
I will say nothing because XD I will only enable bad habits /glares at homework with rage XD

I can not wait! yay! I'm about to answer the few emails I have left for the contest. If you don't get a reply from me by tomorrow, -let me know with a comment here.
Mellifera-imiya's avatar
Hi, I didn´t got e-mail. I'm curious to your answer. (still it doesn't need to be answered quickly :D)

Few hours left for that other deadline. Busy.
Woodland-Mel's avatar
Did you get my quick reply confirming? I believe I just sent one to you a little while ago :) Just let me know if you didn't receive it.
Mellifera-imiya's avatar
Yes I got e-mail.(about weird internet)
But not that one I was talking about. (About an facebook-page for game-art cleaners) I sended it 10-15. (To your normal e-mail)

I'm annoying, later I sended my contest entry and a hour after that I sended a newer version.(Forgot to unhide one layer, that's the result of drawing at night)

Promise, that are the last message's for today.(Or week or month, I know you are very busy)
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